Thursday, March 31, 2016


Evan: My game is Minecraft
Evelyn : What? Your craft?
Evan : No... Minecraft!!
Evelyn : Your craft?
Evan : NooooOooo... the name of the game is MINECRAFT!!!

I still don't think Mei-mei understood what you were trying to explain to her.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Egg Hunt

A simple chocolate egg hunt for the two of youaround the living room. With the heat it would be impossible to have the hunt outside,so we did it inthe comfort of our air-conditioned house.
You easily found most of the eggs while Mei-mei needed some help from you to finally find her 10 eggs.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Going to "Work"

Got the Hello Kitty lanyard for you at work. That very night, you put it on and told me: Mummy-boss,  I'm going to work.
Then sat on your stool and kept busy with "work".

When I Grow Up

What I want to be.. what I want to be... when I grow up to be big me...
Heard Barney singing this song on TV then you came to me in the bathroom and said:
Mummy, when I grow up I want to be doctor.


Tuesday, March 15, 2016

mBot Course

Signed you up for this course a few weeks back. It was held in the Penang Science Cluster today. We took the whole day off to accompany the both of you since it was school holidays and Ah Kong and Ah Ma were off to Australia on holiday.
In the end we started the day in Adventist Hospital as Mei-mei had a bad cough. Then lunch a bit of shopping for groceries to cook for dinner this week. After that it was time to drop you off. We dropped Mei-mei back home for her bap before running more errands then picking you up at 5pm.
You said you had fun. I'm glad you had a good time.
At least you had some fun instead of just studying the whole holidays for your exams.

Sunday, March 13, 2016


As you keep losing your bracelets, I decided to buy you more beads which you can make your own bracelet while also improving your finer motor skills.
Here you are having fun with the beads.

Movie Day: Kung Fu Panda 3

While we enjoyed the movie, daddy also enjoyed himself with a massage. So for the first time, mummy went to the movies alone with the both of you. Ko-ko as usual was well behaved and enjoyed his popcorn and movie while you could not sit still throughout the movie, ending up on my lap halfway through the movie.
Not a bad day as everyone did something they enjoyed.

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Excursion Day

This is your happy and excited face on the way to school as you will be sitting on a bus and going to the "korium" (museum).
Had a fall just before getting onto the bus but you proudly told me that you were brave and did not cry.

Thursday, March 03, 2016

Egg-citing Dinner

Rabbit shaped egg for tonight's dinner as requested by the lady boss:

Happiness for Evan

This is your first present for this year's birthday. The happiness on your face is priceless....

Playing and Learning

Bought this jigsaw alphabet 2 weekd back. And since I am home today we took it out to play.

Yup, you know how to spell your name. But since there was only 1 "E", I told you to just use the "F" to replace the second "E". The second time we played, you spelled your name and placed an "O" to replce it without me teaching you to.

Then we tried Ko-ko's name. You only knew the first letter. So you had to ask him 3 times before you got his name. Good try...

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Lost, Then Found Again

Last Wednesday you called me late in the evening to tell me that you had lost you Moral workbook. I had to ask Aunty Joanne to snapshot the cover of the book and then later she even helped to scan the homework pages which daddy had to cover Kelvin's homework then print out for you to do.
Initially, you seemed not to be worried about the lostbook. It was later that I found out from Aunty Joanne taht the teacher was going to cane anyone who did not handup the book on Thursday.  Great......
After a lot of scolding, we all bundled into the car and headed to Queensbay to try our luck in Popular Bookstore.  Too bad for you , they did not carry this book. Which was how you ended up doing the printout.
The next day, daddy and I went to try our luck in one of the shops on Carnavon Street and you were in luck!! They had the book. So we bought the book then headed to school to give you the new copy.
The teacher was ok that you at leasthada replacement book and you were to finish the previous work overthe weekend. So after a grueling weekend of trying to finish your workbook with only a few pages you needed to check with the teacher,  your book reappears!!! Exactly one week after it went missing....