Friday, May 31, 2013

Bye Bye, Evelyn's Fever

We were instructed to feed you the paracetamol until Friday morning, but on Friday morning you were still warm. So I had to give you a few more doses. On Saturday, you woke up with runny nose and a cough. Sigh.. Apparently it was to be expected.
We spent the weekend in Batu Ferringhi and you had trouble sleeping. But when we left you with Ah Ma while Ko-ko went to Adventure Zone, you spelt for most of the 2 hours. And then woke up feeling very cheerful.
Sadly the cough and cold would not go away. So Monday morning, we went to see Dr. Mary again. More medicine has to be given and until yesterday, you seemed to be getting better. Your appetite was not very good after the fever but seemed to be better since Wednesday again. Hope it all goes away soon.
Get better little girl..

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Evelyn's First Fever Scare

Mummy and daddy were at work when Ah Ma called to say you felt warm. It's a good thing Ko-ko was home and he knew how to operate the thermometer. You were having a fever over 38 degrees. I told Ah Ma we'd be back. Called the hospital and they told me to bring you in. Waited for daddy and Ah Ma kept calling, getting more and more anxious as you seemed to be burning up.
Finally we left and quickly went home to pick you up. Went to the hospital and after your weight, size and temperature were taken we went to wait for our turn to see Dr. Mary.
While waiting to see the doctor, we saw her nurse who asked why we were there. We'd just been to the hospital the night before with Ko-ko for his follow up. Then another nurse called you and you were given a suppository to quickly bring down your fever which was measured at 38.7 degrees.
Then we saw Dr. Mary. Everything was checked, she told us what to do and we went home after picking up the medicine.
As expected, feeding you was a breeze.. NOT! Sigh.. it took a lot of screaming (from you) and us performing a series of complicated actions (holding a struggling little girl, opening the mouth and pumping the medicine from the syringe) to feed you. Haha..
Hope your fever goes away soon!

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Evelyn's Black Eye

I was just starting my usual morning mad rush when Ko-ko came to me and said that you were awake. Feeling suspicious I asked if he'd woken you up as you were fast asleep less than 5 minutes before. Giving me a guilty grin he said "yes". So I told him to keep you entertained while I got ready.
After finally getting everything ready, I headed up and saw Ko-ko playing with you: him outside the cot and you standing inside the cot laughing. Then only did I realise you had one big and one small eye! Oh no.. you'd fallen in the baby cot. Just like your Ko-ko did when he was young.
The eye was swollen. Not really black yet.. So I quickly carried you down and tried to apply some ice in a towel to the eye. Of course you would not allow me to do so. No tears, but you kept pulling at the towel.
Later this evening when we got back Ah Ma wondered aloud as to whether the fall had its effect on you as you seemed very tired the whole day. Made poor daddy panic.
But no.. there was nothing wrong with you. Look at this picture daddy took, you were almost better. Just a little bruised.
Muakkss.. muakks.. poor little baby.

Friday, May 03, 2013

Evelyn the Bully

You somehow have this obsession with hair. Even your ko-ko's hair is not spared. And the funny thing is when you pull his hair you will shout like you are enjoying yourself. Your ko-ko loves you so much that he allows you to play with his hair although it is sometimes painful when you pull: