Sunday, February 23, 2014

Who is Enjoying Barney More?

Look at the both of you so focused on the TV. I wonder who is enjoying the show more...

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Poor Evan

When you walked into your room where Mei-mei and I were waiting for you, she decided to take a nip at your tummy.  You see her mouth reaches your tummy, right at the meatiest part. Easy for her to take a bite. Caught you by surprise so you shouted in shock and cried. Sigh...
And this isn't the first time either. When we got back from school a while back you knelt down thinking she would give you a hug. Instead, she walked to you and gave you a slap on the face!!
Anyway, you are still sore about being bitten and keep calling Evelyn "naughty girl".

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Evelyn Checking Out the Piggies

Ashley Kor-kor could not resist taking these pictures of you checking out the 3 money banks in her house.
You'd wander around and see them (2 piggies and 1 doggy) then you'd sit on them one by one.  I guess to check out which is more comfy.
You'd sometimes try to lift them up too...

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Daddy's Whiskers

As you were both still awake even though it was past your bedtime, daddy decided to play a little with the both of you. 
He rubbed his chin on Mei-mei's cheek and she giggled. You heard her laughing non - stop and peeked at what we were doing on the bed. Daddy asked if you wanted to know what he did to Evelyn.  You said yes. So he also tickled you with his whiskers when you closed your eyes.
When asked if you knew what it was, you replied "I know.... it's daddy's whiskers" ... then added "Daddy's got whiskers because he drinks whiskey".
Hahaha.... I wonder how you figured that out.

Craft Day

Since Mei-mei was having a nap today and we were too lazy to walk to the nearby playground,  we looked at the craft books we had at home and decided on doing some origami.
I had loads of coloured papers.  Only problem was the instructions were in Chinese.  So with some guess works, we managed to come out with these doggies.
Obviously the blue one is yours while mine is the pink doggy in a skirt.  I love yours which is wearing shorts and a cape. Daddy suggested an underwear but you laughed and opted for the modest shorts instead.

Grampy's Birthday Celebration

We planned to have a Chinese New Year dinner with the Yeoh's on the 3rd day of CNY but cancelled because Grampy went fishing/camping with his friends.  So we postponed it to yesterday.  Too bad Alex Ku-ku and Ah Kim had already left for KL by then.
In the end we had a CNY and birthday celebration.  Of course, we had seh jit mee (birthday noodles) followed by cake.
It was layer cake which was requested by Grampy.
Here's Ko-ko helping Grampy to blow off the candle: 
And here Ee-ee's trying to help Mei-mei blow off the candle. You tried several times but in the end needed Ko-ko's help:

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Dumpling Feast

Last Saturday,  8th Poh-Tou was at Uncle Sin Jeow's house to cook up a feast for the family.  This was a special do by the couple most times when they come back to Malaysia.
We originally could not make it for dinner.  So when we stopped by after going to the market, Poh Tou offered me first taste of the dumplings. I also got to see them in action.  This time, Tou-tou was also in action to make the shui kau.
It sure was yummy.  Also I got to have a second round as we ended up at their house for dinner that evening.