Sunday, May 31, 2015

Day 11: Shopping in Gilroy

The day was planned for shopping at the very large factory outlet which was around 40 minutes from Menlo Park.

We woke up that morning, had a leisurely breakfast and mummy had to write down the shops which I wanted to visit (there were 4 blocks which we needed to drive from on to the other to buy) then we all packed into the car for our shopping trip. As with the trip, you were both quite good in the car, either napping or just fooling around:

You were both also very well behaved as we walked around and browsed though the shops. Here you are having great fun out in the sun while waiting for daddy to keep the new luggage bag we'd bought:

We shopped a little then felt hungry so tried our luck with the In and Out restaurant which we were dying to eat (daddy had rave reviews for this fast food outlet). Too bad the rest of the world also decided to eat there. So we hopped back to the car and went to the food court which served food. 

 So we had some light food for lunch. One of the specialty was the Garlic Fries which were actually quite yummy. In fact, Gilroy seems to be famous for garlic hence the garlic fries.

We had to quickly finish our shopping as the Khoo's were at home waiting for us as we were supposed to have dinner at a Chinese restaurant with the rest of their family.

Anyhow, the food at the restaurant was very good, problem was the service which was terrible. 

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Day 10: Monterey Bay Aquarium

The day was to be for for you kids..of course, who is not say mummy and daddy do not like the aquarium either *grin*. It was around a one and a half hour drive from Menlo Park so we started the journey earlier so that we could get back on time for dinner with everyone.

It was a pleasant drive and you both enjoyed the view and a short nap. Never expected to see such a beautiful and pleasant place as we seemed to be driving though rather secluded places to reach Monterey Bay.

We finally found the aquarium and the next challenge was to find a parking spot. The roadside parking were full so daddy had to make a round and found a multi-storey parking.Yikes.. parking was USD10 per entry. But we realised that it was cheaper. The next building had parking of USD20!!

It was a pleasant walk to the aquarium and we quickly bought our tickets and went in. The first thing we saw was the jellyfish. Yup.. the nice che-che in this picture was showing you the tiny tiny jellyfish in the jar:

We decided to remove Mei-mei from the stroller so that she'd get a better view of the sea life. And boy did she have a great time:

Pictures at the main jellyfish exhibit:

Sardines.. all swimming in the same direction. Was so beautiful:

Wondered around a bit and quickly went back to the "Open Sea" aquarium to wait for the feeding time. Got good seats at the top and waited a while before the show began. Amazing!!

Then it was time for OUR feeding time. We headed to the cafe which had a great choice of food and you went with daddy to order clam chowder in a bun.. again.. but you enjoyed it just as much:

Daddy ordered a kids hotdog meal for Mei-mei. Of course she also enjoyed her meal.. especially the chippies...

Also had the time to photograph this band, It was an optional free service provided where the children are given this band and our phone numbers are written on the inside... so that they can call us in case you get lost. Ko-ko got one, so  I requested one for you too.. good thing as we did not let you sit on the stroller in the end.

Went outside to stretch our legs and enjoy the beautiful view... and take pictures too:

Went back in to spend more time with the displays and to look around more:

2 little mermaid/merboy in the seashell:

Soon after we left the aquarium. Took a different route to the carpark around the town:

Then daddy took the scenic route back home. We stopped to enjoy the beautiful beach too,

Daddy took you both down the steps to go close to the sea. I stayed on top. Would probably fall if I attempt to go down the really steep looking steps:

We saw some men fishing as we went down from the car too:

It was a pleasant drive home. Daddy was feeling sleepy, but he did not dare to let me drive. We stopped by Sareway to buy some more beer (they were yummy and very cheap) then headed home to Menlo Park. Back home, Uncle Sam and Aunty Pam had a feast almost ready:

What a wonderful day..

Friday, May 29, 2015

Day 9 : Going Around San Francisco

The first day back was spent in San Francisco. Aunty Pam and Uncle Sam suggested that since it was a weekday, the crowd at the tourist spots would not be so large. So we packed into 2 cars and headed out to San Francisco. Here we are keeping ourselves entertained on the drive to the city:

We were lucky to get a nice parking spot nearby the first stop which was the Fishermans Wharf. A short walk and we were at the wharf, where there were boats to Alcatraz, many tourist riding bicycles around and the wonderful aroma of food. 

The food smelt so yummy and we were so hungry. So we headed to this famous Boudin Bakery which was famous for their sour dough breads.

This was among the selected of lunch which we had. Sooooo yummy, chowder in their famous sour dough bread:

Then, we wanted to take a ride on the San Francisco cable car. Daddy had to move his car as the parking was only for 2 hours and we'd certainly not make it back from the cable car ride within the balance 1 hour. So daddy had to run off to move the car, only to realise that he did not bring his car keys along. Had to run back to where we were waiting for him. So while waiting, Ah Ma noticed that the queue to the cable car was very long, so she went to buy the tickets and queue up first.

Here' the beautiful scenery which we enjoyed while waiting for our turn:

At last it was our turn. And yet, daddy worried that there wouldn't be enough time on his parking. So halfway through the ride, daddy and Ah Kong hopped off the cable car while we continued on the ride till the end. 

Daddy took the "standing seat":

The cable car stopped for a while at the Cable Car Museum for a change in the driver. Mei-mei had fallen asleep by then. So we continued until the end of the ride and we waited for daddy to come with Ah Kong to pick us up in the car. 

Then we headed to try to drive down Lombard Street, which is well known to be the world's most crooked street. It sure was a steep drive, but very scenic and not too scary with daddy behind the wheel *grin*

Then we went again for a drive on the Golden Gate bridge, since Ko-ko was sleeping when we went on it the first day when we arrived. This time we drove on the bridge and then stopped at the lookout point for a few pictures. It was so windy as you can tell from our hair flying in all directions.

Then it was time to head back to Menlo Park. It was almost time for dinner. Dinner that night was in a small, simple restaurant called "Little Shanghai" which served very nice Chinese food. 

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Day 8: Back to Menlo Park

As daddy had already decided, we would be heading back to San Francisco using the 101 Highway which would be more scenic. It didn't feel that long but was certainly more beautiful and not so boring. As with the trip to L.A. you napped most of the way and was very well behaved when you were up. 

You enjoyed the snacks and drank a whole bottle of the chocolate milk bought on the first stop we took (at a petrol station).

Here's some of the scenic coastal view which I managed to take:

King City

This were the many silly faces you made. But halfway along the way after Ah Ma gave you a piece of paper to draw on, you got sick and vomited all over yourself and some parts of the car. Aihhh..... daddy quickly found a place to drive off the highway so that we could stop and clean you up and put on some clean clothes.

One last stop for us was in Gilroy where the premium outlets were located for a final toilet break and soon we were in Menlo Park where Aunty Pam and Uncle Sam we waiting for us with dinner all ready.

We had a yummy dinner of rice cooked by them and rested in their beautiful home. (Oh yeah.. and I had to quickly wash the car seat cover else we would not be able to go out the next day).

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Day 7: Going Around LA

It was a lazy day after the long day in Disneyland. We slept in late and then got ready to go to LA for lunch and to drive around. First stop was Chinatown. We found a place to park the car and walked around looking for a place to eat lunch.

We stopped at this place called Yang Chow Restaurant which was listed as a good place to eat (I had taken screenshot from Yelp! before leaving the hotel). As we stood outside looking at the other choices, we realized that Ah Kong and Ah Ma had already walked into the restaurant! Oops.. looks like we didn't need to think anymore. 

We ate rice, which was something we hadn't had for a while and which Mei-mei obviously missed a lot. As she was eating rice, she said "We come back to this place, ok?". Yup.. it certainly got her stap of approval.

We walked around a little after lunch. It was rather warm and soon we were tired, so we headed back to the car and headed to Rodeo Drive.
Sun Yat Sen Memorial

Some of the shops in Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills:

We went for a drive after that to enjoy the view as well as look at the beautiful houses around. Then it was time to head back to Anaheim. But oh boy.. it was heavy traffic leaving L.A. It took us almost 2 hours to reach back to the hotel. Before going back to the hotel, we stopped by a supermarket to buy some groceries for the long drive back to Menlo Park the next day.

When we finally reached the hotel, we parked the car and wanted to stretch our legs. So we walked to this place called "Joe's Italian Ice" which was down the road and which we had spotted the last time we walked along Harbour Boulevard which our hotel is located. 

This was what you had: 
Joe Latti

Went back to the hotel after that to rest. Then it was time for dinner. We had already booked a table at Bucca di Beppo again so no need to think hard on what to eat. This time we had the appetizer and also 2 pasta's. Looks yummy, right?

Large Linguini Frutti di Mare and Small Spaghetti with Meatballs (giant sized ones!!)