Tuesday, August 22, 2017

What a Week

Woke in the middle of the morning because I heard Mei-mei... amd you were vomitting in your partially sleepy state!  Both daddy and I got up to bring you to the bathroom, to let you finish up then to clean up both you (yup a shower including hair wash) and your messed up bed (which thankfully had its own protector).
We finally stumbled back to bed and slept till it was time to wake up to get Ko-lo ready for school. After that we continued to sleep. 

You woke up with a fever and so the whole day was spent making sure your fever was under control.

Two nights later as you slept in our bed, you decided to bomb the bed. Thankfully you were sleeping on your chest. You were having diarrhoea throughout the day due to reaction to the paracetamol and also wind in your tummy. I had woken up to check on you for fever and found the "explosion" instead.

On Sunday night, you were whinging in your sleep and I asked you to join us in bed thinking that was what you were whinging about. Instead you decided to vomit again. Daddy heard you this time and we had no choice but to let you vomit all over your pillow. This time while I showered and washed your hair daddy had to fight with the bed to change all the sheets as there was some which splattered on our bed. But after that incident you seemed fine.

Reminder for Mummy

You informed me the moment I got home that you were to wear school t-shirt the next day due to some event in school. Went to your room later to pick clothes for the both of you and found this: