Monday, May 16, 2016

Teacher's Day 2016 : Evan's Gift

You on the other hand had a simple request: to buy a red pen. So yesterday after Wushu we stopped at Tesco to buy the pens from Popular Bookstore. We ended up with 3 pens; one for you, one for Cikgu Goh and one for Miss Lim. You made a simple card to attach to the pen.
When I asked about your gift to Cikgu Goh, somehow it ended up with Puan Keng your form teacher. You apparently changed your mind although you had rejected my suggestion yesterday that you give her 1 of the pens. But no matter what, you only gave 1 pen to the teacher and refused to give yourpen first even when I had promised to buy you a new one today. Sigh...
And poor Miss Geeta did not get anything from your classmates. I hope she got some nice presents from other classes.
Happy Teacher's Day to all teachers, current and former who work hard to grow and educate our children.

Teacher's Day 2016 : Evelyn's Gifts

Mummy had scoured Pinterest and finally found something simple to do with you for your class teacher, Mrs. Teoh. Ah Ma had helped me get the egg trays to make this craft. The initial plan was just a card for Mrs. Teoh but in the end while you had your nap I found some simple ones for you to do.

We only had tine to start painting in the evening after dinner. You painted while I put the finishing touches to your "flowers".
Then you picked the pom poms and pipe cleaners for the flowers.

This is your card for Mrs. Teoh. Ko-ko helped to decorate the grass and background for you.  I also got you to write your own name on the card. I think it's a very beautiful card which you both made together.

These are the flowers you made out of egg carton, pom pom and pipe cleaners. You gave them to Miss Beh, Jamie Che-che, Miss Khoo, Mrs. Tan and Mrs. Sebastian.

This is a close up but blurry shot of the flower:

Sunday, May 15, 2016

A Day at the Park

Obviously was a fun day for the both of you. Ko-ko got to ride his new bicycle and you got to play on the slides and swings, run around and also cycle.

MSSPP Wushu Tournament

Today was a long day . We woke up early, ate breakfast got ready then headed to MSN which thankfully is literally just outside out housing area.
The initial plan was for us to drop you. But you seemed rather nervous so I stayed on with you and Ah Ma went back home.
It was quite a wait. Luckily you brought your books and my phone was fully charged.
Finally it was your turn. You were number 124, just about the last few to compete. You got a score of 7.50. We were told to wait for the results as there would be a finals round. So we ate the grilled cheese sandwich while waiting. The results were out and since you were not in the finals, we headed home to rest.
You stayed home to eat lunch while we went out for a quick lunch. Then headed back to MSN again. This time you were second to go. Thank goodness as we estimated at least 160 participants for this round!!! You scored a little better this round: 7.63.
We stayed around for a while, even having ice cream and since you second round score was not high enough also, we headed home to aircon comfort... phew.
No matter what, we're proud that you had tried your best and that you also represented your school for the Wushu tournament .

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Spending Time

Today after dropping Ko-ko for Wushu,we headed to Tesco as Ah Ma wanted to buy butter. So while she went up to Tesco you got a ride. This was what you got:
Biker Princess Sofia

Then as Ah Ma wasn't down yet we decided to have something in McDonald's. We shared a Milo and you ate a hash brown while waiting for Ah Ma. As you were enjoying your hash brown, you said this to me "Thank you mummy for spending time with me. Today just the two of us spend time together".
It's nice to treat you and to have you so thankful for such simple treats. We should go out and do more girly things together often. You also kindly reminded me to spend time just with Ko-ko as well...

Monday, May 09, 2016

Artist at Work

This was from your party pack at Abigail's birthday party. As I was off today, you insisted that we did some painting today. So here you are painting:

So focused , don't you think?

And this is the end result. 

I was tempted to paint over and make it like it should but on second thought, I decided to let you paint as you like. I kinda like your artwork. 

Sunday, May 08, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

You told me that you didn't want to nap yet. That you wanted to make me a bracelet for Mother's Day.

In the end... yup asleep and no bracelet to show...

Luckily though I got this beautiful card which you gave me on Friday and wished me "Happy Mother's Day Card". Hehe....

Most adorable card which is now safely in my handbag to be brought to the office. 

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Chef Daddy's Biggest Fan

Yup... you are obviously his biggest fan judging from your happy expression. 

This was what we had for Labour Day dinner:

Cooked on the barbecue. We had perfect weather. Finally the heatwave wasn't too hot as it rained quite regularly lately. 

This was Mei-mei's dinner. Food cooked in the barbecue with her rice. We had another guest that night too. Ian joined us and he also ate rice like Mei-mei.