Thursday, June 25, 2015

Evan's Toy

Mummy paid for my B-daman toy. But I had to save really hard for it. Luckily when mummy paid she had some points which meant it cost less.

After saving for sooooo many months I finally have it in my hands... yay!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day

Today is daddy's special day. Mei-mei brought back a card she made in school on Friday. You on the other hand decided to make him cheese omelette.  We added the Gruyere cheese on top of the usual cheddar and "Master Chef Daddy" gave you a high score for this tea time snack.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?

"Do you wanna build a no-man,  Evan? "

Yup,  that's what you like to sing to Ko-ko when he's in the toilet. It's driving him nuts,  but daddy and I have a good laugh every time you do that to him...

No, you were not left out from the Frozen craze after all

Friday, June 05, 2015

Coping with Jetlag

How did you both cope?  Fairly well i guess. Let's see:
Upon arrival in Santa Rosa,  on the first night:
We all KO-ed at around 10pm after trying to stay awake since we arrived at noon. At 3.30am:
Evelyn : Kokkokkok (imitating a rooster call and peering closely at me). Mummy.. it's time to wake up...
Arghhh... and next thing we know, we were all awake. But we did manage to snooze a few more hours until 8am.
Back in Penang, again at 3.30am:
Evelyn :  (in the sweetest, sing-song voice) Good morning, mummy. It's time to wake up
Mummy : No... it's still at night. Look outside is still dark dark...
Daddy also woke up a while apparently as you gave him a great kick as you tried to go back to sleep. You woke up again at 7am.

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Day 13 : Last Day in US

It was our final day before heading back to Penang. We didn't have much to do, but you both enjoyed the playground nearby so we went there two times before leaving Menlo Park. 

Lunch which was initially planned to be to help the Khoo's clear their fridge of leftover food (from the Chinese dinner and the BBQ) but somehow we ended up in this place called New Tung Kee Noodle House in Mountain View which was something Ah Kong wanted to go to. This was the place he's frequent for his Chinese food fix when he had to travel to US for work. 

Food was OK and served very quickly. This was my noodle soup which I shared with Mei-mei.

We went back to finish packing (and the last round at the playground). But before that I had to get a picture of the Ford Flex which drove us in comfort this whole trip. Lovely and rather comfy car to sit in.

Dinner before we left was at Cooking Papa. This was the beautiful view we had while enjoying the yummy dinner of dim sum and noodles. Daryl and Elizabeth joined us for that last dinner.

Then Uncle Sam and Aunty Pam followed us to the airport to bid farewell. Daddy and Ah Kong dropped off the rental car while we dragged the luggage into the airport and waited for them. 

Here you are in the final picture I took (rather blurry) at the airport waiting for our turn to board the midnight plane.

Mei-mei fell asleep almost immediately and did not eat her dinner/supper. But the stewardess were very nice and they piled the both of you snacks and even gave her ice-cream. 

You also had your favorite instant noodles which they were busy serving to most of the passengers after they'd had their nap. 

So ends our 2 week long holiday in US. It was an enjoyable holiday and we're proud to say that the both of you behaved well most of the trip. Especially with the long drives you had to endure. A good sign that we can have more long haul holidays next time *grin*

Monday, June 01, 2015

Day 12: A Little Wandering Around and Yummy Food

Daddy had spent the whole trip driving us around so the night before we encouraged him to go for at least 1 round of golf with the men. So after much persuasion, he agreed to go off. While he was off having fun, we were driven around by Aunty Pam to have a look at the surrounding areas. It was very large and beautiful. Of course 10 minutes after driving off, I remembered that I'd forgotten to pack the stroller. So we had to go back again to pick it up. We were finally off and we drove past Palo Alto, Stanford University and several places too.

We finally went to a Carters outlet and I bought some clothes for Mei-mei and also your cousins. Then went to Walmart to buy some chocolates to be given away and of course for our own consumption as well. 

Then it was lunch time. We headed to In and Out and had the yummiest burgers and milk shakes. 

Mummy even asked for this paper hats which they would give away for the both of you. Here you are both posing in front and looking very happy

We went to See's to buy the chocolates and we were very lucky as Aunty Pam was former HP employee and so we got special discount with her employee name badge. Then Mei-mei fell asleep in the car so Ah Ma and Aunty Pam dropped me at a mall with you for a quick shop around. Later daddy came with Ah Kong and Uncle Sam and Mei-mei to pick us up. We headed to a golf shop before heading back home. Dinner was ribs which Aunty Pam had did a check and found to be nearby. So she called and placed an order for take-away and then daddy left to pick up with Ah Kong. 

Look at our delicious dinner:

You won't believe it but we finished nearly everything on the table. Don't believe me? Look at this hungry little doggie: