Sunday, April 16, 2017

Evelyn's Roadster Racer

Such a coincidence that we have a box which was used to deliver the party pack items for Ko-ko's birthday. So when you requested for a Roadster Racer, I turned to the ever useful Pinterest and found out how to make a car out of the carton box.
You requested for the car to be painted pink (no surprise there). We used up almost all of the pink paint Ko-ko had. Ko-ko also had some inputs such as the steering wheel, the spoiler and brake lights (still missing for now). The 3 of us had fun painting the car and decorating it too.
And of course within 10 minutes of playing it, the steering wheel has come off, the spoiler fell of and even the string came off. Hopefully the damage will be limited to these before I can hot glue them this weekend.

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