Monday, December 31, 2012

3 months old

Here's a picture of the both of you at 3 months. Evan at exactly 3 months and Evelyn at 3 months and 6 days. Yup, the rocker which was used by Evan Ko-ko is still in good condition for Evelyn to use. At birth you both looked more alike and now as Evelyn grows you don't look so similar anymore. But you both do have certain features which look the same.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Standard 1 Orientation for Evan

Today morning we woke up early and got ready. Orientation was to start at 8a.m. that day. Got you bathed and dressed then fed you breakfast and it was time to go to school. Not before I took some pictures of you. We had just got back late from KL the day before so no time for you to have a haircut. Doesn't matter...

Daddy dropped us off at school then went back to keep Evelyn company. We started  by waiting at the staircase nearby your classroom. I had thought that it was the school hall, but I was mistaken. Soon the children were brought upstairs to the real school hall. Children and parents were welcomed and briefed. After a Wushu demonstration and some information were shared on the school activities, the children headed back to their classrooms. Everything was in Mandarin. A good thing I had friends who were Mandarin speaking who could help translate the work for me and what was mentioned by the teacher. Textbooks and workbooks were given while the parents also submitted some forms which were given to us when we went to school in June to pick the classes. While that was done, you went with another teacher who brought you to important locations, such as the toilet and the canteen.
When all was settled, we headed home and as your textbooks were very yucky, we headed out to buy you a new set of textbooks. Looks like my little baby is all set for school next Wednesday.  

Monday, December 17, 2012

Evan's Concert and Graduation

30th September was an important day for you and a day my heart was bursting with pride. It was your concert and graduation ceremony from kindy. Sigh.. my little boy is growing up so fast before my eyes.
I was still in confinement and thank goodness Evelyn was discharged the day before. Daddy dropped you off and then seeing that there was already a queue of parents, he joined the queue. Mummy dressed up warmly and then headed to school in another car with Ah Kong and Ah Ma. After waiting for a while, we headed upstairs. As with last year, the school gave senior citizens priority to enter the hall, so Ah Kong and Ah Ma headed upstairs and got us prime seats *grin*.
When everything was ready and everyone seated, the concert began with speeches followed by the graduating children singing the national and state anthem. Next was the speech from the children. I am proud to say that you were one of them. You presented the speech in Bahasa Malaysia.  
We were so proud of you. You did really well and our hearts were bursting with pride as we watched you up on the stage. Then it was time for the presentation of the graduation scroll. You children came in dancing to an upbeat tune. It was so cute. Here you are waiting to receive your scroll:
And here you are receiving your scroll from Pastor Isaac:
Then it was time for the concert. Your dance "Lantern Festival" (as it was the Lantern Festival on that day)was with another class: 

The finale for the day was a medley of songs sung by all the children. Here you are standing in the corner of the choir (strategically right in front of us):
Then it was time to collect our children from the specified rooms. As usual it was a well organised and wonderful concert and graduation ceremony. The effort put in by the teachers really paid off well.