Sunday, January 29, 2017

CNY Day 2

Nothing much to do on Day 2. We just had a relaxing day around the house. Hayley visited so there are extra people around to play. 

That evening, most had already left Ipoh house. So dinner was a simple and yummy meal of dumplings. We all had a part in helping to make the dumplings:

Saturday, January 28, 2017

CNY Day 1

As usual, dinner was a feast. It's always nice to have dinner with so many people. Look at the size of the "Yee Sang". Proud to say it was mainly prepared by Evan and I:

Time to toss:

After dinner, the kids had fun with all the fireworks bought by daddy and Jack Min Chek Chek. Here's Martin stacking up his "pop pop" into a mountain before stepping on them all at a go:

Finale for the night was the fireworks daddy brought.. beautiful:

Ang Pow Time

2017 Chinese New Year - Lion Dance

As usual we have to wake up on time to ensure that we are all ready before the lion dance comes at 10am. We all quickly had breakfast and a shower and waited.

Here's daddy doing his annual task of setting up the fire crackers and the angpow + lettuce:

Some of the aunties started to distribute ang pow while waiting. Here's Evelyn all happy with her collection:

And here they come:

Kids enjoying the lion dance. They are very nice as they even interact with us:

Wefie with Evan:

And it's time to say goodbye to the troop:

This is what they left behind for us:

We had our family portraits taken. But I don't have them on my computer. Will put them up when I've copied from daddy's camera.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Triple Jump

You came back yesterday and told us that your teacher selected you to participate in the triple jump in school.
This morning you added: I'm so short and heavy and yet teacher picked me...
You know what? As long as you try your best and have fun. Winning is not everything. Good luck in the competition.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Chinese New Year in School

You picked something to wear (Hello Kitty shirt.. no surprise there) to school yesterday. Thinking that since it was the last day before the Chinese New Year, I asked to confirm that you did not need to wear Chinese costume. Oops you had forgotten.
So here you are in your cheongsam:

Weigh in Day for Evan

Today is weigh in day. So you have been thinking of ways to ensure that you are not too heavy when your teachers ways you.
This morning you did not finish your Nutella bread (although you clearly wanted to). Milk was drank 80% and then you told me you'd go upstairs for a quick exercise before taking a bath. You've weighed yourself so many times this morning: once after breakfast, after shower and after clearing your system (the last one made you happiest).
On top of that , you plan to empty your pockets to ensure minimal excess weight *laugh

Good luck in your weigh in. Kiss kiss

*You ended up with one last weigh in just before leaving for school. Snd you even did some push up before that too