Sunday, May 14, 2017

2017 Mother's Day Celebration

It was a wonderful Mother's Day celebration. I got handmade cards from the both of you. Here's the one Evelyn made in school. The teacher picked very meaningful wordings for the card:

 And here is the beautiful handmade card from Ko-ko. With.. er... interesting wording. But still it's a good reminder to exercise and so much love in the card. Makes me feel so happy.

 As it was a Sunday, daddy and I started the day off with our usual breakfast date while the both of you are in British Council for classes. This is our favorite, thosai. Yummy....

We went to Gurney after lessons and had our lunch in The Barn which had a special on Iberico pork. Was a lovely lunch with the family. 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

End of Our Aussie Holiday

A few random shots of the both of you during the trip back. 
Waiting for the transit plane to go back to Penang

Taking the train to get to the domestic terminal in KLIA

Mei-mei slept the whole flight back from KL to Penang

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Melbourne Day10: Our Last Day

We had a dimsum brunch with the newly weds and Uncle Kevin's mummy and aunty. 

Only Ryan got to come as he did not have school that day.

We went back to pack and buy a few things. We waited for Nat Kor-kor to come back and sayour goodbyes before hopping into the car to pick up Ah Kong, Ah Ma and have dinner with their hosts. 
Only picture of our dinner. This amazing platter of oysters.

Monday, May 08, 2017

Melbourne Day9: Many things to do

It was a day with a simple plan: eat Vietnamese, visit the Monash University grounds and to visit Chadstone Shopping Center.

So here we are with out Vietnamese coffee and Pho:

Somehow only had this picture in my phone of Monash University. It has changed so much since we left so many years ago. The buildings look so modern now and there is another multi-story carpark!

Daddy got a little lost getting to Chaddy, but we finally got there. We split up so that we could do our own shopping. Mei-mei came with me while Ko-ko went to Legoland with daddy.

We stopped at Target where you even got a mini shopping trolley to use:

All tired out from walking

Dinner was with the Ban clan and our hosts (Peter, Fiona, Chee Meng and Fiona). It was a yummy feast!




Glutinous rice

Cousin wefie

We took up a big portion of the restaurant!!

Back home the kids had a wonderful time (final night) with Uncle Ollie:

Sunday, May 07, 2017

Melbourne Day9: Bye Yarra Valley

Ir was a lazy day for us. Daddy, Ashley Kor-kor and I headed to the nearby supermarket to buy some groceries to cook out brunch. We ate a slow brunch while enjoying the weather and scenery. Soon it was time to shower and get ready to make a move back. Before we left, we took many pictures.
3 youngest kiddies

Kiddies with Nat Kor-kor and Uncle Ollie

The both of you wanted a picture with Uncle Ollie

Our farmhouse

Next stop was the Yarra Valley Chocolate Factory. Here is nougat:

Jackie Ah Chim treated the kids to ice-cream:

We walked around to enjoy the view. Look at the "big" chocolate:

A picture of the chocolate factory

 Next stop was for the adults! The Four Pillars Gin Distillery.

This was our tasting platter. We enjoyed this while Kor-kor had the "tour"

And of course, Mei-mei KO-ed on the way back. 

Daddy dropped Ah Kong and Ah Ma back at Uncle Peter's place as they had dinner plans the we headed back again to Public Brewery for dinner. 

Our beer

Pulled Lamd

Nugget and Fish n chips

Pork chop

Saturday, May 06, 2017

Melbourne Day8: Wedding Party

We tried to sleep in for the morning ahead of an expected long day, but we heard your cousins running around by 8a.m.. 

You didn't come into our room as you did not know which room daddy and mummy slept in. So it was a little more peaceful for us *grin*

We had to get you dressed earlier as you had a "job" to be done: flower girl. So you were all dressed up and then daddy, Jack Chek-chek and I hopped into the car to drop you off at the wedding venue and also to buy lunch on the way back. 

Here you are all dressed up like a princess, posing for mummy at the hotel lobby while waiting to be brought up to Denise Kor-kor's room to have your hair made up. 

Did not have any pictures of you doing your "job" but it was an exhausting job obviously as you dozed off during the cocktail session.

You kids were not left out as you all got a special gift at your seats. This is Mei-mei's unicorn which she named Binky-Boo:

And Ko-ko like the rest of the boys got a Lego set:

Here are my prince and princess:

All smiles as she got served vanilla ice-cream. Surprisingly Mei-mei could not finish all the ice-cream. Although the sugar in the ice-cream was sufficient to give her enough sugar rush to be dancing the whole night!!

Our menu:

Dancing, but it was too dark to get a clear shot:

You'd have thought you would both sleep as soon as we reached home, but nooOoooOooo... it took me a lot of coaxing before you slept (even after Ko-ko slept!!)

Friday, May 05, 2017

Melbourne Day7: Yarra Valley Here We Come!!

The day started a little earlier as we wanted to cover a few wineries before heading to the farmhouse where we were to stay for the wedding. The night before was spent packing everything that we will need, the foodstuff, clothes and some things had to go with Uncle Olllie to work as there would be 8 of us in daddy's car (full load!!).

Picked up Ah Kong and Ah Ma and then off we went to Yarra Valley. First stop was for lunch. Spotted this place: Hargreaves Hill Brewing Company. Yay!! 

Beer on tap

Seems like Evelyn agrees with the statement...

Kids drinks

Adults beer paddle



Evelyn's lunch

Next stop was the winery. First stop for us was Shantell Vineyard & Winery. They had a few wines to taste, but I didn't really like the choices.

You kids discovered the BIG chilly plant outside Shantell.

Second stop was DeBortoli. The view there was magnificent.

While daddy, 2 Kor-kors and Ah Kong tasted the wine, the nice lady taking care of the cheese counter gave you both some snacks: Cheese for Ko-ko and crackers for Mei-mei. She's so sweet. We bought some cheese from her too. 

They sure have a BIG selection

Final stop before calling it a day (from wineries) was Balgownie Estate. We had a bottle from Nat Kor-kor which was amazing. We met up with the rest (Chek Kong, Chim Poh, Kor Poh and Jack Chek-chek and family) here.

The beautiful view. They have a hotel there too.

Seriously tasting the wines *grin*. We bought a beautiful (and expensive) wine from this place. It's safely kept in the wine chiller back home. 

We then headed to the farmhouse. Wow.. it was high up on a hill and rather scary the first time we drove up the narrow road (which Evan had highlighted did not have protective sides).

But the house was amazing. It even had a fireplace:

Mei-mei posing with the piano

Kids room (Ashley Kor-kor shared the room too)

Outside with Jacuzzi which was too cold for us to use (even though we did pack our bathers)

Sunset at the farm

SOME of the stuff for the BBQ dinner for family

Chefs at work

Tomahawk steak. Was superb!

After going into the oven for finishing touches

Mei-mei giving Uncle Ollie exercise: Lifting her up with his finger!!

Evan being silly

It was a long day but the kids were all so excited they only went to bed really late.