Sunday, June 29, 2014

Creative Play

It's never outdated. .. your building blocks.  You've been playing it since you got it I think over 5 years ago. Now it's also entertaining Evelyn. 
This is your latest creation.  The market which comes complete with car park and cars:

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Evan's Special Burger

Forgot to post about this big burger you had for supper in Cameron Highlands.  Chim Poh had read about it in the papers before we had gone to Camerons.  In fact the restaurant was very near to the apartment. So on our second night there we walked to the restaurant to order your supper... right after dinner.
Look at the size of the burger.  It's as big as the plate and half the height of the mineral water bottle!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Day3: Time to Say Goodbye

As it was the last day we still had 1 more thing to do before heading home: to eat scones. *grin*
So after everyone was ready, we headed downstairs to walk to the Tanah Rata township. While waiting for daddy and Chek Kong to talk to the building management office manager, we walked around and took some pictures:

After they were done, we took a stroll along the shops in Tanah Rata and Evelyn kept getting excited when she spotted a shop selling "ball-ball". We finally reached the end of the small township and coming to the place which was recommended by Ee-ee and friends (and also Chim Poh) to have scones and some light snacks. These are among the food we ordered:

Strawberry and plain scones and apple pie with ice-cream

Early morning banana split for you

Posing with your banana split (Mei-mei took this picture.. 8 shots of the same pose!!)

After brunch, we were planning for another snack after loading the car of roti canai.. But in the end we left without eating because it started to rain.

The drive back to Ipoh was quite ok, despite the drizzle. We had something light and rest in Ipoh before our drive back to Penang.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Father's Day

As we had a late night on Saturday, you could not wake up on time to prepare daddy's Father's Day breakfast.  But you are fair... since mummy had one daddy still should have one.. so you prepared tea for daddy instead.
Here's Chef Evan's masterpiece:

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Day 2: Adventure in Cameron Highlands

First stop after dropping Ah Ma and Chim Poh off was the strawberry farm. The last time we went was with Sue Kor-kor and we had dropped by the Strawberry Park Resort, thinking that the farm was on the way there, daddy drove us up there only to discover we remembered wrongly. So down we went that steep, narrow hill road again.

We had spotted a strawberry farm at the bottom of this hill but it turned out to be the wrong one. Oops.. u-turn and off we went again. Finally we headed towards the sign which said "Healthy Strawberry Farm". Again, we drove up a windy and narrow road before reaching our destination. And yay, it was the same as the one we went to last time.

So we parked along the road (nope there was no proper parking) and headed into the farm. There were soem tourists around and we spotted the sign which said "strawberry picking, 1 box for RM25 with entry for 2 person". So I paid for 1 box and we headed in the direction the shop worker pointed out to us. We waited a while before the farm worker came. He was kind enough to let us all go in (his bosses were busy at the shop). So daddy took pictures of Ko-ko picking strawberries.

While waiting, he chatted with us and even picked a strawberry for you. Of course, you immediately started to eat your favourite fruit:

Even had time for you to take some selfies:
Ko-ko picked a grand total of 8 strawberries when he declared he was done. The worker kept asking him to pick more, but he said he was done. In the end, the nice man filled up our box. We went back to the shop for him to seal the box and put it into a plastic bag for us.

We walked around a bite more, admiring the strawberries and many other plants before leaving.

Next stop was the Boh tea plantation. We had spotted the Sungai Palas road which leads to the Boh Tea Plantation. It was rather sttep, but we decided to try it out. As we approached the Kea Farm the traffic was really heavy. So we decided to turn back. We were trying to decide between going home or to go to Habu where the other Boh Tea Plantation was. Phew.. it was a long drive, but at least you got to nap.

As we drove into the intersection it said 6 km to the plantation. We were initially quite happy that the road was quite wide. Unfortunately, it got narrower and narrower as we approached the plantation. It became from two lane to single lane road. Soon your Ko-ko was getting nervous. He even said to daddy "I think you should u-turn back home". Haha. The view was spectacular:

But we continued on until we finally reached the plantation. It sure wasn't easy to park our car. There were many visitors there. First stop was the factory tour. We waited for around 5 minutes before the tour began. Unfortunately, it was in BM and Ko-ko could not understand the lady.

Unfortunately it was raining by the time the tour was over. We wanted to look at the shop and maybe have a cup of tea. But the shop was too crowded. So we gave up and headed back to the car and back to Tanah Rata.

A long day, but we all had fun. I'll load more pictures of the strawberry farm when I get the pictures from daddy's camera.

Saturday, June 07, 2014

Playing Foosball

What happens when I play foosball and you have Evelyn as a partner?

I end up losing because my goalie keeps mysteriously giving open goals to Ko-ko. 

Day 2: Breakfast in Cameron Highlands

Daddy decided that since we were in a cold weathered place, it would be nice to have a "Western Breakfast". The choice was between Ye Old Smokehouse or Cameron Highlands Resort. In the end, we headed to Cameron Highlands Resort and had a yummy breakfast.

Happiness as we were served warm bread at our table and you are enjoying your cereal with cold milk.

Natalie Kor-kor said mummy only posted pictures of Evelyn on Facebook, so took this one with Chim Poh to be posted there. I'm a fair mummy.. *grin*

Here is naughty Evelyn who did not want to eat anything we gave her. In the end she only ate the fresh fruits. Surprisingly, she wasn't even interested in the yogurt which she usually shares with you at home..

We left after a yummy and late breakfast. Dropped Ah Ma and Chim Poh at the Tanah Rata township as they wanted to buy some things before going home. If you are wondering where Ah Kong and Chek Kong were... where else, but the golf course.. just across the road from us. (We even spotted then when we arrived at the hotel!!)

Hello Cameron Highlands

We were in Ipoh on Saturday as there was a ceremony for daddy's second Ah Ma where they moved her grave to a crematorium instead. So after the ceremony and dinner on Sunday, we continued our journey to Cameron Highlands for a short holiday on Monday.

5th Chek Kong and Chim Poh joined us (we stayed at their apartment). After a leisurely brunch we packed and off we went to Cameron Highlands. It would be a first for Evelyn while your last trip there was very long ago. The drive up was easy and traffic was OK, with the exception of the usual crawl at the Kea Farm while the holiday makers making a last stop before they left Cameron Highlands.  

The first thing we needed to do upon arrival (after climbing the 4 flight of staircase) was to clean up. The last time Chim Poh were up there was almost a year ago! So imagine the dust and dirt in the house. While Ah Kong kept Evelyn occupied, the rest of us set to cleaning up the house, sweeping, mopping, washing and many more things. Even you helped out. I'm so proud of my useful little boy.

After around 2 hours of cleaning, we sat down to enjoy some of the food we packed up there and also when we looked out, it was misty and very cool outside.

Soon it was almost dinner time. Evelyn decided to take a nap so we let her nap for around 45 minutes before I woke her up to go for dinner. Dinner was at the usual restaurant in Brinchang and while waiting for our table, daddy took Evelyn out for a walk and that was when she saw it...

The "bor-bor" (ball-ball). Yup, our ball crazy little girl spotted many shops selling balls. So as we were leaving we spotted a shop selling souvenirs and Chim Poh decided to get her a strawberry ball. Happiness for the little girl...