Tuesday, July 28, 2015

It's Finally Up

We had it made when  Mei-mei was 9 months old and you were 7 years old. The nice lady from KL who turned out to be my schoolmate came to the house to make the molds and delivered it to use around 2 months later.
Daddy found some time to put up the nail for this frame and a light and also to put up more nails on another wall for our picture collection in the room.

This was taken when it was Mei-mei's turn to have her mould made

The WHY Era is Here

Not unlike your Ko-ko it's that time when you start to ask "why". But unlike your Ko-ko who asks why to different questions you ask me why to my answers:
Evelyn : Mummy why is Else smiling?
Mummy: Because she's happy
Evelyn : Why is she happy?
Mummy: Um.... because.... because she's... um... glad to be free *praying that you don't have a follow up question*

Few minutes later:
Evelyn : Mummy why is he purple?
*Yup,  you were asking why Barney is purple*
Mummy: Er... because he's a purple dinosaur
*Phew... lucky the show started and you were ok with my answer*

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Happy Birthday to Mummy

It was mummy's birthday onThursday. . I think she sneaked out with daddy for a movie. Anyway... I have to make something for her. I wanted to make breakfast yesterday but I had to go for Wushu and mummy and daddy would not let me squirm out of that session.
So this morning I made her my specialty cheese omelette. Then again,  she had to help me prepare the cheese which had to be grated and Ah Ma helped me flip the omelette. I did have a go at cracking the egg... erm... there was some shells inside the omelette but lucky mummy spotted them as we were frying the omelette.
But I'm happy.  Mummy kept saying that it was so delicious.  And I have to agree... it was super yummy. I know because I ate half of the omelette *grin*

But then I wasn't satisfied. I wanted to make mummy something all by myself. So after we got back from Gurney Plaza I told her that I was going to make a snack for her. And this is what I made: cheese and ham sandwich.
And I made it all by myself. Well mummy had to help me open the ham and show me the cheese and take out the hot toasted bread from the toaster. She was very happy and daddy was even jealous that she got so many things for her birthday.  He didn't get to eat the sandwich... I got to share with mummy again. But I think daddy was proud of me. I heard them saying that I had daddy's good genes for cooking food.

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Birthday Cake

Ah Ma: Evan,  don't you remember that you have something to do?
Evan: Huh? *looking confused at Ah Ma
Ah Ma: You ar.... so forgetful...
Evan : Ohhhhh...

Walks over to me and whispers: Ah Ma bought you a birthday cake

Hhmmm... not very good with secrets, aren't you?

We had a quick song and the 3 of us blowed at the candle.

The 2 of you decorated my little nangka cupcake with grapes... the peeled ones by Mei-mei and the one with skin by you.

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Sharing with Mummy

Today is a public holiday. So as a treat Ah Kong brought you both to buy a special lunch. Ko-ko had the special Ayam Kicap Meletup from KFC while you had McDonald's.

When I got back from work this is our conversation:
Mummy: You had McDonald's  for lunch today?
Evelyn :  Yes *grin*
Mummy : Did you keep some chippies for me?
Evelyn : No...
Mummy : But why? *showing my sad face*
Evelyn : You eat rice...

Monday, July 06, 2015

Our Day at the Park

We both wanted to go to the park. But we also wanted to bring our bicycles along. So we had to wait for daddy to get our bicycle tyres pumped as they were rather soft. Before  that our hero daddy had to fix the pump as the rubber was brittle.
At long last he packed the bicycles into Ah Ma's car and off we went.
I cycled a grand total of 14 rounds (500m) each round and Mei-mei rode one round and then decided she preferred the slides. Mummy said she had to convince her to go another round after all the effort daddy put to pump up the bicycle.
So in the end. She had a daddy - powered ride around the park.
Phew... that was a fun day.