Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Party and Cake

As we were busy playing, daddy was busy getting the grill ready for the barbeque:

That night was a feast!! We had pork ribs, chicken, salmon, prawns, corn, baked potato and salad. 
Barbeque ribs almost ready to be served

The beautiful salmon

After dinner was finished and packed, it was time for the cake. This year we went back to the same person who made Evelyn's last birthday cake. You told him that you wanted "Kick Buttowski" so he Googled and you both agreed on the image which he drew on your cake. Isn't is similar? He's a great baker and talented artist.

Of course, before we started to sing the songs, we had to have a round of photo session:
With your cousins

The moment the song was finished, Evelyn beat you to blowing out the candle!! So in the end we had to light the candle another time for you to blow it out.
Blowing out the candle

All smiles as everyone helped you cut the cake

And of course.. our family picture

Happy birthday our darling Evan.

Evan's 9th Birthday Party - Games

A bit more was put into planning this year's birthday party. We had a "water themed" party which promised to be a wet event! Beforehand we bought water guns for everyone and you allocated the guns to your cousins (and sister), labeling them in advance. We originally planned to have team games, but since Jayden decided to drop by on the last minute we just had games individually.

In the afternoon, while Mei-mei took her nap, we both sat outside to fill up  the water balloons. It was fun filling it with you and we even smashed a few balloons. Hey.. we needed to test them out to make sure that they are working, right? *grin*

While waiting for Abigail and Ian to reach, you played with Annabelle and Jayden. Finally they arrived and everyone changed into your swimsuits all ready to get drenched. Here are your guns all laid out, waiting for you kids to fill them up. We used Mei-mei's bathtub to be the refill station as that would make it possible for more than one person to fill up their gun and to have more time playing. 
Here are your guns all with name tags

Clockwise from top right: Water balloons floating in water so that they don't burst before play, the refill station and the target which you drew the night before

Kiddies posing for mummy before we started the games 

Here's Mei-mei in her swimming costume

And of course, the birthday boy all smiling and happy

We started off with the first game after filling up the guns. Not too powerful guns, so you guys had to stand nearer to the target to hit anything at all. After a while all the ink washed off and the paper crumbled into a heap of rubbish. Abigail was kind enough to help me remove it from the wall and throw away. 

After the shooting game, we stopped for a quick round of water gun fights. This was followed by a round of "Water balloon baseball" where one child throws the balloon to the other who hits at the balloon with the bat.

We finished with the water at nearly 7 and everyone went to have a quick shower. Next was a round with the pinata which took us so so long to make for this party:

Everyone had a go at it.. many times. We started off with 3 hits each child (blindfolded).. but it did not put a dent in the pinata. Next round was not blindfolded and 15 hits each. Nope.. only managed to get the blue paper off. After that was another 15 hits each. Nope.. nothing came off. Not one tear!

As it was getting late for dinner, we took it down, and put it on the floor where even daddy had a go at it. It broke! No.. not the pinata but the toy bat!! Hahaha.. in the end, I had to take a scissors and cut a hole in it and then you kids made a mad scramble to grab the sweets and small toys inside. 

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Happy 9th Birthday, Evan

Happiness is what we feel when we see how grown up you have been. You've been a constant source of happiness with the love you've shown us all. And how my little baby is a handsome 9 year old. 
Happy Birthday to my little prince!!

With love,
Evelyn, Mummy and Daddy

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Ko-ko Loves Evelyn

My Ko-ko loves me. He even helps me wear my clothes.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

A Park Nearby

It's nice that we found a nice park nearby to our house. It's well maintained and there is even a jogging track which suits daddy where he can jog while you kids have fun on the swings and slides.

Lego Madness

Look who we met in Queensbay:

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Princess and the Frog

You woke up yesterday and when I said "Good morning, princess". This is what you told me:

Evelyn: Mei-mei is princes. Ko-ko is prince.
Mummy: How about mummy?

Thinks for a while...
Evelyn: Ma ma
Mummy: How about daddy?
Evelyn : Frog

Haha... what a good way to start my day with a good laugh. Daddy almost chocked on his noodles when I told him what you caled him.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Our Little Picnic

You were playing with me outside when you asked to eat outside. So we decided to have an impromptu picnic breakfast.
The moment I told you we'll have a picnic you went into the study to dig for something.  Thinking that you just wanted to play while waiting for me, I went around getting ready. The moment I put down the mat ,I understood what you were searching for in the room: your toy picnic basket.

Went up to wake Ko-ko up to ask him to join us too. A simple picnic of bread, snacks and drinks but lots of fun nonetheless. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sunday, March 08, 2015

Daddy's Back

Sometimes I wish that my camera is always ready to capture those special moments. But sometimes I am glad that I managed to capture the moment with just my eyes and store them in my memories even if I cannot share them with other people.
Just like in Friday when daddy got back from his 2 week long travel. Mei-mei looked at him and paused for a moment in Kaffa as she was not expecting to see him (we wanted to surprise her) and then her squeal of delight when she realised that she was looking at her daddy before running to give him a big hug. And the happy smile on daddy's face when he saw her.
Later when we picked you up, I think you may have forgotten that daddy was due back or didn't expect to see him either. So when we approached Ah Kong's car waiting for us at the petrol station, I could tell that you were so happy to see daddy standing outside the car waiting to give you a big hug. And you ran to daddy to hug him.
No pictures but I have them captured in my memory. Good enough for me.

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Party Pack from School

Came back to find you had brought back a very big party pack from school. Ah Ma had told you that you can only open it when mummy got back from work.  So the moment I got back and sat down, you showed me the pack and asked to open it.
It was a pretty pink Melody bag. And you started to empty your current Barney school bag and move them items to the new bag. When asked if you planned to bring the new bag to school, you said: Yes.

CNY Day2: More Photos

It was a day of relaxation, feasting and more sparklers before heading back to Penang:

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

CNY Day1 : Photo Time

The next generation Ban:
With my cuties:
Checking out the piano:
Dinner for the first day of CNY:
Time for sparklers and fireworks:
Daddy making sure Mei-mei does not burn herself or anyone:

Monday, March 02, 2015

CNY Day1: Let Out the Lions

Mei-mei got the prime seat:
Started with the first set of fire crackers:
You stood near chim poh and chek kong for prime view and first few to get orange from the lions:
Mei-mei getting her orange too:
The lion reaching up the get the lettuce and ang pow:
Lion rolling out the scroll with good wordings the rolling oranges too:
Giving the basket to Chek Kong and Chim Poh:
Another round of fire crackers before the lions go off:

Sunday, March 01, 2015

1st Day of 2015 CNY: Getting Ready

We woke up quite late on the first day, taking our time to get ready a 5th Chek Kong said that the lion dance troupe would only come at 10.20am. Before daddy started to prepare tying the things for the lion dance they already arrived at our gate! So they waited while we all rushed around to get ready.
While waiting we took some pictures of the kids.

Here's daddy putting up the lettuce and ang pow for the lion dance:

Our two precious:With Martin:
Luttle princess showing "Gong Xi Fa Cai" which you probably learned from school: