Sunday, October 26, 2014

Taxi Driver

Need a taxi? Contact Mr. Ban the taxi driver.
This was the number plate you created which was complete with your made up mobile number:

A Halloween Party

This year Aunty Wooi Sin invited you over again for a Halloween party at her house for fun and games. You ate a light dinner of lor mai kai which Ah Ma had bought from Ipoh before heading over to Sean's houses. 
You very happy to wear back last year's costume. So here is our Bat-boy who's all grown taller from last year (I had to release all the folded part for the legs). Of course, the little girl had to pose just like you for me too:

Here you are with Sean in his costume: 

This years party was a smaller group.  Other than you two boys the rest were girls with 3 of them dressed in the Frozen theme. The night was filled with games and craft.
You even took over with a 'Treasure hunt' game, hiding the chocolates you had brought over to share with the kids.
We went over to pick you at at close to 11pm but you along with all the other kids did not seem to have enough of the night yet. After a lot of persuasion the party finally ended.
You went home for a shower and took some time to wind down from a night of spooky fun.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Halloween Hunt

Ko-ko wanted to have a Halloween hunt since we bought you both a pumpkin candy carrier. So after dinner yesterday, Ko-ko hid 5 candies (he was so kind he made it very easy for you to find them) while I hid 5 and made it difficult for him as requested. 

Here you are posed with your pumpkin:
Before Ko-ko found all his 5 candies, you already started to eat them:
And here are the two of you after the hunt:

Enjoying Each Other's Company

This is what we do while waiting for daddy to pump tyre pressure yesterday.  We went to so many stations because many had faulty tyre pressure pump:

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Happy birthday, Ah Kong

For Ah Kong's birthday this year we headed to CRC for dinner.  Before that,we had stopped by a bakery after music classes to pick up a few slices of cake.
The food as usual was great and we brought wine also. Finished off with a birthday song and the both of you helped Ah Kong blow out the candle.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Big Oh-wee

You are growing up so quickly.  From simple words you are joining 2 words. Last Saturday when we were in the car on the way to drop Ko-ko to school for Wushu you said "big oh-wee". I did not get what you were trying to say and only realised you meant "big lorry" when you pointed to a lorry. You can even differentiate between a car, van and motorcycle.
Yesterday you surprised us further when you answered Ko-ko "Mama got nennen" when he told you "Mummy has no more nennen".
I guess you'll talk even more when you start going to school.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Evelyn's 2nd Birthday Invitation

Since you seemed to like Elmo mummy decided to make an Elmo themed birthday. Here's the invitation card:

Evelyn's Birthday T-shirt

Since Evelyn's second birthday had an Elmo theme most things were planned with this in mind. Unfortunately the T-shirt I had ordered could not arrive on time.
So I managed to find Tesco selling singlets. And I printed out a picture of Elmo, traced on one and asked you to color it. You certainly did a good job.
Happy with the first singlet, you wanted to draw more but instead I gave you another which you immediately drew in without even using a pencil to draft.
After all was done you finished the job by taking pictures of your artwork too:

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Sunday Evening in KL

After the long lunch we headed back to the hotel for a siesta. 

Again after Evelyn had her late afternoon nap followed by a swim in the deserted pool (most guests checked out that day since the next day was a school day).

Dinner was a simple one at one of the Japanese restaurant in Isetan. Daddy then left to join his friends in Uncle Hun Kheng's house while we wandered around 1 Utama. 

Found these rides which you used to love.  I had little coins in my purse so we only managed 1 ride.

Went into Pumpkin Patch to look for a pair of sunglasses for you and the girls in the shop found enough small change to exchange so that you both got another ride:

After walking a bit more we headed back to the room where you helped me keep Evelyn entertained while I packed.  
Then put you both to sleep. Such a long day that Evelyn slept almost immediately while you dozed off watching cartoons. 

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Wedding Lunch in KL

We had a light breakfast before getting ready nd heading to Tropicana Golf Resort where Uncle Hun Kheng's wedding lunch was held.
Evelyn fell asleep on the way there but woke up the moment we reached the hall. Lunch was good and you both enjoyed the good food. Even needed a diaper change.
The highlight of the day was when it was time to yum seng. Look at you lifting your drink in cheers to the new couple and joining in by shouting yum seng too:

Breakfast at One World Hotel

 Ko-ko enjoying the cheese selection (especially the stinky blue cheese)

 And you showing your cheeky face