Sunday, September 29, 2013

Evelyn Goes Swimming

As we were going to stay in the condo over the weekend and Ko-ko is finally cleared to go swimming,  we decided to let you try out the pool too.
As daddy was very afraid that you might.. er... have an 'accident' in the pool, we went to Mothercare to pick up some swimwear along with some swim diapers. And also some swimming trunks for Ko-ko as his were too tight. Then we bought you a float too.
Did a little shopping and it was time to head to the condo. Ah Kong and Ah Ma has arrived earlier and had already cleaned up the place.
Shortly after that we all got ready to go swimming.  Floats were inflated and ready. Went to the pool and realised that I forgot Ko-ko's mew water gun. So I headed back to pick it up.  Went back to the pool to find Ko-ko's new float was too small. Had to make another trip back to pick up the giant turtle float.
By the time I reached the pool for the 3rd time. Daddy had already put you in the pool and you weren't too happy about it. You didn't like the float and quickly cling to me the moment I got into the water.
After a while you did not stick so closely to me and even happily splashed water. You even kicked a little as I held you. Daddy blowed bubbles under you, but you didn't seem impressed.
Soon it was time for you to go back. While Ko-ko continued and even had fun in the jacuzzi you had your bath then took a nap.
Here's a picture of you all dressed for your swimming session:

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Evelyn's First Birthday Party

After all that planning, the day of your birthday party has finally arrived. Too bad the Ipoh and KL folks could not make it. But it was still fun. We'd ordered all the food for the party. So daddy and I were quite free through the day.

In the afternoon, mummy took out the pictures I had prepared as decorations and put them up.

Here you are taking a peek at me as I put up the pictures and decorative items:
Needed to enlist daddy's help to put up the birthday buntings.

You seemed to know there was something exciting coming up. You refused to sleep. At long last, you took your nap just as it was time for us to go pick up the food. We left you at home with Ah Ma while we went to pick up the food we had pre-ordered.

We reached home just before 7, but surprisingly no one had arrived yet! Usually Ee-ee and all would have arrived. For a moment, I thought that I had put the incorrect date on the invitation card!

Anyhow, soon our guests arrived and it was time to makan. Before that, we took some pictures with the birthday girl:

The food served was yummy... We had laksa, choon peah (fried pohpiah), fried rice, roast pork, belachan chicken and also salmon sashimi.

We even had a surprise visitor. It was the Poh Poh which took care of us when I was in confinement. She came bearing gifts.. for us to makan *grin*. She brought a big container of kuih and also acar.

After a relaxing meal, it was time for the birthday cake. Everyone was so excited. Before the song, we tried to take a picture of you with the cake. Since the cake was too big, I removed you from your highchair and sat you on the table. Before daddy could take a nice shot of you, you gave the cake a kick. Tried to kill the Piglet!!

Next was the birthday song. Sweet... you were so happy smiling and dancing as we sang:

We had to chase away your cousins to finally get a family picture taken:

As everyone was so full from dinner, the giant cake was barely touched! Thank goodness some guests took most of the cake home. Else it would have been a waste to throw it away.

Soon the party came to an end. It was really late and we were too tired to open the presents. After you were changed, you KO-ed. End of your birthday party. Muaksss...

Evelyn's Birthday Cake

We're now in the shop waiting to pick up your birthday cake.  Unfortunately they had made it in blue, following the original design.  So they tried to make the pattern more 'girly'.
It looks ok. They added more flowers.  Will take some pictures later on.

Evelyn's 1st Birthday Party Invitation

Friday, September 20, 2013

Party Time Tomorrow

I cannot believe it. Tomorrow, we'll be celebrating your 1st birthday.  We've planned a simple party in the house to celebrate with family.  Too bad some relatives cannot make it, but I'm sure we'll still have a great time.
Food has been ordered.  We'll just have to pick up when the time comes.  Cake was selected quite a while back.
We almost forgot the all important thing: the birthday present, but has been settled today.  We took the afternoon off to pick a present. Ko-ko came along as he also wanted to pick one for you too.
Looks like we're all set. Hope everything goes as planned tomorrow.

Sunday, September 08, 2013

The Rain.... According to Evan

It was raining heavily one evening when you came to my room after finishing you homework.  You looked out the window and said:
Mummy,the rain is the cloud wee wee. Then the thunder is the cloud's poo poo.
The lighting is the cloud's pang pui!

Hahaha... love your creativity.  Hugs.. don't grow up so soon.

Time to Clean Evan's Pearly Whites

It was our usual half yearly appointment with the dentist. So we headed to Dr. Goh's clinic at 3p.m.After a short wait, it was our turn. Daddy started first. He had his teeth inspected and cleaned. Then you said you'd go next.
We asked if the gap between your top incissor was something to worry about. He said we'll need to see how it goes after the rest of your permanent teeth grew then only decide if braces were necessary. Then as you had some plaque in the back of your teeth, he also did some scaling and cleaning of your teeth. Nothing to worry about. You were a good boy.
After mummy had my teeth all checked and cleaned, it was time to go off. Good thing we didn't have to wait long this time.