Sunday, July 30, 2017

Ipoh, Here We Come

We made a trip to Ipoh which surprisingly Grampy agreed to. Before leaving, they had to leave Riley at the pet hotel. Met up with them (Ee-ee, Teo-teo, Ku-ku, Nanna and Grampy) halfway at the Bukit Merah rest area. 

First stop in Ipoh was to the "Old Town" area to have "Kai See Hor Fun" at the famous Tean Chun Coffee Shop. We were lucky to manage to get two tables just as we walked in. We had to wait nearly 20 minutes for the noodles and chicken, but we were fine as we had other things to nibble while waiting. 

After that we walked across the road to "Concubine Street" to look at the stalls then we headed to the Ipoh house to rest a little. 

After that, with Chim Poh, we headed to the one of the caves, Kek Lok Tong. There we explored the cool caves and Ku-ku slowly took pictures upon pictures. We then headed to the lake where you both fed the fishes and tortoises. 
As you can see, Chim Poh had to hold Mei-mei's clothes to ensure that she does not fall into the water while feeding them!!

We had more pictures taken there:

 Chim Poh helped to take a family picture:

Dinner was at our usual favorite spot. Chek Kong managed to get us a reservation in a room for that night. As usual, the food served was spectacular. 

The next day we went off to K10 for the yummy "liu" and then went back to rest a little before heading back to BM.

Before leaving, we took a family picture along with our guests. 

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Birthday Party

You came home and showed me the invitation card to your classmate's birthday party. There was no option: you were going to the party.

Daddy dropped us at the venue, McDonald's at Karpal Singh Drive. We were among the earliest to arrive and so you were lucky to have the "face artist" draw for your first. Before we left for the day, you also had additional things drawn:

And this is the end result. It was taken in Nanna's house as we headed there after the party. 

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Hello, Alan Ku-ku

Alan Ku-ku was back for a holiday (after being away for so long). So we went over to BM to spend some time with him and the rest of the family (especially Riley.. for the both of you).

Here you are, goofing away with Ee-ee:

And also posing for pictures with Ku-ku also:

Friday, July 14, 2017

Happy Birthday, Dora

Came home from work with a belated birthday cake from my colleagues. The moment you saw the cake, you promptly declared it to be Dora's birthday. It's a good thing we always have spare candles so Dora gets a birthday cake with a candle. 

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Getting Married

Our conversation on the way to school yesterday morning.

Evelyn: Mummy I don't know what to do.
Mummy: Why? What happened?
Evelyn: W and  H both want to marry me.
Mummy: ......
Before I could answer
Evelyn: Who should I choose when I grow up?
*Thinking to myself: Lucky she didn't say choose now!!

Mummy: Pick the person whom you love and loves you back a lot too

Phew... and luckily that was the end of the conversation. I wonder what was going through daddy's mind on this topic *grin*

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Mummy's Birthday

It was a wonderful birthday. Woke up to this beautifully made card which came with a red "Apple" *wide grin*

 Mei-mei also painted me a big pink heart for my birthday later in the day

My "red Apple".. ahhh... happiness

 Ah Kong and Ah Ma treated us to Dim Sum lunch to celebrate my birthday:

As usual, since we were in the Komtar Dome you requested for a dino ride. Super expensive but you had fun and a big smile as you rode the triceratops which you picked:

Ko-ko and daddy in the meantime went for the VR battle "Space Time Squadron"

Since they were not done yet, you went for another ride on the carousel. As you were tall and brave enough to go on your own, I didn't need to join you. You were the only one on the carousel!!

 The finale for my birthday was dinner cooked by daddy. It was Prime Roast with vegetable medley. Superb!! 

Of course, it was paired with only the finest:

Even had breads heated up in the oven before being served:

Thank you to the both of you kids and also daddy for making this a special birthday. Love you all loads.