Saturday, December 27, 2014

Lunch and Shopping in KL

Lunch on our second day was a treat for Dim Sum in Ritz-Carlton Hotel by Ashley Kor-kor. They dropped by the hotel to pick us up and headed there in Uncle Dennis' car. As we got off the car, there was this petty Christmas tree. And we took a picture of you with Uncle Dennis.

After a yummy lunch, we headed to Starhill so that we could cross over to Pavilion. Before that, we took our customary picture at the chair. Here are the both of you posing in the chair. Ko-ko was very good with the picture, while you could not sit still long enough for mummy to take a nice one of you *sigh*

As we looked down at the other hotel lobby, there was a really large teddy bear with many more little bears in front of the Christmas tree.

We were just in time as the moment we crossed the street, it started to drizzle. Daddy who was pushing you in the stroller quickly ran to the nearest entrance so that you didn't get wet. Inside we headed to the center atrium which had the beautiful Christmas decorations.

We walked around a bit more, admiring the decorations and then did a little shopping. After that we took a break for coffee and desserts. Then we went back to the car and headed back to the hotel for a rest.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Our First Dinner in KL

We went back to the room for a rest and for Mei-mei to have a nap. Then we headed to the club lounge for some pre-dinner cocktails. There was some snacks too which you took and enjoyed the cheese selection most. Of course, you picked the blue cheese too. You went there first with daddy as Mei-mei was still sleeping. A few minutes after you both wen upstairs, she woke up, so we headed upstairs too.

After the snacks, we went down for the both of you to take a shower and were ready just as Ashley Kor-kor and Uncle Dennis arrived. They gave you both your presents and after chatting a while, we headed off to The Intermark where I had reservations for dinner at The Beast.

It was a lovely restaurant with good food and great service. Daddy ordered wine to go with dinner and Mei-mei shared Kor-kors dinner (eating her fish and chips).

After dinner, we took some pictures with the big sign saying "BEAST" at the front of the restaurant.
We headed back to the room for another bottle of wine and laughter with your Kor-kor and Uncle before they headed home. And we all went to bed after a long, long day.

First Day of Our Holiday

We woke up early to have a headstart on our travel for fear of heavy traffic on the highway. Before heading to the bridge, we had a detour to buy ang koo kuih for Uncle Dennis.
It was a rainy drive. But traffic wasn't too bad. Mei-mei fell asleep most of the drive down and we reached the hotel after getting a little confused by Waze. It was only just past 12 but we managed to check in to our room.
Since it was lunch time, we headed to the food court in the Convention Center which was right in front of Aquaria. Bought some food from the Fuel Shack. As usual, mei-mei requested for rice. So while feeding her with some potato chip, daddy went looking for some non-spicy rice.
After we finished with our lunch, we joined the queue to buy entrance tickets. It wasn't too long before we got into Aquaria. There was quite a large crowd. Daddy took Mei-mei out of the stroller so that she could have a closer look at the fishes. She sure had fun. First thing she did was to touch the starfish. Daddy got permission to lift it out of the water so that she could touch it. Some othe rpeople aso took the opportunity to touch the starfish as daddy held on to it. Then they went to look at other fishes while you took a look at the piranhas.

Daddy was showing mei-mei fishes and this was a conversation I overheard:
Daddy: See Evelyn? This is fish.
Evelyn: No..eel
Daddy looked over at me to see if I heard. And yes, she was right, it was eels. Now how did she know that??

Then I had to go down using the lift access as I was pushing the stroller with daddy's camera inside while he took the both of you to walk down the staircase. Got this picture of the 3 of you looking at the fishes.

We walked further and reached the travelator. This is where you get to go under the tanks to look at the fishes, sharks and many marine life swiming around. We took two rounds.

But when we got out the second time, it was shark feeding time and the tank was just outside the travelator. So we got stuck as there was a big crowd sitting and waiting for the feeding session. Daddy tried to help you get a view of the feeding.. by putting you on his shoulders. Gosh.. managed to catch a blur picture of you sitting on his shoulders. Could not hold my phone still as Mei-mei would not stand still. Strong daddy...

We finally quickly walk through the rest of the aquarium which was very crowded, stopped at the shop where you bought a new shark (since you old shark was not nice) and Mei-mei picked her pink fish. We had a quick stop which I had paid RM5 for at the Moon lab where you got to color on the paper and then see your artwork "swim".

Here you are coloring your shark:

And you are posing with your multi-colored shark:

And Mei-mei also got to pose with you and the swimming art works:
After that, we headed back to the room for a rest before dinnertime.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Little Artists at Work

Sometimes when you are both good, you can sit quietly and do something together.
See... here is a drawing of a snow globe with a Christmas tree inside. Mei-mei says her is the same thing as yours... what do you think?
I think you both drew a beautiful piece or art.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Where's Evelyn?

Can you spot her?

Christmas Tree Bully

Daddy was chatting with me about what you did:
Daddy: That naughty girl, she purposely knock into the Christmas tree with her ride on. Despite my warning to her not to do it.
Mummy: Then what happened?
Daddy: I smacked her on her thigh
Evelyn: Da-da kiss

When I looked at daddy, he laughed and admitted that he did kiss you because he felt guilty for hitting a little too hard. Not sure if was planning on admitting to kissing you but you let the cat out of the bag for him.

And of course, after that you continued to knock into the tree. Last Sunday one of the bulbs on the fairy lights even broke when you crashed into the tree. 

But seems like you are better behaved after that.

Updated (17 Dec): my mistake. You "crashed" into the tree twice last night!!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

A Belated Birthday Dinner

We decided onVia Pre which we haven't gone in a while. It was a good thing I made reservations. It was packed but I reckon we were given a nice table away from the crowd.
We had a great selection of food from the lobster pasta to share to the main courses we individually ordered to the wine daddy ordered for the night. You both had a good time with Evelyn behaving very well in her high chair and when she eventually got off the chair, she just played around out table and the long bench next to our table.

We then went home to complete the meal with the wonderful sliced cakes we had bought in the afternoon. Even Evelyn had a share of the chocolate cake which she obviously enjoyed:

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Happy Birthday, Daddy

Here are the both of you helping daddy blow the candle off the "Ice-cream Cake" created by Ko-ko. 
Happy birthday to the world's greatest daddy.