Sunday, July 20, 2014


Ko-ko was eating the cake he baked and you were eating some too. Daddy walked by and realised he was feeding you. He exclaimed "Are you feeding Mei-mei?". Before Ko-ko could respond, you shouted at daddy "SHARE!!".
Oops... daddy had no response to that. Of course, Ko-ko was careful to feed you very small bites. Either so that you don't choke or so the he gets a bigger share of the 2 slices of cake, I'm still proud to witness this loving moment between you.
Love this picture of you both sharing the cake.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Very Creative Evan

I have mentioned that I love the building blocks you've got.  It's very good for your creativity and imagination.  I showed you this picture from Facebook as you and Evelyn were playing with the blocks:

Less than 5 minutes later you showed me this:
Looks quite similar, complete with the ribbon surrounding the cake. 

Nap Time

You love to be cuddled when you take your nap. Here's daddy cuddling you as you take a nap today:

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Paging Evan

We went to school today to pick up Ko-ko after his Wushu session.  As usual there was still a big crowd of children waiting to be picked up.
As we wqlked in you called out yo Ko-ko "Eh-wan... Eh-wan" at thr top of your little voice. It was hilarious.  Of course, Ko-ko could not hear you but he was grinning when he spotted us.
You learnt to say Ko-ko's name when we were in Camerons.  And when you say his name, he'll pretend to get angry and tickle you much to your delight. 
I love the way you both play and how you enjoy playing with each other.