Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day

I made this card in school and in Friday, Mrs. Teoh let me bring the card back for daddy. I could not wait till Sunday so I quickly gave the card to daddy the moment he came home from gym. He was so happy.
Then he spoilt my card. He thought that I wouldn't notice there was 2 button instead of 3. Luckily he didn't lose the button. I tried to stick it back with Ko-ko's glue but it could not work. Mummy had super sticky oosh oosh glue and now the card is so beautiful... that's what my daddy said about my card.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Pizza Day

We'd bought a light lunch today after dropping Ko-ko off at school for Wushu. So I decided to top up with pizza since we did not plan to go out in the afternoon.
We went home and you helped me prepare the ingredients for the pizza base.
We left the dough to rise while we went to pick up Ko-ko and also buy a cake for Kakak.
We had our lunch while waiting for the oven to heat up. Then we all made our own pizza. Ko-ko of course, made his with all the different type of cheese we had in the fridge. You on the other took my suggestion to put strawberry jam as you were not a big fan of cheese. But you did ask to add a slice of cheddar in the end.
Remembered to take pictures of you both preparing your pizza but forgot to take a picture of the end result as we were too excited to eat the masterpieces. Yummy...

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

First Homework for Evelyn

Aiyo.. so stressful... took you the whole of 15 minutes to finish tour homework:

Sunday, June 05, 2016

Tinker Town

What a busy weekend it is for you. Today, we did not get to sleep in again as you and Ian were signed up for Tinker-town at Oenang Science Cluster. What we thought to be a long event turned out to be estimated to be for an hour.
So after dropping you and Ian, daddy, Evelyn and I went to drive around abit and finally decided to park and have a drink at Yin's Pizza while waiting for you both.

Here are you kids goofing for the camera whike waiting for lunch to be served:

Time to Escape

Aunty Amy invited you to join them and some friends to go to Escape at Teluk Bahang. So early yesterday you woke up and got ready and off you went with them to Escape.
It sure was a long day.  Aunty amy called to ask if it was ok for you to have dinner with them at Hard Rock Cafe. You told us that you had a good time and ensured that you did not pick something too expensive off the menu (you picked kids fish and chips). We're proud of you for your good behaviour and you also thanked them when they dropped you back home.
Here are some pictures which aunty Amy sent to me of you having fun:

A Fishy Story

Told you to take a nap and after a lot of persuasion / threats you finally fell asleep. I napped with you and shortly after I got up (to clear out your closet) you woke up.
So we proceeded to cut the mouth (which became the tail) and them start to paint.
After dinner, we put on the eye and the tail and ta-da... our fish is done.