Monday, July 25, 2016

Banana Split

Yesterday mummy gave use ice-cream for dessert. Sshh... don't tell daddy. She said that she will give me if I sat quietly and finished all my rice.
So Ko-ko and I got THREE flavours of ice-cream and sprinkles and banana. Yummy...  but in the end mummy ate up the banana in my bowl. I just wanted it because Ko-ko had it.

More Fishies

Since it was quite early and we had seen the simple video in the morning on how to make fishes,  we decided to make them last Sunday.
It was a simple craft and Ko-ko joined us, helping you to cut some parts too.
Here's the final outcome and we can obviously guess which fish was made by who. Of course , you both also posed with your creations:

Sunday, July 17, 2016

My Family

You found these cardboard cut out of boys and girls and asked if you could have some. Then you took a pencil and drew hair and facial features on them,telling me they are mummy, daddy, Ko-ko and you.
To my surprise you thought to join your family together buy using glue.
The next day you asked for 2 more as you wanted to add Ah Kong and Ah Ma.

Thursday, July 07, 2016

Day 4 : Time to Go Home

It was time to head back to Ipoh then Penang. We ate a leisurely breakfast, then cleaned up and packed before loading the car. We drove for not more than 5 minutes when we were hit by a traffic jam. Unfortunately, the jam lasted a very long time. What would usually take 1.5 hours to reach Ipoh took us 4 hours to finally reach Ipoh, with us all sooo hungry. 

Luckily you were both quite well behaved. Lookit the happy faces:

Mei-mei fell asleep just before we reached the toilet spot. So you could not nap after that. As it was too late and most of the shops in Ipoh were closed, we ate Maggie Mee (much to the delight of the both of you.. ) for our late lunch.

We left the house to have an early dinner with Chim Poh and Chek Kong before heading back to Penang. Again, the traffic back was horrendous! Took us almost 3 hours to reach Penang.

What a tiring trip. But we sure had loads of fun. 

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Day3: Lazy Day

Today we decided to take it easy and relaxed. After a relaxed breakfast and to get ready, we all packed into Chek Kong's car and headed to Brinchang to the usual shop for lunch. It was crowded so we had to wait a while and then finally got our table to have lunch. 

Went back and daddy decided to bring Ko-ko for a walk to the waterfalls. You had fallen asleep (lucky else daddy will end up carrying you most of the way), so the 3 of them (daddy, Ko-ko and Ah Kong) headed to the waterfalls which turned out to be a waste of time. Sadly, it was very dirty. People had left their rubbish at the waterfalls or it washed from higher grounds. So the place was messy and smelly. 

As for us, Chek Kong went for his own walk while Chim Poh and I stayed at home as you napped: 

When you woke up, we tried to go to this place which Chim Poh said had a beautiful tomato plant. Too bad the shop was closed, probably due to it being the first day of Hari Raya. Then we headed back to the apartment and walked beyond to the playground. 

Here you are having great fun:

Dinner was back again at the same restaurant. Followed by clearing up the rest of the last piece of steak and corn. 

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Day 2: Barbecue Dinner

These are the toys you insisted to buy at the strawberry farm:

Supervising daddy from the comfort of the deck chair:

Our drinks for the evening; 

Dinner is ready:

Everyone loves the deck chair:

Photo bombed by Ko-ko :

On the deck chair again:

Day2: Going Around

We woke up to have a leisurely breakfast then got ready to go out. The plan was to pick strawberries so we headed to Healthy Strawberry Farm which we visited before but they said that not in season to pick. So we took some pictures before leaving:
We tried our luck at another place, Kok Lim Strawberry Farm. Yay. They had strawberries to pick. We had 800grams to pick.
Here's daddy showing you how to pluck the strawberries:

Ko-ko plucking strawberries:

Posing with the first strawberry:

We wnded up picking around 600grams of strawberries so we went back to pick more. We ended up with 1 kg of strawberries.  We paid for the excess and left after buying something for Mei-mei. 

Then we headed to Cameron Valley at Bharat Plantations for lunch. We had some scones,tea and light snacks:

Before we left, daddy brought you kids to the tea plantation for a walk:

Went back for a rest and nap after that.

Monday, July 04, 2016

Day 1: Cameron Highlands

We all woke up early and quickly got ready to leave Penang. We planned to stop by Ipoh house then go off for breakfast. Met up at Ipoh to offload some of the things from our car then we headed to K10 for breakfast.
After a yummy breakfast, we started our journey to Cameron Highlands. We had 2 pit stops. Once to wee wee and another to buy the "pearl" corn.
The journey to Chek Kong's house was not too long. Traffic was very smooth heading to Cameron Highlands.
As they had been up just a month ago, the apartment was quite clean. So we quickly cleaned up a little, put on the bedsheets and we were good. While the adults cleaned up, the two of you played on the tab and laptop. Yup.. despite being so far away from home, we could not keep you away from the electronic toys!!

While we relaxed and enjoyed the cool air at home, daddy went off with Ah Kong and Chek Kong to the golf course. Daddy just went with them for a ride and he jogged back tot he apartment. 

Dinner that night was in the chu char restaurant which we usually visit when we're up in Camerons. We even went around looking for some elusive Hello Kitty pillow which you had seen on our way up, but could not find in Brinchang nor Tanah Rata.