Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Hokkaido Day2: Lake Toya, Bear Ranch, Mt. Uzuzan

The bus brought us to Lake Toya, a volcanic lake, we all hopped off to have a look at the view and take pictures. It was sooooo cold, we quickly had our pictures taken and hopped back into the bus 

A short ride later, we arrived at the bear ranch. There was a souvenir shop which we walked around for a while, then headed to look at the bears. We bought apples and snacks for them. The bears were really cute, the moment they see you with food, the will stand on the hind legs ans wave at you to throw at them. You both had a wonderful time throwing food at them. Mei-mei was lousier with her aim. Daddy managed to throw right into their mouths several times.

Daddy bought some ice-cream for the both of you (he shared with Mei-mei) while waiting for the rest of the group to finish with their shopping:

And here is Mei-mei chasing daddy everywhere for ice-cream, despite her already trembling from the cold. The people who saw her were laughing at her antics:

We were given lunch before heading up the ropeway. Here is Mei-mei's feast (Wow!!):

We were all given this wonderful spread:

And this was the view of Mt. Usuzan from the ropeway:

It was so cold up there that daddy's camera could not work. It froze. Poor daddy he was so sad that he could not take pictures.

There was a pathway to walk further up the mountain. But it was too cold that daddy had to turn back with Mei-mei while we continued on. Here's a wefie we took:

After that we hopped onto the bus to head to Noboribetsu.

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