Thursday, August 28, 2014

Love is...

...having a sibling who loves you so much

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Spotty at 23 Months Old

How did you get so spotty? Because you love stickers and would tell mummy "aand" (hand) and stick out your hands to me asking for them knowing that I keep them in my bag. After you've gotten two for your hands you'll say "toeshh" for more to be stuck on your feet. Sometimes you'd given some to Ko-ko too.
Other times even the "paid" tape which we get from9m the supermarket is good enough for you. 

Shampoo-ey Hairstyles

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Evan's Sword

Asked for cardboard in this color then dug for my scissors next asked for tape then double sided tape and asked me to help cut.. just to make your "fei tao". I have no idea what it's supposed to be. Lo9ks like  double sided sword. It's still WIP as the sword need to be flattened since the cardboard I gave you was rolled up.
Next you asked for this cardboard and that and ended up with this sword:

Even made a mini one for Mei-mei but it's already missing.

Back to her Cheerful Self

Thank goodness the our little cheerful baby is back. Only in short bursts but rather than the lethargic and whinging baby:

Scary Week

It's been a long week. When we thought that your fever was over it came back again... with a vengeance!!
As Friday was 5 days of fever we headed to the ER on Saturday morning to see Dr. Mary (it was not a working day so we needed to go there). As we waited to see her you had another round of diarrhoea.  The ER nurse kindly let me use one of the gurney in there to change you. I was shocked to discover that there was blood in your stools. Just as I mentioned it to the nurse, Dr. Mary walked in and also saw it. She looked grave as she mentioned that it looks like a bacterial infection rather than viral. As you also cried before you pass motion it indicated colic. You were prescribed antibiotics as your gut was infected as indicated by the blood. She said to expect you to have poor appetite due to the Flagyl antibiotics. You were not to take diary products and also sweet foods.
Your fever stopped yesterday and you no longer seemed to lethargic.  Today, you developed a rash and when Dr. Mary returned my call said it was a good sign. It meant you had Roseola and this rash is the end of it except to continue with the antibiotics still due to your gut infection. 
I'm glad it's something minor after all. Get better soon, darling.  *kiss*kiss*

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Sick Evelyn

You've been down with the fever since Monday afternoon.  Yesterday Ah Ma called to say your temperature hit 39°.
As she wasn't too sure on administering the suppository,  I had to leave the office earlier. Went home to give you a long bath which effectively brought down your temperature but it went up again, so I had to give you the suppository.  Poor thing. 10 minutes later was the paracetamol.
We had a doctor's appointment to se Dr. Mary to make sure that you had nothing more than a ever. Daddy dropped us off thinking he had time to pick up some things from Cold Storage. Ended up after a big struggle to get your weight we almost saw Dr. Mary immediately probably because of your high temperature. So after picking the medicine daddy arrived to pick us.
Ko-ko was very worried about you.  He kept asking about you. This morning he kept wetting his hands to cool you off.
Again, this afternoon your temperature shot up and daddy and I rushed home to check on you.  Ah Ma had given you a bath while waiting for us. Then she tried to give you the suppository.  Your temperature for now is ok. Hopefully you'll be ok already.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Alan Ku-ku is Back

As usual he's back for the shortest trip ever. A stopover before he begins his meetings in Shanghai. 
Love it that you kids just take to him so well,  especially Mei-mei who was too young when you met him last year. 

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Ouch!! Naughty Evelyn

As usual you love to drink water from Ko-ko's water bottle, even though you have your own bottle. And of course, Ko-ko would rather you don't drink from his bottle. So last weekend, Ko-ko yelled at you when he noticed you drinking from his bottle and snatched the bottle from you (even though we've told him many time not to grab as he might pull off your teeth when pulling from your mouth! This is because the moment he yells at you, you'd quickly try to drink as much water as possible from the bottle hence the bottle is in your mouth)

So what did you do inretaliation? Bite him back. As you are obvously shorter than him, you bit him right on his tummy, just above his belly button. Of course, it was super painful and so Ko-ko yelled and started crying. Poor Ko-ko. You got told off for biting Ko-ko but obviously it did not stop you from biting after that incident. Naughty Evelyn!

Our 10th Anniversary Celebration Dinner

It was a wonderful simple dinner with the family at our favourite restaurant, Feringghi Grill. We had to celebrate one the weekend after the actual day as we could not get a reservation the weekend before. There was also Ah Kong, Ah Ma, Nanna, Grampy, Teo-teo and Ee-ee having dinner with us. Simply love this restaurant. Beacuse there was children under 8, we were given a room. And we had our own waiter. The day before and on the actual day, the restaurant called to inquire if we wanted to pre-order some specific food so as to reduce the waiting time. On top of that, they even helped me with a special request for Mei-mei to have some chips served for her.
Here's the both of you all dressed up for the dinner:

And this was some of the food we were served:

On top of that, dinner ended with the usual petit four and also a little chocolate cake for us: