Friday, August 28, 2015

The US Playground

We've been back from our holidays for so long but still I will occasionally hear either one of you telling me about the nice playground in US. We went to the park every evening in the week we stayed in Menlo Park.  In fact on the last day I think we went twice..
The fact that it does not get dark too early gave you both a chance to run off excess energy after dinner.
Love the many pictures I got of you both playing with the play set. Amazing thing is Evelyn being so brave to climb up the wall (went up without us k owing!!) and by the end of the week she could scale the wall easily.
Pictures start from the last day in US:

Hari Merdeka

Yesterday Miss Beh asked that you ce to school dressed in tour traditional costume.  You kept saying "for Hari Merdeka". I wonder if tou know what it means.
But it's nice that the school instils patriotism in children at such an early age.  Will find out more when you get back from school later on.
Here you are all dressed in your cheongsam:

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wushu Boss

I'm glad that you now like your Wushu again. I think so anyway... nowdays I see you practicing your moves around the house: in the living room, in my room. And you even want me to take vidoes and pictures of you performing.
So glad that we didn't let you quit when you wanted to.

Monday, August 24, 2015


By looking at your cheerful face one wouldn't have guessed what a grouchy little thing you were just 30 minutes before that as I tried to wake you up.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Old Toy but Still As Much Fun

I was clearing out Ko-ko's room and you kept yourself entertained with the toys outside on the landing.
Just before Ko-ko went off for Wushu he found this old toy and tried to build it. But he was in a rush and said that he'd come back to build. But you couldn't wait so mummy built it up for you. Boy did you have great fun.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

First Time Painting at Home

You woke up from your nap and after a snack said that you wanted to do painting (like in school I guess).
So we went around the house,  gathering all the art supplies we needed and set up our art corner. Even found this old plastic bib belonging to Ko-ko which was just right.
You started out happily with your hand painting putting hand prints on the paper. After that you decided to get.... more creative.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

So Alarming

Sent you to sleep in your room on weeknights again as Evelyn cannot sleep earlier and has problems to wake up in the morning.  So along with you was my 9 year old alarm clock which I finally found the battery for. Yup we bought the clock shortly after you were born and it was time for me to go back to work.
This was your first encounter with an alarm clock. On the first morning, you woke up before the alarm rang. I turned it off and you came over to my room. The second morning, it came into your room and turned it off just before it rang at 7 as we were up and chatting. You got upset and had tears in your eyes. Seems that you really wanted to hear the bell ring. So I turned it on the again for you but it did didn't ring when the hands pointed at seven. Had to give it a few whacks before it rang... very softly.
On the third day, I didn't go into your room at all so that you wouldn't wake up before the alarm rang. Let you experience being woken by the alarm. I was in my room when I heard the alarm ring non - stop.... could even wake up the dead!! BUT... you slept right through the alarm ringing. Imagine that.
So funny that something as simple as an alarm clock is so interesting to you. Makes me think that you are too pampered by us. Everything even to wake up is by us!!

Saturday, August 08, 2015

Not Free Balloon

We went to buy lunch at this shop and stopped by to watch a group of people dancing for a charitable event. A man who was making balloon animals on request asked if you wanted one.
Of course you did. So he made you this and asked for a donation.  Oh well.... it was for a good cause anyway. And was really well made too. Don't you think?

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Frozen Madness

Although it is a year later,  you seem to be really into the Frozen craze. I guess it's partially my doing as I was the one who doenloaded Frozen songs to my phone in preparation for our US trip seeing that I'd have no data and we needed to keep you entertained during the long drives especially to and from LA.

On top of singing the "Do you wanna build a snowman?" Song at our (bathroom) door,  this was our latest conversation on Frozen:
Evelyn : Mei-mei's  name is Elsa
Mummy : So you are now Else and not Evelyn?
Evelyn : Yes,  Elsa
Mummy : *calling you* Elsa.... oh Elsa....
Evelyn : *ignores mummy*
Mummy : Hey... I thought your name is Elsa?
Evelyn : Mei-mei is Baby Elsa

That really cracked me up. Yup you are officially into Frozen although it came a year later.

Sunday, August 02, 2015


I was so heart broken when I saw you sobbing when we picked you up from Wushu yesterday.  You said that you were punished again. Sigh.. you have been asking to be allowed to quit Wushu but we have been resisting, trying to instil upon you that you cannot give up so easily when faced with challenges.
I half wanted to march up to the hall and give the instructor a piece of my mind. But I stopped and as Ah kong had stopped right in  front of the gate at that moment, we quickly hopped into the car
The moment Ah Kong saw you crying and found out it was due to the pumishment, he mumbled that you should quit Wushu but I quickly interrupted and told him to let daddy and I talk to you.
Had some time to think rationally about the reason you would be punished and so first thing we did was to go upstairs to discuss the situation. I asked many questions and found out that the reason you were punished was mainly because of a step that you did not learn when it was first taught as we were on holidays in US. So after giving you many examples on why you should not quit,  we agreed that I would go see the instructor to ask him to teach you the steps properly and that you'd ask your classmate to go through the steps with you in the week also.
Daddy also spoke to you on not giving up so easily when faced with challenges.  Hopefully you'll have a better session next Saturday. And hopefully it will serve as a lesson for you not to give up so easily too.