Saturday, November 25, 2017

Day 15: It's Time to Go Home

It's our final day in Australia. Ah Ma wasn't feeling well so we left her at home. We had to get the best Vietnamese food (after our "wasted quota"). Where else, but Minh Long at Mitcham. Yay!!
Viatnamese coffe. Yummy..

A family wefie

The condiments (and tea) for our pho

The pho... woooowww...

Evan's favourtie chilly

Ko-ko was so busy eating, he didn't realise I was taking pictures of him 

His empty bowl

After lunch, we headed to The Glen as we needed to buy bubble wrap for our wine bottles and some avocados.

But before heading home, we had to stop for this last "snack" which Ko-ko had eaten the day before and loved it. He had to have one last round of it.

On the way back, spotted this restaurant. We were to have dinner there before heading to the airport.

Mei-mei finishing up the balance of the chocolate milk

Daddy having the last of his IPA

And here we are at Rock Kung:

The inside looks the same

Goofing around

Our dinner

Our wine

As we were leaving we spotted this guy selling durians. (Surprisingly we could SMELL the durians...)

We arrived at the airport very early and the counters were not opened for us to check in. Sigh..
Mei-mei with her Bernard which daddy bought for her the day before

Can you spot the sunburnt spot on her scalp?

Our final drinks before checking in and heading home

She wanted to pose with the cow

And this panda

...and this panda too....

Finally boarded the plane and of course, Mei-mei fell asleep almost immediately. Did not eat her supper.

... nor her breakfast!!

We're finally back.. or nearly.. at the Singapore Airport:

Waiting to board the plane back to Penang

We're finally home, all tired and a lot to unpack. 

Friday, November 24, 2017

Day 14: Black Friday and the Car Wash

It was Black Friday so the ladies were all excited to go shopping for the great sales. Daddy offered to mind the two of you so that I could go shopping too. So early in the morning we headed to Chadstone while the tow of you are left with daddy.

It was tiring to go shopping *grin*. We stopped for lunch at this nice Chinese restaurant (we needed to queue for a seat!

Managed to get a picture of our favourite fish and chips shop on the way back home.

Quickly hopped into the car (you were all waiting for me in the car already) to go to Aunty Grace's place. There was one runaway chocolate which she missed to pack into the bag and return to us. She has a beautiful home.

On the way to dinner (with the Ban's... ) we passed Box Hill and daddy spotted a car wash. The car was in dire need of a wash and a vacuum. So we went for the drive through carwash. Look at Mei-mei's excited face. It's her first experience with the car wash.

Erm.. ok. Looks like Ko-ko was equally as excited. It was funny looking at both your reactions.

Paid to use the vacuum and daddy quickly managed to vacuum the whole car with AUD1. Well worth it. Long enough to clean the whole car...

*too bad it decided to drizzle after we washed the car! Arghhhh...

Drove around Box Hill a little as it was still early and spotted this restaurant. We used to go there occasionally.

In the end as we still had extra time, we headed back to Glen Waverley and picked up a couple of bottle of wine then headed to Elate Kitchen in Mitcham for dinner with the clan.

After dinner, we stopped by Aunty Catherine's home for a while then went home to continue with roast duck supper which the uncles had bought for us from the famous Hills BBQ Noodle Shop in Box Hill (another of our most favourite places when we were studying).

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Day 13: Shopping and Food

After a yummy breakfast at Nat Kor-kor's house which was cooked by Uncle Martin, we got ready and headed to Springvale to meet up with the Tangs and Ah Kong and Ah Ma. Yup, Vietnamese was on the menu. First "problem" Ko-ko spotted was that we were going to eat "Vietnamese" in a "Chinese Restaurant". Uh-oh.... Food looked good when it came. But.. sigh... we all agreed that it was a "waste of quota" for the food. *sad*
Mei-mei's broken rice.. not too bad

Our pho

After lunch, we all (including Ashley Kor-kor) hopped into the car and headed to DFO in Moorabbin for a little shopping (or so we thought...)

Nothing much to see or buy there. But we did spot a Lindt shop there. Perfecto!! Bought our customary boxes of chocolates and even got this ticket to be in the running for a shopping spree in the Lindt shop. Too bad we won't be around. So we passed it to Ashley Kor-kor to be given to Jack Check-check. Hope he wins. 

Dinner was at Sofia Restaurant. Unfortunately, this was also voted as "a waste of quota". It wasn't the best of Italian food. *sigh*. But Mei-mei had fun at the playground before food was served *grin*

Not very productive day. Oh well.. at least we got our chocolates... 

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Day 12: Relatives and Good Food

This trip has been filled with good food so far. Today we were treated to dim sum lunch at Golder Dragon Palace in Doncaster by Aunty Grace. Yumms....

After that, we dropped Ah Kong and Ah Ma back, grabbed our bags and stopped by Mei Lee Ee-Poh's pharmacy for a quick hello. This is Mei-mei's first time meeting her. It was also a first time for the both of you to meet Leanne Ee-ee.

We left with lots of presents from Ee-Poh. Lucky kids. Here you are posing with your presents:

Our next stop was Natalie Kor-kor's place. We were planning to stay the night there. And no trip to Melbourne would be complete without a meal here:

They were having a function that evening, so we got a spot outside (luckily Nat Kor-kor reached earlier and got us a table). So there is a pretty garden outside for Mei-mei to run around:

This is Evelyn's hot chocolate:

Harassing Uncle Ollie:

Our dinner.. some of it:

To get to the pub, we had hopped on a bus and then a short walk later, we were there. To get back, someone decided we'd walk back.. phew so tiring. See? Ko-ko hitched a ride on Uncle Ollie's back to go up the hill:

Went home to relax and refresh. Mei-mei got her nails painted by Ashley Kor-kor as I told her I could not see very well to paint her tiny nails:

"Camped out" in the living room, which was fun. Ko-ko initially wanted to sleep with Ashley Kor-kor but ended up joining us.