Saturday, August 31, 2013

Evelyn's Pearly Whites

Suddenly we realised that there was one tooth peeking at us on the way home today. Funnily it wasn't the bottom incisor, instead it was your top left incisor.
In fact, it looks like the top right incisor is also on the way. After a long wait, our little boh geh is going to be oo geh soon. *grin*

Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Proud Moment with Evan

You came into the car after school and told us this on Tuesday:
Evan: The bookshop is selling Minions notebook. It costs 60 sen so can I use my money to buy.?
Daddy: Ok.
Evan: I want to buy 2; one for me and one for mei-mei.
Daddy and I *feeling so proud*
Daddy: You are such a good boy. I will give you the money to buy mei-mei's portion.
Evan: Ok. Thank you daddy.
Daddy: Actually.. you're such a good boy, I will give you the money to buy both, ok?
Evan: Yay! Thank you daddy.

You did not have enough time to buy on Wednesday before school. So on Thursday, you came into the car, you proudly showed us your purchases.

The moment we reached home, you raced up into the house and proudly showed Evelyn her Minion notebook. Then you told her that she could only touch the book gently and that she could use the book when she's "at least 3 years old" *grin*

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Up up to Penang Hill

We decided to make a trip up to Penang Hill on Tuesday. It was the last day we had off for the Hari Raya holidays. And feeling ratehr guilty that we did not do anything this holidays, we headed up the hill. Ah Kong dropped us off at the foot of the hill as we worried there may not be many parking slots.
There were a large group of people just sitting around and we got worried that we may not be able to go up. But, we decided to try our luck and queued up for the train tickets.
After that we quickly went to join the queue to get onto the train. Waited around 15 minutes or so then it was our turn to get onto the train. It was a rather tight squeeze but you and mei-mei were ok. One kind lady even asked her granddaughter to sit on her lap so that you could have a seat.
Very shortly we reached the top of the hill. Everyone stood around enjoying the view of the tracks and of Penang. Too bad it was a little hazy. 
After daddy had finished taking pictures of the view and of us, we took a stroll and saw David Brown's restaurant which we had planned to eat at. Since it was already 11.30 and after a debate we opted to have lunch first before walking around. 
Lunch was nice. We had packed Mei-mei's lunch along. While waiting for our orders, daddy took more pictures. You also had some fun taking pictures using my camera until your lunch arrived. After we were all fed, we took more pictures before leaving the little restaurant.
We walked around a little more. Then we saw the little bird park, but you did not want to go in. So we just wandered around enjoying the cool weather and then poor Mei-Mei who did not have her morning nap fell asleep. 
As there was nothing more to do, we headed to the train station to go home. Just a short trip, but fun for us all.  

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Hello Alan Ku-ku

It was your first time meeting Alan Ku-ku while Ko-ko last met ku-ku almost two years ago when he got back for Alex ku-ku's wedding.
It was just for the weekend. On Saturday afternoon, we headed to BM. Ku-ku had gone out with Ee-ee and Nanna. So we waited at home (good thing Chelsea and Grampy were home to open the door for us). You were fine with Ku-ku, thank goodness you let him carry you. Yay! Mummy got to rest *grin*

It was soon time to go home after dinner. On Sunday, everyone came over to our house for dinner. This time we even had 4th Ee-Poh and Teo-Kong too. Nanna and Ku-Ku stayed the night because he had an early flight to Hong Kong before heading back to NY.

Bye-bye Ku-ku. Please come back more often. See you soon.