Monday, November 25, 2013

True Blue Penang Kia

That's the best way to describe you when your other favourite food (other than Char Kuey Tiau which is ranked as #1) is curry mee.
Ordered this for you yesterday and you ate everything, proclaiming that it wasn't spicy although your lips were red and you especially enjoyed the "tau pok":

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Missing Tooth and A Letter

I got home late as I had exercise at the office on Tuesday. When I reached home, the first thing you said to me was "My tooth dropped in school today". So my next question was "Where's the tooth?". Before you could answer daddy told me not to ask anymore. You had lost your tooth in school.
I got you to tell me what had happened. Daddy also said that he helped you search your schoolbag but could not find it. You were so sad as no tooth = no money from the tooth fairy. So in the end I suggested that you wrote a letter to the tooth fairy and tell her what had happened.
By the time you had dinner and tooth a bath, you were feeling more cheerful. Here you even posed for me to take a close up of your gap:

After I finally got Evelyn to sleep, we went to your room to write your message. You were not sure of what you should write, so I made a few suggestions. Here's what you came up with in the end:

We folded the letter to the tooth fairy and put it in the little pouch we always use to put your tooth in for the fairy. The next morning, the tooth fairy took your letter and still gave you the RM2. Lucky you.

In fact, I "heard" that she had actually found your tooth.. Nope.. it wasn't lost in school (although your map was very detailed on where you sat in your classroom...). It was in another compartment in your schoolbag, not where you thought (and daddy searched).

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Evelyn Loves To Go Kai-Kai

It was Deepavali today but daddy still rushed back from golf to bring you out. Why? Because there were several days in this week when you decided you wanted to go out with us when we were getting ready to go to work. You'd pick up your shoes and ask kakak to put them on for you. Then you'd want to follow us out.
When kakak tells you "no" you'd kick a big fuss. Poor little girl.
So we rushed to Gurney hoping to be able to get in. But when we reached the carpark, the signboard indicated that there were only 10 parking lots left! So in the end, there was only 1 place to go which would most likely to have ample parking lots: Island Plaza.
Off we went and yup.. parking lots in abundance *grin*. We parked and left the stroller in the car. We decided to let you sit on the trolley. Walked around and picked up some foodstuff and you were happy.Such an easy way to please our little "hau kia" baby.

Friday, November 01, 2013

Mosquito Bite

Spent some time at home with you last week in between going to Uncle Sin Jeow's house for the funeral.  You decided that it was really funny to take a nip at me (or maybe you missed me?)
Oooowwww... you've only got 4 teeth but it sure hurts when you bite!