Sunday, September 27, 2015

Evelyn's 3rd Birthday Party

The theme this year is obviously your current favourite, Hello Kitty.As usual, I had prepared the things for the party in advance. Here are the small gift for our guests:

A not too nice looking Hello Kitty lantern (it looked nicer on Pinterest):

On the day of the party, you were all dressed up in a Hello Kitty blouse which I'd bought in US and a pink frilly skirt. Audrey even came dressed for the theme,

This year, we ordered the food. The week before, we tried out the food in Naughty Nuri's which serves Balinese food. It was yummy so we ordered the food for the party right after we ate.

 Had to decorate the food a little with the Hello Kitty theme:

 Since we were not busy with food preparation, we also had some time for games. It was called "Pin The Ribbon on the Kitty". Before the game began, we had a group picture of the cousins:

Everyone had to draw their own ribbon for Kitty. Then while the younger children were not blind folded, the elder ones were blind folded and spun before they had a go at the ribbon:

As the next night was Mid-Autumn Festival, the kids (Ee-ee included) had some fun carrying their lanterns and running around. Then it was time to cool down and for the birthday cake. Yup.. a Hello Kitty shaped cake:

And of course, time for more pictures:
With the cousins

With Ah Kong and Ah Ma

 Us with Ah Kong and Ah Ma

Soon it was time for everyone to go home. We only opened the presents the next day. Daddy was off for his golf game and you both could not wait for him to come home, so you both posed for some pictures before ripping up the wrappers:

 See? Told you that it was "both" of you. Ko-ko was equally as excited and had a share in tearing up the wrapping papers.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Happy 3rd Birthday Princess

What hapened to our little baby who had to be carried everywhere ... had little hair... started off with only breast milk and then moi-moi... rarely smile... slept very often.
Slowly and surely you've grown into a pretty,  cheerful,  chicken rice loving and very talkative little precious ray of sunshine. Oh how you've  grown. I hear daddy telling you very often "Don't grow up so fast". Our last baby is now 3 years old... oh how time flies.

Happy birthday to our precious Evelyn.

Monday, September 21, 2015

A Visit to Kek Lok Si

Nat Kor-kor and Uncle Ollie came over for the final 2 nights of their holidays and on Saturday, we headed to Kek Lok Si which they tried to go to on the first weekend they arrived but cancelled due to the rain.
We fistt had yummy lunch of Char Kuey Tiau and roti canai then we sropped the two of them at the bottom of the hill while we headed to the carpark halfway up.
After parking rhe cars, we went to the first stop: tortoise feeding at the Liberation Pond.
It was really hot an Chek Kong was tired. So while he and daddy went back to get the car and drive up the hill, we wandered around and saw this place where you can pick wishes, write your name on the ribbon and hang them on the sticks. Here is Uncle Ollie giving you a boost to put on the higher sticks.

Martin also got a boost:

Next was Nat Kor-kor'sturn. Uncle Ollie had to give it 3 tries before she was successful:

Then we went to wait for the cable car which would bring us up to where daddy and Chek Kong were waiting. There, you kids had something else to do: fred the fishes:

Here's one last picture of you before we headed into daddy's cool car and home.

It's been so long since we've been to Kek Lok Si  (2009), and this has been a wonderful trip despite the heat.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

What A Great Artwork

You came back from school and proudly told us that you had a crafting session using clay in school and your artwork was one of the 3 selected by your form teacher to be exhibited . Later that night you told me that you even made the pattern on the  turtle's back using the satay stick you were provided.
Today you showed us your artwork and boy were we impressed. We're really proud of what you created. Keep up the great work darling.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

That's The End, Folks

I have been meaning to post about it. But never had the time to sit down and put it in words. It didn't seem so long ago when you were born and placed in my arms for our first cuddle. And soon after we had our very many cuddle sessions as I continued to breastfeed you. When asked, I'd say I had to be fair and at least feed you for 2 years... as long as I had breastfed Ko-ko. 

In the end, I'm glad to say that I did it! Yup, we fed for 2 years and 7 months, just 4 months longer than I had fed Ko-ko and I'm proud to say I've been quite fair to feed both of you for almost the same duration.

On the day that I posted that you had went to sleep without asking for milk was the last time you had your milk from me. Daddy had been suggesting that I cut down or try to wean before we went for our US holiday. While I was rather reluctant to stop, we slowly cut down to one final feeding before you went to sleep. It didn't seem like a very difficult weaning process. I guess you were ready for it. 

Nowadays, you will still sometimes laugh when you see me and pretend to ask for nen-nen or sometimes tell me "Mummy go pump pump milk for me".

Well my darling, it has been a wonderful journey. But I'm glad we still have our cuddle sessions at night as you chat with me before you go to sleep. 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Singing in the Dark

Some little girl decided to have a concert in the middle of the night singing:
I love you in the morning
And in the afternoon
I love you in the evening
And underneath the moon

Then silence....I guess you went back to sleep.  Or more likely you never woke up.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

My Hands So Small

.. that's what you told me when I forced you to clean up the mess you made in my room. You took out everything inside the box and refused to keep them back after playing with them.
I had to threaten and scold before you finally started to keep despite repeated begging for me to help you and tears then side tracked to play with the toys and then continue keeping.
Took you a few minutes to make the mess but forever to clear up!!!
Too lucky to have Kakak clear up after tou all the time. Last night, you left a mess and poor Ko-ko slipped on the paper you left out on the floor.

Little Girl, Big Words

You seem to pick up more new words lately especially since we got back from US:
Isn't nitnit.... isn't it
Oppose... supposed
Stead... instead
Nemermind... never mind
Orn.... or

Can't image our little girl.. picking up new things so quickly. We also noticed that you have very sharp little ears!! So we need to be very careful with what we say in front of you. 

And that you are also very cheeky. We have told you that you are not allowed to use the word "stupid"

Evelyn: This is so stupid
Mummy: Hey!! You're not supposed to use this word
Evelyn: Why?
Mummy Because it is rude.
Evelyn: *whispers* stupid
Mummy: What did you say?
Evelyn: I said "stop it"


Thursday, September 03, 2015

New Necklace

Can you spot something new? Yes... you are right. It's a new necklace mummy bought for me.
I'm a good girl and I don't wear it to school or to sleep as mummy has told me not to. But I don't understand why she wears her own necklace all the time to work and to sleep....