Sunday, November 30, 2014

Evan's Phone

Hey.. looks like you've got your own phone now *grin*

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Evan's Model

A favourite thing for you to do is to take pictures of your creations.  So after building this car ramp from Evelyn's many Barney DVDs you decided to take a picture.
Like the car display at the malls, you also have a pretty girl modelling your creation:

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Choo-choo Train Ride

We went to Gurney Plaza today and daddy brought you to look your latest fascination, the Christmas tree. On our way to the new wing, we spotted something nice and interesting. 

I planned to let you ride with Mei-mei by yourselves.  But the man running the ride was worried Evelyn get afraid halfway during the ride. So he asked mummy to join in the ride but just paying for 2. But we paid for 3 to be fair to them. 

So here are the 3 of us smiling at daddy, enjoying ourselves:

Evelyn Self-feeding

As usual if mummy lets you have lunch, you will end up self-feeding. Today you fed yourself while I took pictures of you enjoying lunch.
Halfway through lunch, you said "chu chu tain (train)" before putting the spoonful of porridge in your mouth. This was something you picked up from Nanna when she fed you dinner over two weeks ago.  Seems like your long term memory is improving as I didn't expect you to remember that simple game she played with you to get you to finish dinner.
Love the way you eat your food, as if it's the best food ever:

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Haircut Again

As usual it was time for Ko-ko to have his haircut. This time, you also needed a cut and not just trim your fringe. The hair at the back is getting quite long and it irritates you when you eat... especially when the fan is blowing at you.
So many days before we went for your haircut, mummy had no prep you:
Mummy: uncle cut hair for you,ok?
Evelyn: ha (that's how you say "yes")
Mummy: will you cry?
Evelyn: no
Mummy: can you move?
Evelyn: no

But of course after asking too many times perhaps you got bored so you teased me back by saying "ha" with a cheeky smile.
I'm glad to say that you behaved really well during the haircut and you look very nice.

This is your before and after picture:

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Blur Case

Mummy picked you from school today. As you walked towards me, you realised that you had left your water in class. The teacher told you to take it tomorrow. So we went off.
Later when it was time to do your homework, you found out that it was not your water bottle that you had left behind. Instead, you had taken the wrong schoolbag! !!
So blur. Then again, I carried your bag to the car and even zipped up the bag and didn't notice the missing key chains on your bag. So who's more blur today?

Where's Our Lunch, Daddy?

Time to take some pictures while waiting for daddy to bring us our lunch.

Sunday, November 02, 2014

Craft Time for Evelyn

Finally got a little time with you to introduce a little craft work. You had found some stickers which we had bought when we were in KL.
So I took a piece of paper and let you go crazy with the stickers.  You were ok to remove most of the stickers but some 'little girls' got chopped into half as you did not remove them carefully and tore them.  As for the smaller ones they got stuck to your fingers and had problems sticking them to the paper.
You were certainly proud of your artwork as you quickly showed daddy the masterpiece. You even took my phone and attempted to take a picture of your work.