Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Our Second Day in KL

We lazed in bed on Saturday morning.  So we were rather late for breakfast. But not too late. We still managed to try out quite a few things from the very large breakfast selection.
After a leisurely shower we headed to 1 Utama next door for a little walkie walkie. Bought some things and you both were starting to get restless and tired. So we headed back to the room where Evelyn fell asleep quickly while you snacked and watched TV.
It looked dark outside and daddy offered to bring you swimming before the rain came but you insisted that you wanted all 4 of us to go swimming.  So since Evelyn had napped for almost 2 hours we woke her up and went swimming. 
The water was cold and the wind didn't make things better.  So after 20 mins or se Evelyn and I went back to the room for a warm shower and went back down to join you as you had your hot chocolate.
Later on we went to Uncle Hun Kheng's house for dinner and you both had a wonderful time playing in his really big house.
Went back  and we all KO-ed almost as soon as our heads touched the pillow.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Our Evelyn Turns Two

Happy birthday to our little precious sunshine. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

A Short Holiday

It was a good coincidence that daddy's uni mate had his wedding during the school holidays.  Luckily we had enough time to plan a short getaway to KL too. Managed to get a room in One World Hotel which was the company's corporate hotel so we got a good rate.
Planned to leave on Friday after breakfast but you decided to have a tummy ache so another detour home before starting the journey. 
We arrived on time for lunch which was a quick bite at Ikea followed by some walkie walkie.
Checked into the hotel and Mei-mei continued to nap for a while. By the time she woke up it rained so no swimming. Instead, we headed to Jakes for our steak fix... more accurately yours and daddy's.  Mei-mei got her "balloon fix".
When we'd finished with dinner we headed to BSC to do a little shopping.  Boy was it crowded.  Daddy had to go very far down to finally get a parking spot.
Went back and shortly you both fell asleep. Or maybe mummy slept first.. it sure was a long day.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Daddy's Boss

Hi, it's me Evelyn.  Yup I am daddy's boss. Loook at me supervising daddy as he makes my favourite fruit yogurt. Yes, he's adding mangoes to the yogurt and I need to make sure he does a good job!!
Mummy on the other hand was busy taking pictures of me doing my job. And I even had to take my eyes off daddy to pose for her. What a tough job.
But the best part was the taste test. Yummy.. Slurp!  Good job, daddy. Kiss kiss.

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Cool Kids

You were both watching Barney and there was an episode where the kids were by the beach wearing sunglasses. Knowing that there were sunnies from a long time back. Ko-ko took 2 pairs, one for him and another for you...