Thursday, October 31, 2013

Useful Little Assistant

We stayed at the condo 2 weekends ago and were planning on having a barbecue at the barbecue pit, but it rained  cats and dogs that evening. So chef daddy cooked the steaks over the fire.
After a sumptuous dinner the maids had to clean up as Kakak Wati was not there. There were dishes to wash, table to wipe and floor to mop.
Here's one of the maid of the day in action (I'm proud of your keenness to help out):

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Goodbye Tou-tou

Ah Ma had gone to see Tou-tou last Monday as usual. That evening as we were having dinner, Bo-bo Poh called to say he was having gastric pains. But since they had medicine, Ah Ma would not stop by the pharmacy to buy the medicine for him. But when Ah Ma went to visit him, he was not feeling well and after some shocks, they sent him to the hospital.

Before midnight, Ah Ma called Ah Kong to tell him that Tou-tou was not doing well. Daddy quickly changed and left to go to the hospital with Ah Kong. Sadly before daddy could arrive at Adventist Hospital, Tou-tou had left us.

The next morning and the 2 days after that was a blur of activities. Tou-tou's funeral was only held for 3 days in Uncle Sin Jeow's house. You spent most of the days in the house, playing with your cousins who also missed school on Wednesday and Thursday (you missed all 3 days) while mummy and daddy dropped by in the evenings while leaving Evelyn with Kakak. We all went to the house in the nights. Daddy stayed over to keep watch both nights and only got back the next morning on Wednesday and on Thursday, he stayed until the funeral was over and he had helped to move the furniture back for Uncle Sin Jeow.

Tou-tou was 95 when he left us. He lived to a ripe old age having seen all his great-grandchildren being born before he left us. You and mei-mei may not have known him very well, but at least you got to meet him while he was still alive. We'll all miss him loads.

Here's a picture taken during Tou-tou and Tou-tou Poh's birthday last December:

And here's one of the last pictures I have of Tou-tou during our Chinese New Year reunion dinner with the Phuah's:

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween Party

Aunty Wooi Sin invited us to her house for a Halloween party last weekend. As it was to be a pot luck mummy planned to make pizza for dinner.  I baked the base that morning then we waited for daddy to come home from golf before heading to Gurney Plaza.
We planned to buy ingredients for the pizza sauce and topping. But before that, we went to pick up a costume for you. After much deliberation we opted on the Batman costume. 

We had enough time for us to test out the costume and even for me to hem the arms and legs which were too long for you.

Soon it was time to assemble the pizza toppings. While doing so, I pre-heated the oven again and that was when we smelt something weird. Oh no.. something was burning but there wasn't anything inside the oven yet. Made a call to Aunty Wooi Sin to "book a space" in her oven. So I assembled everything and wrapped them in cling wrap to be transported to her house.

After we showered, we headed to her house. Evelyn was still sleeping so we left her at home with daddy who came over with her later that evening.

Shortly after we arrived, you found a new friend: Captain America. You did not know each other before this, but were happily playing with each other.. mainly also because the girls in the party greatly outnumbered the boys.

After dinner was eaten, it was time for fun. Aunty Wooi Sin has amazing party games: telematch, craft and even bob the apple

Here you are trying to bob the apple.

We left soon as Evelyn was getting tired. Aunty Wooi Sin promised to call us when the party was over. But we waited and waited and yet no call. In the end, we headed over to her house and just on time. Party was almost over and you were not too keen to go home. Captain America had gone home, but you still continued to play with Ching Sean. Anyhow everyone was also going home by then. So party time was over. Glad that Ching Ern invited you to such a fun party.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Evan's Haircut

Brought you in to have a haircut right after school. You asked daddy if you could have you hair styled like what daddy called "chicken head". Obviously that would be a problem in school.  But since school will be over in 1 month's time, Uncle Austin gave you a cut which would eventually look like what you request for when it grows longer. Let's see how it goes.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Cheeky Evelyn at 12 Months

Ok, yes.. my 12 month milestone is VERY late, but hey better late than never *grin*.
~ weight: 9.64 kg when you went in for your injection at 12 months + 2 weeks
~ height: 74cm
~ teeth: 4 which you love to chomp on. Everyone have been bitten by the "Pink Mosquito"
~ not calling anyone yet. But your favourite word is "Ohh... OOoohhh". It depends on why you use it to tell the person carrying you that you want to go somewhere so it's "oohhhh" + pointing. If in pain, you'll hold the place where you hurt yourself, show that you are in pain and say "Oooh" and calling someone also "Ooohhhh"
~ another favourite word which I think is your first word is "Mum mum". Yup.. not "mama" or "dada", it's "Mum mum". You'll tell anyone who walks past you when you're eating "Mum mum" to ensure they know you are eating
~ at 12 months you could only stand and take 1 or 2 steps before falling on your bum. Now you are walking, taking many steps before falling and then proceeding to crawl to your destination at top speed
~ you love music. You'll wiggle and swing your arms around when you hear music or when we ask you to dance
~ you would wave bye bye and give flying kisses. You are getting even more willing to give flying kisses nowdays, going "ammmmm.. muahhhh. ammmmm... muahhhhh"
~ loves your Ko-ko so much. You'll always call him and smile whenever you see him, especially when he comes home from school

This is what I can think of for now. Sigh.. from this little thing which we needed to carry to be this little mosquito which can move around with ease. Hugs and cuddles for our precious.

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

More Teeth

Last week as I was cleaning your gums, I felt your little teeth on your bottom gums. Yup, your lower inscissors are growing. All of a sudden my little boh geh is sprouting teeth so quickly.
It's a little scary to feed you as I can feel your teeth as you feed. You've nipped me a couple of times but thankfully it wasn't too painful... but that won't stop me from continuing the breastfeeding journey.

First Shoes for Evelyn

As you seem to start to walk already we decided to buy you a pair of shoes. We'd gone to Queensbay Mall for dinner and were heading to Harvey Norman to meet Ah Kong and Ah Ma when we remembered about getting you a pair of shoes.
It was easier to pick one with you around as we'd get the correct size. So in we went and picked a cute little pair or shoes.  After that,daddy held your hands to walk and you were very happy to walk un your new shoes. Awwww.... our little girl grows up so quickly....

Evan Can Cycle

It's amazing that after practicing a few rimes with Ah Kong, you can now ride the bicycle on two wheels. Before this Ah Kong had tried to teach you but you were afraid and could not do it. Then a few months later, you could just do it.
And with this newly acquired skill you wanted to go cycling all the time. We're very lucky to have such a big field across the road from our house.
One day daddy took you cycling and you took the corner too quickly and fell down. Daddy said you yelled "OWWWWWW!!!" really loudly as you fell but got up and continued cycling. The fall even damaged you bicycle bell!
And so this is the bungalow you got from the fall:

Friday, October 04, 2013

A Day With Evelyn

Ah Ma was sick yesterday.  So I took the day off to take over. After you and Ko-ko had a bath, we played around while waiting for his lau shi to come.
After she arrived we went up so that you could nap. You only napped for a very short time. 
Lunch for you and Ko-ko was prepared by Kakak and Ah Kong bought me lunch. Then Ko-ko went off to school.
You on the other hand was so energetic.  In the end, I had to catch you and we hid in the room downstairs.  Easier for me to manage you as it was a smaller space for you to crawl and explore.
In the end, you Ko-ed. Well actually, we both KO-ed. At last I had some time to relax.
You napped for almost 2.5 hours.  Then you woke up to have some bananas.  Soon it was Hurricane Evelyn...

Finally daddy came back with Ko-ko.

Phew.. taking care of you was really tiring. Chasing after you the whole day and picking up after you is so exhausting.
It's amazing that Ah Ma and Kakak has the energy to chase after you the whole day. We're very lucky that they take such good care of you and Ko-ko.

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Evelyn's First Steps

Ah Ma had mentioned a few times that you have started to take a few steps this week.  We've never had the opportunity to see you in action.
But today,you decided to show us what you can do. Daddy was eating breakfast and you were playing with Kakak. Then he turned as Kakak called out to see you take a few steps.
Then later as you played with Ko-ko's train set and mummy was arm wrestling with Ko-ko,  I saw you stand up and take a few steps.
One thing about you is that you are not interested to show off your new skill. So we try to encourage you to walk but you wouldn't.  You'll walk only when you want to... otherwise, you will crawl everywhere at top speed.