Sunday, March 05, 2017

Not Feeling Well

You vomited so many times on Friday. We had to try to get back from work quickly but it took us almost an hour to reach home i the Friday jam.
Got you all ready and headed to Adventist Hospital thinking there was night clinic. Too bad there wasn't any. So we headed to the Emergency Room.
We spent almost 2 hours to wait and see the doctor and to wait abit longer to see if you'd still vomit after taking the medicine. We finally got to leave at arpund 10p.m. making a stop to buy 100 plus drink for you.
You slept on the way home and continued sleeping until the next morning, only waking up several times for a drink of water.
Well to determine if you had recovered... just look at your happy grin when you realised that I wanted to take your picture on Saturday morning:

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