Saturday, December 21, 2013

Hello KL

It's holiday season for mummy and daddy. Time to head to KL. But early this morning daddy checked his car's coolant level first (and a good thing too). It was low and daddy had to bring his car in to the workshop before we began our journey.
When he finally got back we ate a quick lunch of instant noodles, loaded the car and headed off... but not before settling some last minute errands. We'd kept Evelyn up in hopes that she'd sleep in the car. Instead, she took a 30 minute power nap and was up even before we got onto the Penang bridge!
She was ok throughout the drive and even took an hour's nap.
We were famished when we reached Ashley Kor-kor's house at around 6pm. Thank goodness they had bought a duck which we enjoyed. Soon it was time to get ready for Uncle Wai Yin's wedding. Getting ready was done a super fast. Then we all bundled into Ah Kong's car and headed off to the Setia Convention Centre.
We were seated with daddy's uni mates while Ah Kong and Ah Ma with their friends. As you didn't have enough sleep still you got really cranky toward the middle and end of the dinner. So daddy and I had to take turns to bring you out of the dinner hall for a walk.. or to lie down on the floor. Yup.. we were walking and the next thing I knew, you decided to check out the floor! Gosh.. thank goodness it was clean.. I hope..
The moment we got into the car, you fell asleep and I carried you up to the room and you continued to sleep till the next morning (in your dinner dress because I was afraid you might wake up if I changed you)

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Playing Hide and Seek

.. hmmm.. I don't think Ko-ko could fit into that bag...

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Evelyn's First Haircut

Your hair has finally grown longer. Not very much, but it was getting uneven. So today since we were free (Ko-ko had no music classes) we went to Uncle Austin's shop for all of you to have a haircut.
As we wondered how you would react to the haircut, we decided to let daddy and Ko-ko have their hair cut first.Showed you how it was fun and no pain to have your haircut.

While waiting for your turns you and Ko-ko had a lot of fun playing around the shop. Then it was your turn. You sat on the high stool which Uncle Austin kept. He tried to put the cover on you but you did not like it. So you had your haircut and it all stuck to your shirt. It was all over quickly but I had to give you my phone and turn on some kiddy songs on You Tube so that you'd look down and Uncle Austin could trim you hair properly.It was over so quickly that I'd not even gotten a chance to take a picture or video of you having your first haircut. 

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

What A Scare

Daddy, you and I were all down with the fever, flu, cough.. you name it we've got it. Good thing Ko-ko was fine. He was ever so helpful.  We'd sent him to sleep with Ah Kong and Ah Ma so that he'd not he'd infected.
Giving you paracetamol didn't seem to help with the fever. So we had to go in to see Dr. Mary. When the nurse checked your temperature, it was 39 degrees.  You had to be given a suppository.
When it was finally our turn to see Dr. Mary after a check she said that you seemed to have the influenza symptoms.  She needed to take a swab to confirm.  If yes then we'd need to give you the Tamiflu medication. We were shocked and worried as daddy pointed out that it was medicine for H1N1 flu.
Anyhow later tonight the nurse called to say the results was negative.  We were so relieved.

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Helpful Evan

Love this.... Ko-ko trying to put shoes for his wormy mei-mei..

Evelyn Tries on EvanPJs

I was trying to get you to dress up but you seemed more interested in Ko-ko's PJs. So in the end I let you "wear" it so that you were satisfied and would let me finish dressing you up.

Monday, November 25, 2013

True Blue Penang Kia

That's the best way to describe you when your other favourite food (other than Char Kuey Tiau which is ranked as #1) is curry mee.
Ordered this for you yesterday and you ate everything, proclaiming that it wasn't spicy although your lips were red and you especially enjoyed the "tau pok":

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Missing Tooth and A Letter

I got home late as I had exercise at the office on Tuesday. When I reached home, the first thing you said to me was "My tooth dropped in school today". So my next question was "Where's the tooth?". Before you could answer daddy told me not to ask anymore. You had lost your tooth in school.
I got you to tell me what had happened. Daddy also said that he helped you search your schoolbag but could not find it. You were so sad as no tooth = no money from the tooth fairy. So in the end I suggested that you wrote a letter to the tooth fairy and tell her what had happened.
By the time you had dinner and tooth a bath, you were feeling more cheerful. Here you even posed for me to take a close up of your gap:

After I finally got Evelyn to sleep, we went to your room to write your message. You were not sure of what you should write, so I made a few suggestions. Here's what you came up with in the end:

We folded the letter to the tooth fairy and put it in the little pouch we always use to put your tooth in for the fairy. The next morning, the tooth fairy took your letter and still gave you the RM2. Lucky you.

In fact, I "heard" that she had actually found your tooth.. Nope.. it wasn't lost in school (although your map was very detailed on where you sat in your classroom...). It was in another compartment in your schoolbag, not where you thought (and daddy searched).

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Evelyn Loves To Go Kai-Kai

It was Deepavali today but daddy still rushed back from golf to bring you out. Why? Because there were several days in this week when you decided you wanted to go out with us when we were getting ready to go to work. You'd pick up your shoes and ask kakak to put them on for you. Then you'd want to follow us out.
When kakak tells you "no" you'd kick a big fuss. Poor little girl.
So we rushed to Gurney hoping to be able to get in. But when we reached the carpark, the signboard indicated that there were only 10 parking lots left! So in the end, there was only 1 place to go which would most likely to have ample parking lots: Island Plaza.
Off we went and yup.. parking lots in abundance *grin*. We parked and left the stroller in the car. We decided to let you sit on the trolley. Walked around and picked up some foodstuff and you were happy.Such an easy way to please our little "hau kia" baby.

Friday, November 01, 2013

Mosquito Bite

Spent some time at home with you last week in between going to Uncle Sin Jeow's house for the funeral.  You decided that it was really funny to take a nip at me (or maybe you missed me?)
Oooowwww... you've only got 4 teeth but it sure hurts when you bite!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Useful Little Assistant

We stayed at the condo 2 weekends ago and were planning on having a barbecue at the barbecue pit, but it rained  cats and dogs that evening. So chef daddy cooked the steaks over the fire.
After a sumptuous dinner the maids had to clean up as Kakak Wati was not there. There were dishes to wash, table to wipe and floor to mop.
Here's one of the maid of the day in action (I'm proud of your keenness to help out):

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Goodbye Tou-tou

Ah Ma had gone to see Tou-tou last Monday as usual. That evening as we were having dinner, Bo-bo Poh called to say he was having gastric pains. But since they had medicine, Ah Ma would not stop by the pharmacy to buy the medicine for him. But when Ah Ma went to visit him, he was not feeling well and after some shocks, they sent him to the hospital.

Before midnight, Ah Ma called Ah Kong to tell him that Tou-tou was not doing well. Daddy quickly changed and left to go to the hospital with Ah Kong. Sadly before daddy could arrive at Adventist Hospital, Tou-tou had left us.

The next morning and the 2 days after that was a blur of activities. Tou-tou's funeral was only held for 3 days in Uncle Sin Jeow's house. You spent most of the days in the house, playing with your cousins who also missed school on Wednesday and Thursday (you missed all 3 days) while mummy and daddy dropped by in the evenings while leaving Evelyn with Kakak. We all went to the house in the nights. Daddy stayed over to keep watch both nights and only got back the next morning on Wednesday and on Thursday, he stayed until the funeral was over and he had helped to move the furniture back for Uncle Sin Jeow.

Tou-tou was 95 when he left us. He lived to a ripe old age having seen all his great-grandchildren being born before he left us. You and mei-mei may not have known him very well, but at least you got to meet him while he was still alive. We'll all miss him loads.

Here's a picture taken during Tou-tou and Tou-tou Poh's birthday last December:

And here's one of the last pictures I have of Tou-tou during our Chinese New Year reunion dinner with the Phuah's:

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween Party

Aunty Wooi Sin invited us to her house for a Halloween party last weekend. As it was to be a pot luck mummy planned to make pizza for dinner.  I baked the base that morning then we waited for daddy to come home from golf before heading to Gurney Plaza.
We planned to buy ingredients for the pizza sauce and topping. But before that, we went to pick up a costume for you. After much deliberation we opted on the Batman costume. 

We had enough time for us to test out the costume and even for me to hem the arms and legs which were too long for you.

Soon it was time to assemble the pizza toppings. While doing so, I pre-heated the oven again and that was when we smelt something weird. Oh no.. something was burning but there wasn't anything inside the oven yet. Made a call to Aunty Wooi Sin to "book a space" in her oven. So I assembled everything and wrapped them in cling wrap to be transported to her house.

After we showered, we headed to her house. Evelyn was still sleeping so we left her at home with daddy who came over with her later that evening.

Shortly after we arrived, you found a new friend: Captain America. You did not know each other before this, but were happily playing with each other.. mainly also because the girls in the party greatly outnumbered the boys.

After dinner was eaten, it was time for fun. Aunty Wooi Sin has amazing party games: telematch, craft and even bob the apple

Here you are trying to bob the apple.

We left soon as Evelyn was getting tired. Aunty Wooi Sin promised to call us when the party was over. But we waited and waited and yet no call. In the end, we headed over to her house and just on time. Party was almost over and you were not too keen to go home. Captain America had gone home, but you still continued to play with Ching Sean. Anyhow everyone was also going home by then. So party time was over. Glad that Ching Ern invited you to such a fun party.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Evan's Haircut

Brought you in to have a haircut right after school. You asked daddy if you could have you hair styled like what daddy called "chicken head". Obviously that would be a problem in school.  But since school will be over in 1 month's time, Uncle Austin gave you a cut which would eventually look like what you request for when it grows longer. Let's see how it goes.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Cheeky Evelyn at 12 Months

Ok, yes.. my 12 month milestone is VERY late, but hey better late than never *grin*.
~ weight: 9.64 kg when you went in for your injection at 12 months + 2 weeks
~ height: 74cm
~ teeth: 4 which you love to chomp on. Everyone have been bitten by the "Pink Mosquito"
~ not calling anyone yet. But your favourite word is "Ohh... OOoohhh". It depends on why you use it to tell the person carrying you that you want to go somewhere so it's "oohhhh" + pointing. If in pain, you'll hold the place where you hurt yourself, show that you are in pain and say "Oooh" and calling someone also "Ooohhhh"
~ another favourite word which I think is your first word is "Mum mum". Yup.. not "mama" or "dada", it's "Mum mum". You'll tell anyone who walks past you when you're eating "Mum mum" to ensure they know you are eating
~ at 12 months you could only stand and take 1 or 2 steps before falling on your bum. Now you are walking, taking many steps before falling and then proceeding to crawl to your destination at top speed
~ you love music. You'll wiggle and swing your arms around when you hear music or when we ask you to dance
~ you would wave bye bye and give flying kisses. You are getting even more willing to give flying kisses nowdays, going "ammmmm.. muahhhh. ammmmm... muahhhhh"
~ loves your Ko-ko so much. You'll always call him and smile whenever you see him, especially when he comes home from school

This is what I can think of for now. Sigh.. from this little thing which we needed to carry to be this little mosquito which can move around with ease. Hugs and cuddles for our precious.

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

More Teeth

Last week as I was cleaning your gums, I felt your little teeth on your bottom gums. Yup, your lower inscissors are growing. All of a sudden my little boh geh is sprouting teeth so quickly.
It's a little scary to feed you as I can feel your teeth as you feed. You've nipped me a couple of times but thankfully it wasn't too painful... but that won't stop me from continuing the breastfeeding journey.

First Shoes for Evelyn

As you seem to start to walk already we decided to buy you a pair of shoes. We'd gone to Queensbay Mall for dinner and were heading to Harvey Norman to meet Ah Kong and Ah Ma when we remembered about getting you a pair of shoes.
It was easier to pick one with you around as we'd get the correct size. So in we went and picked a cute little pair or shoes.  After that,daddy held your hands to walk and you were very happy to walk un your new shoes. Awwww.... our little girl grows up so quickly....

Evan Can Cycle

It's amazing that after practicing a few rimes with Ah Kong, you can now ride the bicycle on two wheels. Before this Ah Kong had tried to teach you but you were afraid and could not do it. Then a few months later, you could just do it.
And with this newly acquired skill you wanted to go cycling all the time. We're very lucky to have such a big field across the road from our house.
One day daddy took you cycling and you took the corner too quickly and fell down. Daddy said you yelled "OWWWWWW!!!" really loudly as you fell but got up and continued cycling. The fall even damaged you bicycle bell!
And so this is the bungalow you got from the fall:

Friday, October 04, 2013

A Day With Evelyn

Ah Ma was sick yesterday.  So I took the day off to take over. After you and Ko-ko had a bath, we played around while waiting for his lau shi to come.
After she arrived we went up so that you could nap. You only napped for a very short time. 
Lunch for you and Ko-ko was prepared by Kakak and Ah Kong bought me lunch. Then Ko-ko went off to school.
You on the other hand was so energetic.  In the end, I had to catch you and we hid in the room downstairs.  Easier for me to manage you as it was a smaller space for you to crawl and explore.
In the end, you Ko-ed. Well actually, we both KO-ed. At last I had some time to relax.
You napped for almost 2.5 hours.  Then you woke up to have some bananas.  Soon it was Hurricane Evelyn...

Finally daddy came back with Ko-ko.

Phew.. taking care of you was really tiring. Chasing after you the whole day and picking up after you is so exhausting.
It's amazing that Ah Ma and Kakak has the energy to chase after you the whole day. We're very lucky that they take such good care of you and Ko-ko.

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Evelyn's First Steps

Ah Ma had mentioned a few times that you have started to take a few steps this week.  We've never had the opportunity to see you in action.
But today,you decided to show us what you can do. Daddy was eating breakfast and you were playing with Kakak. Then he turned as Kakak called out to see you take a few steps.
Then later as you played with Ko-ko's train set and mummy was arm wrestling with Ko-ko,  I saw you stand up and take a few steps.
One thing about you is that you are not interested to show off your new skill. So we try to encourage you to walk but you wouldn't.  You'll walk only when you want to... otherwise, you will crawl everywhere at top speed.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Evelyn Goes Swimming

As we were going to stay in the condo over the weekend and Ko-ko is finally cleared to go swimming,  we decided to let you try out the pool too.
As daddy was very afraid that you might.. er... have an 'accident' in the pool, we went to Mothercare to pick up some swimwear along with some swim diapers. And also some swimming trunks for Ko-ko as his were too tight. Then we bought you a float too.
Did a little shopping and it was time to head to the condo. Ah Kong and Ah Ma has arrived earlier and had already cleaned up the place.
Shortly after that we all got ready to go swimming.  Floats were inflated and ready. Went to the pool and realised that I forgot Ko-ko's mew water gun. So I headed back to pick it up.  Went back to the pool to find Ko-ko's new float was too small. Had to make another trip back to pick up the giant turtle float.
By the time I reached the pool for the 3rd time. Daddy had already put you in the pool and you weren't too happy about it. You didn't like the float and quickly cling to me the moment I got into the water.
After a while you did not stick so closely to me and even happily splashed water. You even kicked a little as I held you. Daddy blowed bubbles under you, but you didn't seem impressed.
Soon it was time for you to go back. While Ko-ko continued and even had fun in the jacuzzi you had your bath then took a nap.
Here's a picture of you all dressed for your swimming session:

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Evelyn's First Birthday Party

After all that planning, the day of your birthday party has finally arrived. Too bad the Ipoh and KL folks could not make it. But it was still fun. We'd ordered all the food for the party. So daddy and I were quite free through the day.

In the afternoon, mummy took out the pictures I had prepared as decorations and put them up.

Here you are taking a peek at me as I put up the pictures and decorative items:
Needed to enlist daddy's help to put up the birthday buntings.

You seemed to know there was something exciting coming up. You refused to sleep. At long last, you took your nap just as it was time for us to go pick up the food. We left you at home with Ah Ma while we went to pick up the food we had pre-ordered.

We reached home just before 7, but surprisingly no one had arrived yet! Usually Ee-ee and all would have arrived. For a moment, I thought that I had put the incorrect date on the invitation card!

Anyhow, soon our guests arrived and it was time to makan. Before that, we took some pictures with the birthday girl:

The food served was yummy... We had laksa, choon peah (fried pohpiah), fried rice, roast pork, belachan chicken and also salmon sashimi.

We even had a surprise visitor. It was the Poh Poh which took care of us when I was in confinement. She came bearing gifts.. for us to makan *grin*. She brought a big container of kuih and also acar.

After a relaxing meal, it was time for the birthday cake. Everyone was so excited. Before the song, we tried to take a picture of you with the cake. Since the cake was too big, I removed you from your highchair and sat you on the table. Before daddy could take a nice shot of you, you gave the cake a kick. Tried to kill the Piglet!!

Next was the birthday song. Sweet... you were so happy smiling and dancing as we sang:

We had to chase away your cousins to finally get a family picture taken:

As everyone was so full from dinner, the giant cake was barely touched! Thank goodness some guests took most of the cake home. Else it would have been a waste to throw it away.

Soon the party came to an end. It was really late and we were too tired to open the presents. After you were changed, you KO-ed. End of your birthday party. Muaksss...

Evelyn's Birthday Cake

We're now in the shop waiting to pick up your birthday cake.  Unfortunately they had made it in blue, following the original design.  So they tried to make the pattern more 'girly'.
It looks ok. They added more flowers.  Will take some pictures later on.

Evelyn's 1st Birthday Party Invitation

Friday, September 20, 2013

Party Time Tomorrow

I cannot believe it. Tomorrow, we'll be celebrating your 1st birthday.  We've planned a simple party in the house to celebrate with family.  Too bad some relatives cannot make it, but I'm sure we'll still have a great time.
Food has been ordered.  We'll just have to pick up when the time comes.  Cake was selected quite a while back.
We almost forgot the all important thing: the birthday present, but has been settled today.  We took the afternoon off to pick a present. Ko-ko came along as he also wanted to pick one for you too.
Looks like we're all set. Hope everything goes as planned tomorrow.

Sunday, September 08, 2013

The Rain.... According to Evan

It was raining heavily one evening when you came to my room after finishing you homework.  You looked out the window and said:
Mummy,the rain is the cloud wee wee. Then the thunder is the cloud's poo poo.
The lighting is the cloud's pang pui!

Hahaha... love your creativity.  Hugs.. don't grow up so soon.

Time to Clean Evan's Pearly Whites

It was our usual half yearly appointment with the dentist. So we headed to Dr. Goh's clinic at 3p.m.After a short wait, it was our turn. Daddy started first. He had his teeth inspected and cleaned. Then you said you'd go next.
We asked if the gap between your top incissor was something to worry about. He said we'll need to see how it goes after the rest of your permanent teeth grew then only decide if braces were necessary. Then as you had some plaque in the back of your teeth, he also did some scaling and cleaning of your teeth. Nothing to worry about. You were a good boy.
After mummy had my teeth all checked and cleaned, it was time to go off. Good thing we didn't have to wait long this time.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Evelyn's Pearly Whites

Suddenly we realised that there was one tooth peeking at us on the way home today. Funnily it wasn't the bottom incisor, instead it was your top left incisor.
In fact, it looks like the top right incisor is also on the way. After a long wait, our little boh geh is going to be oo geh soon. *grin*

Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Proud Moment with Evan

You came into the car after school and told us this on Tuesday:
Evan: The bookshop is selling Minions notebook. It costs 60 sen so can I use my money to buy.?
Daddy: Ok.
Evan: I want to buy 2; one for me and one for mei-mei.
Daddy and I *feeling so proud*
Daddy: You are such a good boy. I will give you the money to buy mei-mei's portion.
Evan: Ok. Thank you daddy.
Daddy: Actually.. you're such a good boy, I will give you the money to buy both, ok?
Evan: Yay! Thank you daddy.

You did not have enough time to buy on Wednesday before school. So on Thursday, you came into the car, you proudly showed us your purchases.

The moment we reached home, you raced up into the house and proudly showed Evelyn her Minion notebook. Then you told her that she could only touch the book gently and that she could use the book when she's "at least 3 years old" *grin*

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Up up to Penang Hill

We decided to make a trip up to Penang Hill on Tuesday. It was the last day we had off for the Hari Raya holidays. And feeling ratehr guilty that we did not do anything this holidays, we headed up the hill. Ah Kong dropped us off at the foot of the hill as we worried there may not be many parking slots.
There were a large group of people just sitting around and we got worried that we may not be able to go up. But, we decided to try our luck and queued up for the train tickets.
After that we quickly went to join the queue to get onto the train. Waited around 15 minutes or so then it was our turn to get onto the train. It was a rather tight squeeze but you and mei-mei were ok. One kind lady even asked her granddaughter to sit on her lap so that you could have a seat.
Very shortly we reached the top of the hill. Everyone stood around enjoying the view of the tracks and of Penang. Too bad it was a little hazy. 
After daddy had finished taking pictures of the view and of us, we took a stroll and saw David Brown's restaurant which we had planned to eat at. Since it was already 11.30 and after a debate we opted to have lunch first before walking around. 
Lunch was nice. We had packed Mei-mei's lunch along. While waiting for our orders, daddy took more pictures. You also had some fun taking pictures using my camera until your lunch arrived. After we were all fed, we took more pictures before leaving the little restaurant.
We walked around a little more. Then we saw the little bird park, but you did not want to go in. So we just wandered around enjoying the cool weather and then poor Mei-Mei who did not have her morning nap fell asleep. 
As there was nothing more to do, we headed to the train station to go home. Just a short trip, but fun for us all.  

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Hello Alan Ku-ku

It was your first time meeting Alan Ku-ku while Ko-ko last met ku-ku almost two years ago when he got back for Alex ku-ku's wedding.
It was just for the weekend. On Saturday afternoon, we headed to BM. Ku-ku had gone out with Ee-ee and Nanna. So we waited at home (good thing Chelsea and Grampy were home to open the door for us). You were fine with Ku-ku, thank goodness you let him carry you. Yay! Mummy got to rest *grin*

It was soon time to go home after dinner. On Sunday, everyone came over to our house for dinner. This time we even had 4th Ee-Poh and Teo-Kong too. Nanna and Ku-Ku stayed the night because he had an early flight to Hong Kong before heading back to NY.

Bye-bye Ku-ku. Please come back more often. See you soon.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hurricane Evelyn

This is what we find the moment you are left alone in the baby cot. Even leaving you for a few minutes will result in "Hurricane Evelyn".

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Evelyn and Fish

The next week after you jab your blood test was Ko-ko's turn to see Dr. Mary for a follow up. As Ah Ma was busy that night, we brought you along.
When you realised we were in the hospital you weren't too happy. But then... maybe you were just tired so being a little cranky.
It was a rather long wait that night for our turn. When it was finally Ko-ko's turn, you had already fallen asleep in daddy's arms. After Dr. Mary had finished checking Ko-ko,  she asked if you were doing OK.
We mentioned that you were not sleeping long hours at night.  She asked what you were eating. When she found out that you were still on rice cereal, she advised that we put you on moi-moi as rice cereal digests very quickly which was why you woke up so often. OoooooOoo...
So that weekend we decided to start you on porridge with just veggies. You did not like it. Tried again on Sunday but did not work. Could not convince you to like it.
We then decided to give you fish as Dr. Mary said you could start with fish at 10 months. So at 1 day shy of your 10th month birthday Ah Ma introduced fish to you.
While you love Ah Kong's fishes which swim in the pond, you did not like them in you porridge!!
We continued to try to feed you. I even asked Dr. Mary on what could be done
She had suggested we give you soft rice, but we still wanted to try with the porridge.  And yesterday we finally convinced you that it was yummy to eat fish moi-moi. You started to take more and more and today I am proud to say you almost finished all that kakak cooked for you.
Good job, our little girl. I hope you'll love eating fish as much as your Ko-ko.  Muakkss.

Evelyn's Supplements

The result from the blood test indicated that your iron levels were a little low. So Dr. Mary prescribed some iron supplement for you to take for 2 months.
It was difficult every time we had to give you the 2.5 ml of iron. Some days you'd take it willingly, some days we had to fight with you to make you eat it.
A few days after you started to eat the iron we noticed of your poo was dark and it was getting  difficult for you to poo. Had to call Dr. Mary and she advised me to give you some prune juice mixed with water (1spoon + 1 oz water). Worst case was to stop the supplements. 
But before we did anything you seem to be ok with doing a poo. Still hard but at least you poo daily.
We are ensuring that you take fruots daily. Hope that helps. *Keep our fingers crossed*

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Evan Eats Dinner with Chopsticks

We were about to faint when you asked why the waitress had removed your chopsticks and gave you fork and spoon instead.
You insisted that you could eat with them. So daddy asked for a bowl with chopsticks.  When the food came, daddy had to mix up the dishes then put it into the bowl for you to eat. It wasn't easy but you patiently fed yourself and finished the whole bowl of rice.
Bravo my little man. Good job!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Evelyn's Owie..

It's me. Mummy and daddy brought me to Adventist Hospital yesterday. Ko-ko also wanted to come along. 

When we reached and the nurse has taken my weight, height and head circumference she told mummy to bring me to the second floor.
There mummy gave them a piece of paper.  Then they told us to go into a room. Mummy passed me to daddy. That was when I realised some bad was going to happen. So I let out the louded scream. But that didn't work.  The lady still wanted my finger.  I tried to curl my middle finger but daddy and mummy managed to force open my finger. 

Then she poked me. I screamed even louder. After she had taken my blood, I decidid to make it more difficult for her to put on the plaster. That's for poking me!

Then we went up again to wait to see Dr. Mary.
While waiting mummy and daddy wanted me to show them my middle finger.. to take a picture but I made a lot of fuss.

Since they tricked me to have a blod test, I decided to be naughty and cry a lot: when Dr. Mary was checking me and even when mummy tried to change me into my pyjamas.  Ha!

When we finally got home, I was my cheerful self again. Enough naughty girl for one night.  *grin*

Evan the Entertainer

Here you are entertaining a rather bewildered Evelyn *grin*

Monday, July 08, 2013

So Appreciative

Woke up yesterday morning and saw that you were already awake.  So I told you about our plan to have pizza for lunch since daddy was off for golf and Ah Kong and Ah Ma were still in Ipoh.
Your face lighted up and you gave me a big kiss, hug and said thank you. A simple thing for me to do but I love how appreciative you were.
Muakkss.. mummy would bake anytime you wanted darling.   

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Go Away You, Haze

Even before the haze is actually visible, you are both showing symptoms caused by the haze.  Ko-ko started coughing and some mornings woke up with a bad sore throat. Mei-mei started with watery eyes and now runny nose too.
Hope the haze goes away soon and you'll both quickly recover. Muakkss.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Chatterbox Evelyn

Left you home with daddy while I went for replacement music classes with Ko-ko. Daddy said you decided to have a lengthy conversation with him:
This is the first time we hear you talking like that. I'm telling daddy that you are trying to call him. Right? So make sure when you wake up in the middle of the night or when you do a poo poo call da-da-da-da-da, ok?

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Poo Spa for Evelyn

You were asleep as I was doing some work. When you woke up you were contented to play in the cot so I continued on my computer. Then it smelled like you had done a poo. But I continued to work.
The next time I looked up you seemed to be covered in carrots. At first I thought that you had vomited.  The upon closer inspection... OH MY GOODNESS!!! You were covered in poo... not just you, but the baby cot, cot sheet, mosquito netting and I don't know what else...
I had to put down my notebook, call Kakak to help clear up and carried you upstairs to wash up.
As you were covered from head to toe with poo, I could not put you into your bath tub. So I had to put you on the shower floor and wash off your poo using the shower. Thank goodness you were a good girl and sat still while I washed the poo plus carrots from your body. You did not even fuss when I got water on your face.
Phew.. what a way to start the day.  Certainly put me off carrots for a while!
On hindsight, I should have stopped to take a picture first. Hehe.. maybe this was your secret to your baby soft skin.. POO SPA!

Evelyn Had A Fall

It was in the middle of the morning and I had fallen sleep when suddenly I felt you slip out of my arms. And before I could react, you were on the floor and crying.
Picked you up and you calmed down quite quickly. I thought that you seemed OK. But then when I turned on the light, I saw that you had knocked yourself on the corner of my bedside table. Sigh.. another bruise? Thank goodness daddy got up and brought up some ice. So mummy put the ice on your cheekbone and then went back to sleep.
The next morning, you seemed perfectly fine, except for a little cut on the cheekbone. But now.. it is all healed. Phew..
Reminder to self: Do not sleep on the job :(

Friday, June 07, 2013

Our Day at the Beach with Evan

Daddy and I wanted to do something seeing that you were on holidays. So this week we went around looking and buying the things we needed for the surprise we had in mind for you. Instead it looked like we were in for a bigger surprise. When daddy told you about our plans to bring you to the beach we got these responses from you:
It's so hot...
So boring in the beach
Try as we could we could not persuade you to go. That night daddy tried again.  It seems you had some things about the beach which worried you:
Are there sharks?
Are there jelly fish?
Not sure what daddy told you but he finally managed to convince you to go. So early this morning mummy woke up to make the egg sandwiches from the eggs kakak had already boiled for me.
When everyone was finally ready, we loaded the car and off we went... to buy fried noodles before heading to Pantai Pasir Panjang in Balik Pulau.
We arrived just before 10.30 am and we walked along the rather secluded beach until we found a nice shady spot. Had some of our noodles before daddy moved us to another spot as the earlier one seemed rather close to the water.
After slathering some sun block you headed to the sea with daddy. It was so nice to hear you squeal in delight as the waves crashed into you. 

Halfway daddy spotted a jellyfish which got you really worried. It was already dead but then after that you made sure to avoid the spot which it was last seen.
Daddy took a walk along the beach while we both continued to play in the sand and sea.
After two hours, it was time to head home. Daddy saw that the tide was coming in and he was worried that we might not be able to get back to the car. So we quickly packed up, rinsed off the sea water, changed and headed back to the car.
At the car we had a larger bottle of water. So we got to rinse more and then got into the car and headed home. Before that though, we made a quick stop to buy durians seeing we were in Balik Pulau. We came prepared with a large container and cling wrap to ensure that daddy's precious car does not smell of the durians. We were too full from the noodles, sandwiches and drinks so no chance for laksa. Perhaps next time, when we come we could come with more people so that you have more company to play with.