Sunday, April 14, 2013

Penang International Science Fair with Evan

As our company was the main organisers for this year's Penang International Science Fair, we were given an opportunity to pre-register our children. A lucky thing that you were the right age for the minimum age to participate. So I signed up for the Sunday session. We woke up really early and Ah Kong dropped us in Straits Quay. We got your tag and goodies bag along with some snacks which were provided and then went up to the convention centre to wait for the time to go in. Here you are, waiting to enter. You were pre-registered for the Lego Robotics session.
Parents were not allowed to go in. But lucky for me, a friend was volunteering that day, so she managed to get these pictures of you along working on the robot with the volunteer.

While you were building robots, I went down to look around and see what else there was at the science fair. When the hour was up, I went back up to collect you. It was well arranged where I had the other portion of your tag which both had my phone number. The volunteer would only match both numbers before letting you go off with me. We went to the other side of the convention centre and of course you got excited when you saw the Lego's set up by Legoland which had a booth there:
Took me a while to convince you to leave. Why it is that you've got lots of Lego at home and yet you need to play with other people's Lego??!!
Here is another booth which you were playing with another child. I have no idea what it was supposed to be:
Then we went down where Agilent was one of the sponsors and were having some games. All you need is to get your "passport" then go to the 4 stations to play the games, then get your passport stamped for the corresponding game.  
After the first game, we had to leave as we had bought tickets for the astrodome. The astrodone was an interesting experience. I think you loved it.
We went back down to continue with the other 3 games. Daddy had already finished his golf game and was on the way to pick us up. But since you were not done yet (due to the very LARGE crowd), he parked his car and waited till you finished.
Here you are trying out the last 3 games:

When you finished and got all 4 pages of your passport stamped, you collected your gift which was a little bottle with Agilent logo and we headed home. Only half a day, but it was fun. I enjoyed this time spent together just with you. I hope you did too.

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

My Love Notes from Evan

When you started school this year I had asked if you wanted me to have your recess snack ordered from the counter. But you had told me that you didn't want it. You wanted to bring your own food from home. So on top of packing your little container with your box milk or Milo along with a selection of biscuits, I would also add a little note for you.
One night, you asked me where I kept the "sticky yellow paper" and when I showed you, you asked if you could have a piece. You also wanted to write me a little note. These are a few of the notes you had written to me:
My heart melts when I see this message with so many hearts. I love you too darling.

Monday, April 01, 2013

Evelyn's First Solids

At 6 months and 9 days, we introduced solids to you. We had wanted to do so earlier but were very busy the past 2 weekends. So today we went home during our lunch time to feed you the solids.
When we got back we were a little disappointed to find that you were asleep. But as I was cooking instant noodles for our lunch, you woke up. So daddy quickly washed and sterilised all the "equipment" that I had bought in preparation for your new adventure in solids.
So what first food did you eat? This organic rice cereal which daddy bought when he was in Singapore. We were worried that we may have problems finding the rice cereal which we wanted as I heard that it was very popular and always out of stock. So the pantry is all stocked with your cereals *grin*
Mummy had bought a new set of everything for you. Here's your rice cereal all mixed and ready for you. I mixed a little too much for you for a first meal. It was one spoonful of cereal and 1oz of milk.
OK, everything is ready and you are seated on the high chair all strapped in and wearing your bib. Everyone stood around watching in anticipation of you taking your first solids. Ko-ko, Ah Kong, Ah Ma, Kakak and daddy with his camera as I got ready to feed you.
When I showed you the spoon, you refused to open your mouth. It was a surprise as daddy had been tempting you with his spoon and everytime you'd open your mouth, hoping for a little taste. Perhaps you thought that mummy was also only tempting you with food. Finally after much persuasion you opened your mouth. As expected you did not know how to push the food to the back of your mouth to swallow. But after a few tries.. yay you did it. And you sure looked like you loved it. Don't believe me? This picture says it all:
See.. I told you Evan Ko-ko was also as excited as you about you eating solids. He had changed into his school uniform and watched and encouraged you as you ate your solids.
Yup, you certainly enjoyed it.
Halfway through your meal, Ko-ko had to go off. He was very understanding that mummy was feeding you so he only requested that daddy waved goodbye to him as he headed off to school with Ah Kong and Ah Ma. Here's Ko-ko cheerfully waving goodbye to daddy:
Daddy got back to the house after and took a picture of your icky little mouth:
You took around 15 minutes or so to finish up your rice cereal mixture and mummy gave you some water after that. So ends your first adventure with food. Another milestone for our little baby girl. Oh how time flies..