Sunday, April 30, 2017

Melbourne Day2: Olinda

We all dressed warmer and packed into the car, heading for Olinda, Mount Dandenong. First stop was lunch at The Pig & Whistle Tavern,

This was Evan's lunch. 

Mei-mei had to pose for pictures with Uncle Ollie:

Mei'mei's lunch (such a large portion):

Could not resist not adding this pesto bread:

 Mummy's lunch:

 The lunch shared by the 3 ladies (Chim Poh, Nat & Ashley Kor-kor):

Hhmm.. I'm missing daddy's lunch (oops)

Got a little lost. But Uncle Ollie finally found the Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens. Such beautiful greenery and autumn leaves. It was a lovely walk although rather cold. Lucky the both of you were all dressed up warmly.

As usual, after a while Mei-mei requested to be carried. So lazy to walk. Happiest was that she had 2 choices: Uncle Ollie or daddy. 

Dinner that night was BBQ at Jack Chek-chek's where you had lots of fun playing with the boys. 

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Day1: Melbourne Here We Come

It was a long and uneventful flight. Ko-ko sat with daddy while Mei-mei with me during the long haul to Melbourne. Ashley Kor-kor met us in KLIA. She made it just on time to catch the flight. There was a bad accident causing a massive traffic jam on her way to the airport. 
Upon clearing immigration at the airport and exiting, we met Ah Kong and Ah Ma's friends: Uncle Chee Meng, Uncle Peter and Aunty Fiona. 
Ashley Kor-kor waited at the airport for 6th Chim Poh and they were picked up by Uncle Ollie and Nat Kor-kor. We left in Uncle Chee Meng's car which was left with us for the rest of the trip to transport us around. 
We had a light breakfast at the Choo's house which was brought by the other Aunty Fiona (dim sum) then headed to Nat Kor-kor's place. We unloaded and headed to have lunch. As it was a car big enough to fit 8, we all hopped into the car and Uncle Ollie drove us to "The Public Brewery". 

They had a wonderful selection of beer which we were allowed to taste before deciding which one we would like to have. The food was also spectacular. We ordered sharing platters. 

We later went to Eastland Shopping Center to look for some presents for Eason as we were heading to Jack Chek-chek's house the next day for a BBQ and belated birthday celebration.

Tried on this dress just for fun.

We also bought some light groceries which was our dinner for the night. Hommus, guacamole (made by Kor-kor), Turkish bread, cheese and of course wine. 

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Evelyn's Roadster Racer

Such a coincidence that we have a box which was used to deliver the party pack items for Ko-ko's birthday. So when you requested for a Roadster Racer, I turned to the ever useful Pinterest and found out how to make a car out of the carton box.
You requested for the car to be painted pink (no surprise there). We used up almost all of the pink paint Ko-ko had. Ko-ko also had some inputs such as the steering wheel, the spoiler and brake lights (still missing for now). The 3 of us had fun painting the car and decorating it too.
And of course within 10 minutes of playing it, the steering wheel has come off, the spoiler fell of and even the string came off. Hopefully the damage will be limited to these before I can hot glue them this weekend.

Easter Craft

Found a simple craft to do together. And you both put on your personalised rpuches and we ended up with angry rabbit, rabbit who fell into paintbox and radioactive rabbit...
We had such fun. And so hilarious to see your creativity at work.

Easter Weekend

Our Saturday began with a little shopping in the afternoon for dinnertime ingredients. And this was our Japanese themed dinner:

While our dinners digested, we put on the finishing touches on our rabbits. After that, it was time for the Easter egg hunt which you had both requested. We could not find much decent choices of easter egg in Cold Storage so we made do with the yummy strawberry chocolate Lindt we have in the fridge. 

Here'sthe two of you with your "baskets" all ready for the hunt :
And the both of you having one of the loot each:

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Miss Vainpot

You have seen me looking at hairstyles on Pinterest. So when I asked you this morning how you wanted your hair tied, you told me "Let me pick from your phone". Phew lucky I searched "simple hairstyles for girls".  And this is what w3 ended up with: