Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Birthday To Our Darling Evan

I knew it was coming but I still feel all soppy to think that my little guy turns 7. I woke up this morning with the intention to make the little flag which you like to add to your breakfast. But as I was picking out the things I needed from my craft drawer (in the darkness as daddy and Evelyn were still sleeping) I heard you opening your room door. Thank goodness you were still in your sleepy mode. So I quickly told you to continue sleeping on my bed and picked up what I needed and went to the bathroom, locked the door and made this simple flag for you. 
Got ready and dressed then went downstairs to get breakfast for you, me and daddy. 
So here you go, a special breakfast for my special little boy on his special day: 
Got you to pose with your breakfast. Still having your sleepy face:

Happy Birthday darling. May you be blessed with all the good things there are in the world. We love you loads. (Angu-gu from Evelyn)

Monday, March 25, 2013

Spending the Day with Evan and Evelyn

It is the first day of the school holidays for you and the morning was spent in Adventist Hospital. You both had appointments to see Dr Mary. Evelyn had her 2 injections and Rotavirus to take while it was time for Dr Mary to review your never ending cough.
We missed the appointment as both daddy and I were very tired from Evelyn's restless night. So we had a rather lengthy wait before it was our turn. As it was already quite late, we decided to pick up Evan's medicine later on.
We headed to the next stop, Adventure Zone. Yup, we're there again. A little birthday treat for you.
As it was lunch time, we decided to have lunch there. Mummy also decided to have a "coffee bath". Sigh.. spilled the whole cup of coffee on myself. Lunch was pizza and a club sandwich. You barely ate as you just wanted to spend time on the slides. As for Evelyn, you just enjoyed yourself watching the crowd and then fell asleep.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Evan's 7th Birthday Party

As usual your birthday was planned for the weekend. You had wanted an "Italian night" party, but since some guests could not take cheese, we opted for option #2, barbecue. The days leading to the party was madness. Daddy and I had to make trips to Cold Storage, Tesco and Jusco to buy the things needed. Ah Ma also was busy preparing the things for the barbecue.
Here's the picture of my little birthday boy:
While waiting for the food to be ready, you played with your cousins. Abigail was a little unhappy in this picture as she was losing in the game.
Here's chef daddy preparing the barbecue chicken:
Everyone sitting everywhere in the house, eating, chatting and laughing. I love the easy-going pace when we have parties at home. Less stressful. Even Evelyn was good about it. She got to take naps in between in her own comfy baby cot.
This of course is the "kiddy table". You picked the cups and plates for the party this year.
I love it that you're so excited that we're celebrating your birthday. Look at your excited face when it's time for the cake and song:

Isn't the little jelly car cute?
And finally.. opening the presents...
Happiness when you saw all the toys picked for you:

Our guests also went home with a little picture of you: