Sunday, February 28, 2016

Play Doh Day

Most Play Doh days are Sundays after Ko-ko  comes back from music class and you wake up from you nap.
Today, Ko-ko had to finish his homework before he could join us. Here are you both concentrating on your creations and your creations :

She is my Sister, He is my Brother

Love this picture we took in a hurry after dinner in Kampachi before heading to the carpark to wait for daddy to pick us.

Air Pollution

Goofing around with the mask after the Kesihatan guys came into our compound to dog the house.

Meet John

This is John. He is my new toy toy. You know, my daddy won this for me?
He's so good. My hero.

Thursday, February 04, 2016

WIP Katana

During our last trip back to BM you had asked Grampy if he could make you a wooden Katana. Before that trip we were talking and I had shared with you that Grampy could make thigs out of wood beautifully.
So it was initially planned that you'd write him a letter asking him to make you a wooden sword and draw how you'd like the sword to look like. When you were planning this was our conversation :
Mummy : So you write the letter to Grampy and we'll post it to him ok?
Evan : OK. I will need to write my word bigger, right?
Mummy : Er... why? Grampy is deaf not blind... hahaha....
Evan : *grinning*

The letter was written but you kept being undecided on the design. In the end you opted for a Katana and to ask Grampy instead of to send him a letter. We Googled the picture and showed it to him.
During our latest trip back you kept saying that Grampy probaby had forgotten about your request. Ee-ee told you not to be so negative and Nanna also said that you'd be surprised.
And you were certainly surprised. .. and very happy too. Can tell by that big grin on your face: