Saturday, December 21, 2013

Hello KL

It's holiday season for mummy and daddy. Time to head to KL. But early this morning daddy checked his car's coolant level first (and a good thing too). It was low and daddy had to bring his car in to the workshop before we began our journey.
When he finally got back we ate a quick lunch of instant noodles, loaded the car and headed off... but not before settling some last minute errands. We'd kept Evelyn up in hopes that she'd sleep in the car. Instead, she took a 30 minute power nap and was up even before we got onto the Penang bridge!
She was ok throughout the drive and even took an hour's nap.
We were famished when we reached Ashley Kor-kor's house at around 6pm. Thank goodness they had bought a duck which we enjoyed. Soon it was time to get ready for Uncle Wai Yin's wedding. Getting ready was done a super fast. Then we all bundled into Ah Kong's car and headed off to the Setia Convention Centre.
We were seated with daddy's uni mates while Ah Kong and Ah Ma with their friends. As you didn't have enough sleep still you got really cranky toward the middle and end of the dinner. So daddy and I had to take turns to bring you out of the dinner hall for a walk.. or to lie down on the floor. Yup.. we were walking and the next thing I knew, you decided to check out the floor! Gosh.. thank goodness it was clean.. I hope..
The moment we got into the car, you fell asleep and I carried you up to the room and you continued to sleep till the next morning (in your dinner dress because I was afraid you might wake up if I changed you)

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Playing Hide and Seek

.. hmmm.. I don't think Ko-ko could fit into that bag...

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Evelyn's First Haircut

Your hair has finally grown longer. Not very much, but it was getting uneven. So today since we were free (Ko-ko had no music classes) we went to Uncle Austin's shop for all of you to have a haircut.
As we wondered how you would react to the haircut, we decided to let daddy and Ko-ko have their hair cut first.Showed you how it was fun and no pain to have your haircut.

While waiting for your turns you and Ko-ko had a lot of fun playing around the shop. Then it was your turn. You sat on the high stool which Uncle Austin kept. He tried to put the cover on you but you did not like it. So you had your haircut and it all stuck to your shirt. It was all over quickly but I had to give you my phone and turn on some kiddy songs on You Tube so that you'd look down and Uncle Austin could trim you hair properly.It was over so quickly that I'd not even gotten a chance to take a picture or video of you having your first haircut. 

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

What A Scare

Daddy, you and I were all down with the fever, flu, cough.. you name it we've got it. Good thing Ko-ko was fine. He was ever so helpful.  We'd sent him to sleep with Ah Kong and Ah Ma so that he'd not he'd infected.
Giving you paracetamol didn't seem to help with the fever. So we had to go in to see Dr. Mary. When the nurse checked your temperature, it was 39 degrees.  You had to be given a suppository.
When it was finally our turn to see Dr. Mary after a check she said that you seemed to have the influenza symptoms.  She needed to take a swab to confirm.  If yes then we'd need to give you the Tamiflu medication. We were shocked and worried as daddy pointed out that it was medicine for H1N1 flu.
Anyhow later tonight the nurse called to say the results was negative.  We were so relieved.

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Helpful Evan

Love this.... Ko-ko trying to put shoes for his wormy mei-mei..

Evelyn Tries on EvanPJs

I was trying to get you to dress up but you seemed more interested in Ko-ko's PJs. So in the end I let you "wear" it so that you were satisfied and would let me finish dressing you up.