Saturday, February 28, 2015

2015 Reunion Dinner

This year's Chinese New Year was rather quiet as some of the Bans did not make it back to Ipoh.  Yet of course the rest of us still made the most of this special occasion where the clan gathers.
We had some food bought from our favourite restaurant,  East Ocean. Others were prepared by the ladies of the family.
Here's our dinner:
Of course, when I take pictures your Mei-mei will also insist that I take pictures of something she wants. This time is her dinner:
After dinner and every thing was cleared away, daddy and I made dessert the usual longan lychee drink. It obviously does jot taste the same as what it usually is but some people said that they liked this different taste. Neither one of you liked it. 

WIP - Guess What This Is?

It's the birthday boy's requested item for the upcoming 9th birthday.  Guess you regrett asking for it as you had to work with me to get it made *grin*

More Monster Attacks

Friday, February 27, 2015

Missing Daddy

Daddy's been away since Monday night. He flew off to US on work and hopefully can cut short his trip and be back with us soon.
Anyhow, thank goodness for technology. We can now have video chats with daddy even when he's half way across the world.  It's so different as compared to when he had to travel when you were younger.
Here's a screen shot I managed to get when he was chatting with Mei-mei:

Thursday, February 26, 2015

So Tired

Woke up while you were getting ready to go to morning session school today (for sports). But I managed to get her to continue her sleep, now that it's time to wake up, she cannot wake up!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Monsters in My Phone

It seems that my phone is being attacked by monsters. Monster Mei-mei:

Not forgetting Monster Ko-ko:
And Monster Siblings:

Friday, February 20, 2015

Sick Ko-ko

Yesterday was the first day of Chinese New Year and around dinnertime, Ko-ko started to not feel well.
So "Doctor Chek Kong" gave Ko-ko some medicine but he did not feel well still.  He needed to go home and pick up other medicines for him and asked if you wanted to go with him. Surprisingly you said that you did. But since he did not have a car seat, Ah Ma went along for the ride. Lucky you, came back with medicine for Ko-ko and chocolate for yourself!
That night as we were going to sleep, mummy chatted with you:
Mummy : Do you know what happened to Ko-ko?
Evelyn : Yes *nodding*
Mummy: What's wrong with Ko-ko?
Evelyn : Ko-ko sick
Mummy: Ko-ko sick where?
Evelyn : B*rdy painful


☆☆**Ko-ko later joined us in bed and when I checked, had a fever. Luckily he's better today. Poor kids. But down with a fever in this week itself**☆☆

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Our Ferry Ride

Not too sure if this is Mei-mei's first time, but ithas been a long time since we've been on the ferry.
As we were heading to BM and had to go to Gurney Plaza to pick up beef for dinner, we decided that we'd take the ferry over IF it wasn't too crowded.  Lucky it wasn't too long. The wait for the ferry was quite a while but I reckon worth the wait as you both had a great time looking at the view, enjoying the wind and looking out for jellyfish.
Soon the journey was over... probably too soon for you both. We reached Butterworth and got stuck at one of the traffic lights.

Finally reached BM and headed to have lunch of yam rice.

2015 Early Reunion Dinner

Since we had the time we planned for an earlier reunion dinner with the Yeoh's.
The menu was steamboat which Nanna had bought most of the ingredients. We also bought additional sliced beef and drinks.
Dinner went through from 6.30 until close to 9pm. Slow and steady and we almost finish all the food prepared for dinner.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Happy Birthday, Grampy

We headed back to BM for an early celebration of Grampy's birthday on Sunday.  We planned to go after your music class but ended missing music class and yet going over late as mummy was not feeling well and when I got up from my nap, Mei-mei just fell asleep so we waited for her to wake up before getting into daddy's car and heading to BM.
Shortly after we arrived Ee-ee and Teo-teo came and we had the yummy "birthday noodles" for dinner.
Rested and chatted a while before moving on to the cake. As usual it was photo time followed by a song which Evelyn could join in singing this time. Of course, the both of you got to help blow the candle and Mei-mei helped cut the cake too.

Morning Photo Session

This is your request every morning... a photo before getting into daddy's car to head to school:

Sunday, February 08, 2015

Swing Time

We spent some of Tuesday at the playground nearby. This is our second time here. It seems to be rather popular with many children playing on the slides and swings and others running, cycling and older kids playing basketball.
Here are the two of you playing on the swing. You joined us after you gave up jogging with daddy:

Wednesday, February 04, 2015


We had a replacement holiday and Ko-ko had an extended holiday due to the floods in the east coast so we all woke up early to have our passports made. Yup we had to get passports for you, Ko-ko and I.
Unfortunately, many other people had the same idea. When we reached it was a very long queue just to get a number. When we finally got our turn the officer suggested that we brought you to take your picture from outside. So since we had a lot of time to kill we walked down the street and found a shop which took a rather decent picture of you. After that we had to wait a long long time before finally getting our pictures taken and making payments.
Then we went off for a late lunch then home for a shower as we were all so hot and sticky fom the long wait in the passport office.
Two hours later Ah Kong dropped us at thw office to pick up the passports.  Thinking it was a short wait, but in the end we waited another two hours to pick up the passports. Phew what a long day. 
This is your passport.  Thank goodness your swollen eye is not so obvious.  This is no thanks to forgetful mummy who gave you peanuts the night before, making you have an allergic reaction although you didn't even swallow the nuts. You just chewed and spat them out. Scared the living daylights out of me!