Saturday, October 15, 2016

Lunch with Music

Played masak masak with me while I was cutting up the ingredients for tomorrow's dessert.

You "cooked up" my pizza and served it with my order of orange juice. And to top it up, my meal was served with music accompaniment:

Tricky Mind

Was wondering why ypur wallet was so bulky. Opened it to find that you had hidden your Pokemon erasers inside. You wanted to bring to school to play with although school does not allow you to bring them to school. So you hid it in your wallet to avoid being detected and confiscated by the school prefects.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Kakak is Back

Kakak had goneback to Indonesia for 5 weeks. During that time, we ate out most days. Ah Ma only cooked on days when Ko-ko had tuition and sometimes on weekends.

When Kakak came back, you were so happy. I heard you keep telling her "I'm so happy you are back" and hugging her legs. Not too sure if she understood what you said, but I'm sure she misses you too.

As for Evan, I think you'd also miss her. Reason is that you'll no longer need to wash your shoes now that she's back. And I'd say she does a very good job washing your shoes as compared to what you have done *wink*. But I'm glad that you both helped out in your little ways while she was away. And daddy also took over my tasks (taking care of the 2 of you) while I had to do more of the house work.