Sunday, July 09, 2017

Mummy's Birthday

It was a wonderful birthday. Woke up to this beautifully made card which came with a red "Apple" *wide grin*

 Mei-mei also painted me a big pink heart for my birthday later in the day

My "red Apple".. ahhh... happiness

 Ah Kong and Ah Ma treated us to Dim Sum lunch to celebrate my birthday:

As usual, since we were in the Komtar Dome you requested for a dino ride. Super expensive but you had fun and a big smile as you rode the triceratops which you picked:

Ko-ko and daddy in the meantime went for the VR battle "Space Time Squadron"

Since they were not done yet, you went for another ride on the carousel. As you were tall and brave enough to go on your own, I didn't need to join you. You were the only one on the carousel!!

 The finale for my birthday was dinner cooked by daddy. It was Prime Roast with vegetable medley. Superb!! 

Of course, it was paired with only the finest:

Even had breads heated up in the oven before being served:

Thank you to the both of you kids and also daddy for making this a special birthday. Love you all loads. 

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