Friday, January 30, 2015

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Want Daddy

That's what you said when asked who you wanted to bring you to your class. Daddy tried on Monday and you cried your eyes out, breaking his heart. Although you actually stopped in less than 5 minutes of him leaving you with Miss Beh.
On Tuesday,  he spoke to you, carried you a bit before leaving you to fuss for less than 1 minute.
Today there were no tears at all much to daddy's happiness.
Hope all goes well from now onwards.  Now, if you'd only stop saying "Mei-mei don't want go school" to me on the way to school.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Evelyn's First Week in School

We were hoping the second day would get better. But you had your own ideas. You started the morning telling Kakak that the milk was "eek-eek". Kept asking her to wash the bottle. That was the first time the bottle was 100% fresh milk. So almost the whole bottle was left untouched. You licked the 2 biscuits and left them too.
Headed to school and you were your usual chatty self until we got nearer to school and I noticed that you got more quieter. When we reached you refused to walk, asking to be carried. Walked into your classroom and the very excited assistance offered to help you and that was when you started to cry and cry and I had to leave you there. Dadday walked in to peep at you but you were still crying. 
During lunch, Miss Beh called to inform me that you cried then fell asleep in class. Woke up in a better mood and ate the snack she gave you then joined the craft session before going home.
You still cried every morning when I dropped you for the rest of the week, but Miss Beh told me that you stopped quickly after we leave.  Then you talk a lot and even tell others what to do.
Hope the next week gets better.

Here you were all smiles before crying and falling asleep on Tuesday

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Evelyn's First Day of School

You seemed ok when we got ready for school.  Then Ah Ma drove us to school as daddy had to go attend an important meeting. We arrived at 9.15 thinking we were early.  Oops... somehow I got the time wrong.  School starts at 9 not 9.30!!! Late to school on the first day.
We walked into school together but your footsteps got smaller as you got more nervous as we reached your classroom.
The teacher's assistant helped tou keep your bag in the shelf and took out your water and handkerchief.
Thrn Miss Beh spoke to me for a while (you played with some toys) before telling you to say "goodbye" to mummy. That was when you started to cry. But Misss Beh quickly took you to wash your hands and soon after you were ok.
I stayed around peeping at you in class playing and eating the cake they served then went off for a while.
Came back and when it was time to pick you, you barely gave Miss Beh her hug before running to me.
We chatted in the car and you even told me you'd dropped your cake. All seemed well... or so I thought.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Going to School or Work?

Have been talking to you about going to school, prepping you and hopefully tomorrow will be a good first day of nursery.
We had bought you a new bag to bring to school.  You picked this design.
Yesterday, I realised that you kept putting in you "laptop" into your school bag.
I guess you have noticed that mummy and daddy bring ours to work so you naturally packed yours too *grin*

Monday, January 12, 2015

Try And See First

You asked to eat an Oreo biscuit today. As expected, you opened the biscuit and proceeded to lick at the cream. When I sat down you pushed the other half without the cream for me to eat:
Mummy: I don't want that. So yucky...
Evelyn: Try and see first!!

Sigh, can't argue with that.  Had to pop the yucky thing into my mouth.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Nyeh-nyeh-nyeh Boo-boo

That's what you said in the middle of the night. Daddy was just getting ready to sleep when you sat up from your sleep and said "Nyeh-nyeh-nyeh Boo-boo" then went baxk to sleep.