Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Balloon Addicts

The moment we reached Gurney Plaza today, you spotted someone carrying a balloon.  Immediately you told daddy "bor-bor" (ball ball).
So after buying a new pair of school shoes for Ko-ko, we went in search for a balloon for you.  Unfortunately, we walked to both the new and old wing but there wasn't any one giving out balloons.  We even tried our luck with the Bobbi Brown shop where you got your balloon on Saturday.  But no luck.
As we walked around in search for the illusive balloon, you kept turning to daddy and asking him in your really sad voice "bor-bor? ".
In the end, just before we left, I tried my luck at the Baskin Robbins booth. I saw that they had balloons on the way down but wasn't sure if they'd give me one if we didn't buy anything from them.  But the guy was really nice. We got not 1 but 2 balloons as Ko-ko also wanted one.
Look at the two happy faces:

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

Our Mother's Day celebration began on Saturday with a home cooked steak dinner by daddy for everyone.

 On Sunday morning, you cooked me scrambled eggs.  It came complete with a label "Evan's McMummy  Meal"
Evelyn on the other hand started to give me lots of kisses when she noticed Ko-ko giving me kisses. 
After our late breakfast, you even helped to wash up. 
I was thinking that I missed the little cards you used to bring home from kindy for these special occasions but hey, you decided on this special idea without anyone making the suggestion.  I'm so proud and happy.
Thank you my 3 darling for this wonderful Mother's Day weekend. 

Friday, May 09, 2014

2 Kiddies and Selfies

Looks like you are both also into selfies.. especially since Evelyn discovered which button to press when the camera on my phone is turned on.