Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Little Reward for Evan

Daddy told you that if you did not cry for one whole week while he was away in Singapore (yup again..) he'd bring you to take the "Demon Drop Slide" in Adventure Zone. I know you tried really hard... and that weekend we made the trip. Daddy was supposed to come back on Saturday but he brought forward his flight to Friday night so that he could reward you as promised. 
You were supposed to go for Wushu but in the end you skipped lessons and we waited till Evelyn woke up then off we went. Daddy did not want you to have lunch first in case you decided to vomit while playing.
We arrived in the Adventure Zone at 12.30p.m. and mei mei upon arrival got excited and did a poo. So while daddy made payment and arrangement for you to play, Evelyn and I went straight to the washroom which thankfully had a changing table (although it was a very tight squeeze in the bathroom).
Soon you were going up and down the slides but avoiding the Demon Drop slide. I took one look at it and felt my legs turn to jelly. Here you were going down the slide which ends up in the ball pit:
After much convincing from daddy you went down the Demon Drop slide:

We stopped in between to have some sandwiches which they sold in the little tuck shop in Adventure Zone. Here you are all sweaty after the session.
You proclaimed the Adventure Zone to be more fun than the LEX Slide and wanted to come more times.
As for Evelyn, she had some fun watching you then shortly after she dozed off:

Friday, January 11, 2013

Evan's School Blues

It was a tough week of school. I'm not too sure for you or for daddy and I. Daddy had gotten back from Singapore after a busy week working there. You decided to cry like mad on Monday when it was time to go to school. You called me telling me that you did not want to go to school. In the end, we found out that last Friday you were told off by a prefect for not sitting properly. After talking to me on the phone and crying, you finally went to school.
Daddy got back on Monday night. On Tuesday, you cried again when I dropped you off. I had to stand around a while before you let me go back to work. On Wednesday, we dropped you off to school and you'd forgotten to wee wee before leaving home. Again you cried worrying about not being able to go to the toilet. When I reached the office car park, I received a call. There was a nice lady who saw you crying and took pity on you and used her phone to call me and let you talk to me. Sigh.. it was difficult for me to listen to you cry, but we had to be firm and insist that you still go to school.
This went on for the whole week. After Wednesday's incident, daddy refused to drop you to school. It got better. Hope it lasts....
Daddy and I were upset about your behaviour. But we were also disappointed that the prefect had to be so harsh on a Primary 1 student.. who is still trying to cope in adjusting to going to a new schooling environment. Then again, we know that the prefect is also just a young child and would not understand about what you are going through, coping in the new schooling environment.
We hope that this would not scar you about going to school..

Monday, January 07, 2013

Evelyn Turns

You've been trying to turn from your back to your chest for a while now. And when we woke up yesterday, I saw that you managed to turn on your chest. You accomplished this feat very quickly too!
Good job by our little girl.

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Pizza Weekend with Evan

You love eating pizzas. And it is one of my favourite things to make. Easy and can be made anytime as we always have cheese of some sorts in the house. As I already knew in advance that Ah Kong and Ah Ma had dinner plans and daddy was still away, I bought some cherry tomatoes to add to our (many) cheese) pizza. Here's your smiley face pizza cooking in the oven:
Yummiest and nicest looking pizza made by assistant Chef Evan.*grin*