Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Reunion Finale with the Phuah's

The weekend was a celebration with the Phuah's. As usual Ah Ma cooked up a storm. Strangely I forgot to take a picture of the food.. Hmmm.. There was a special "menu" for the children too. You enjoyed your dinner and most of you even went for seconds. After that, it was play time for the children. Here are the 3 of you posing with the many guns you have. Ian is not in the picture.. he must have ran off to play with the other toys.
 Loved this picture of Boh-boh Poh, your two Tou-tou's and Ah Ma:
That evening, we were treated to coffee by our personal barista, daddy. Yummy coffee made from the new coffee machine:
On top of that, we had healthy dessert of ice-cream made from frozen fruits. Uncle Sin Tien brought his newly bought machine to make the ice-cream for us. Yummy..
As a surprise, we had a cake to celebrate Aunty Ean Na's birthday too. Here are you kids all excited to blow our the candle.. even before we started to sing the birthday song!
And once you've all helped yourselves to a piece of the chocolate decorating the cake, you all ran off to continue playing.
That's the last of the Chinese New Year celebrations for this year.

Chinese New Year in Ipoh

That morning we woke up at a leasurely pace as we were not having the lion dance this year. So we slowly woke up, had breakfast, did the usual round of giving and receiving ang pow. While chatting and hanging around, we also spend some time to take pictures.
 Daddy and Evelyn

 Our first family picture.

 Love this shot of the two of you

 The both of you with Ah Kong and Ah Ma

 All of us in one picture. Took this picture using tripod and timer. Turned out well.

Soon it was lunch time. As usual lunch was mee suah soup with fried egg. Yummy. 

The only picture we had of dinner was this of everyone doing the "lou sang".

Happy Chinese New Year

Reunion Dinner in Ipoh with the Ban's

As dinner was to be popiah and Ah Ma was going to buy the popiah skin for the reunion dinner, we only left for Ipoh on Saturday morning(the eve of Chinese New Year). Early that morning, Ah Ma and Ah Kong headed to Chowrasta market to buy the skin.
By the time they got back, we were still waking up! So after all was packed our two cars headed to Ipoh. Yup, we travelled in two cars as there were so many things to take, and this trip you both sat in your car seats. We reached Ipoh before Ah Kong and Ah Ma as they had to detour to buy some kuih.
By then, the wonderful cooks in the house had almost finished preparing (lots of cutting of the various vegetables) the ingredients for the popiah. Amazing!
Later that evening, I went to the kitchen to see them slowly stirring and mixing the many veggies into the one BIG cast-iron wok. Wow! Needs strong arms for this job. Ta-da.. here's the end result:

When it was dinner time, the table was set up in the main living room. And of course Evan helped out. My little helpful boy. I'm so proud of you.
Chim Poh gave you a tray so that you did not need to make so many trips to and from the kitchen. I was really worried that they little saucers might slip off the tray but you did a good job. Muakksss...  

Here is the food all ready and waiting to be eaten.

I'm drooling at the thought of this:

Here's the "bar" all ready for after-dinner drinks:
That night when we all went to sleep, someone decided to light up some firecrackers! Urghhh.. it woke us all up. Good thing you all went back to sleep easily.

Sunday, February 03, 2013

First Reunion Dinner - With the Yeoh's

We had planned to go out for dinner.. but at the last minute on Saturday we decided to cook for the family instead. It would be easier as mei-mei was still so small and not easy to handle when we're out in the restaurant. So after everyone agreed on dinner at home, we rushed to Cold Storage to pick up what was needed for the dinner.
Daddy slaved in the kitchen the whole day with mummy helping while Kakak took care of Evelyn. You also had an important task. You were to be the waiter for the night and had to prepare the handwritten menu for our dinner guests.
Nanna, Grampy, Ee-ee and Teo-teo arrived just as you were finishing up the menu. I had drawn up an order form for you to tick too. Soon you were changed into your "waiter's attire" and it was dinner time. Ah Ma joined us too as Ah Kong had gone up to stay at the condo.
When everyone was seated, you went around to take their orders. You were so cute. My handsome little waiter comes complete with a little pencil tucked behind the ear:
Here's the handwritten menu (this was the original one written by mummy as a sample):
The little waiter busy taking orders:
Here you are holding up your order form which I had stuck to a hard cover book to make it easier for you to take orders:
After the full course was over, we sat around chatting and laughing and soon it was time for everyone to go home. That was the end of the first reunion dinner for the year. A few more to go...