Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hurricane Evelyn

This is what we find the moment you are left alone in the baby cot. Even leaving you for a few minutes will result in "Hurricane Evelyn".

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Evelyn and Fish

The next week after you jab your blood test was Ko-ko's turn to see Dr. Mary for a follow up. As Ah Ma was busy that night, we brought you along.
When you realised we were in the hospital you weren't too happy. But then... maybe you were just tired so being a little cranky.
It was a rather long wait that night for our turn. When it was finally Ko-ko's turn, you had already fallen asleep in daddy's arms. After Dr. Mary had finished checking Ko-ko,  she asked if you were doing OK.
We mentioned that you were not sleeping long hours at night.  She asked what you were eating. When she found out that you were still on rice cereal, she advised that we put you on moi-moi as rice cereal digests very quickly which was why you woke up so often. OoooooOoo...
So that weekend we decided to start you on porridge with just veggies. You did not like it. Tried again on Sunday but did not work. Could not convince you to like it.
We then decided to give you fish as Dr. Mary said you could start with fish at 10 months. So at 1 day shy of your 10th month birthday Ah Ma introduced fish to you.
While you love Ah Kong's fishes which swim in the pond, you did not like them in you porridge!!
We continued to try to feed you. I even asked Dr. Mary on what could be done
She had suggested we give you soft rice, but we still wanted to try with the porridge.  And yesterday we finally convinced you that it was yummy to eat fish moi-moi. You started to take more and more and today I am proud to say you almost finished all that kakak cooked for you.
Good job, our little girl. I hope you'll love eating fish as much as your Ko-ko.  Muakkss.

Evelyn's Supplements

The result from the blood test indicated that your iron levels were a little low. So Dr. Mary prescribed some iron supplement for you to take for 2 months.
It was difficult every time we had to give you the 2.5 ml of iron. Some days you'd take it willingly, some days we had to fight with you to make you eat it.
A few days after you started to eat the iron we noticed of your poo was dark and it was getting  difficult for you to poo. Had to call Dr. Mary and she advised me to give you some prune juice mixed with water (1spoon + 1 oz water). Worst case was to stop the supplements. 
But before we did anything you seem to be ok with doing a poo. Still hard but at least you poo daily.
We are ensuring that you take fruots daily. Hope that helps. *Keep our fingers crossed*

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Evan Eats Dinner with Chopsticks

We were about to faint when you asked why the waitress had removed your chopsticks and gave you fork and spoon instead.
You insisted that you could eat with them. So daddy asked for a bowl with chopsticks.  When the food came, daddy had to mix up the dishes then put it into the bowl for you to eat. It wasn't easy but you patiently fed yourself and finished the whole bowl of rice.
Bravo my little man. Good job!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Evelyn's Owie..

It's me. Mummy and daddy brought me to Adventist Hospital yesterday. Ko-ko also wanted to come along. 

When we reached and the nurse has taken my weight, height and head circumference she told mummy to bring me to the second floor.
There mummy gave them a piece of paper.  Then they told us to go into a room. Mummy passed me to daddy. That was when I realised some bad was going to happen. So I let out the louded scream. But that didn't work.  The lady still wanted my finger.  I tried to curl my middle finger but daddy and mummy managed to force open my finger. 

Then she poked me. I screamed even louder. After she had taken my blood, I decidid to make it more difficult for her to put on the plaster. That's for poking me!

Then we went up again to wait to see Dr. Mary.
While waiting mummy and daddy wanted me to show them my middle finger.. to take a picture but I made a lot of fuss.

Since they tricked me to have a blod test, I decided to be naughty and cry a lot: when Dr. Mary was checking me and even when mummy tried to change me into my pyjamas.  Ha!

When we finally got home, I was my cheerful self again. Enough naughty girl for one night.  *grin*

Evan the Entertainer

Here you are entertaining a rather bewildered Evelyn *grin*

Monday, July 08, 2013

So Appreciative

Woke up yesterday morning and saw that you were already awake.  So I told you about our plan to have pizza for lunch since daddy was off for golf and Ah Kong and Ah Ma were still in Ipoh.
Your face lighted up and you gave me a big kiss, hug and said thank you. A simple thing for me to do but I love how appreciative you were.
Muakkss.. mummy would bake anytime you wanted darling.