Monday, December 25, 2017

It’s Time to Say No

Reminder to self to not let you both have everything that you want too easily. Tonight is a lesson to me for allowing that for too long. *sob*

Sunday, December 24, 2017

2017 Christmas - The Bans and The Gibbs

It was a fun party with us hosting the Gibbs and also Chek Kong and Chim Poh. I'd say it was well planned in advance and daddy had ample time to fire up the barbecue and cook the food with enough time to sit down with everyone and enjoy the food together. 

Here are some of the things we served:
Cheese and cold cut platter

Adult drinks 

Our place setting

Baked potatoes and cream

Daddy busy with the steaks (*they were delicious)

Uncle Ollie was the barman.. opening the wine

Here's everyone starting dinner by clinking our glass:

Our dinner
 We enjoyed sitting at the table chit chatting and having fun:

Uncle Martin also kept you kids entertained:

Monday, December 18, 2017

Weekend in KL: Shopping, Makan, Meeting Friends

Spent the weekend in KL for a short getaway and also to attend daddy's uni mate's wedding. We left for KL on Friday afternoon. You were both well behaved the whole drive. In fact, I'm proud to say that you are both very good when it comes to long car drives. I guess you're both used to the regular drives to Ipoh. 

We arrived at the hotel and had our room upgraded. Settled in then went off for a walk as we did not really want to go out (and join the traffic jam) to have dinner. Before dinner, we headed to the pool for a swim/splash. So we finally opted to have dinner at the Japanese restaurant at the hotel. But on our way to the restaurant, we saw there was buffet. Took a look at the buffet line and ended up there. 

Daddy then left to have drinks with his friends. We settled down in the room and shortly Ashley Kor-kor and Uncle Dennis came to chat and play with us. 

The next day, we met them for lunch at a restaurant named Fat Olive. Kor-kor had already pre-ordered food as we were more keen on the food from the dinner menu, which they happily obliged. 

Having wefie moment

Ta-da.. our feast

After that Ashley Kor-kor joined us for kai-kai at One Utama as Uncle Dennis had some cycling course to attend. We walked around and found this Honda set up as we were just about to leave. Mei-mei as usual insisted that she wanted a balloon animal. The queue wasn't too long, we while we waited, Ko-ko queued to "race". We'd gotten our balloon but Ko-ko hadn't had his turn yet, so we hung around and played some games:
Mei-mei tried the fruit ninja, but she was too short

Ko-ko finally had his turn

Yup, he came up first place!

Went back and quickly changed to go to the pool for some splashing time. It had to be quick as we had a wedding dinner to make. Quickly went back (after a lot of negotiating with you both) then bathed and changed then hopped into the car to head to Tropicana Golf Resort.

And as we arrived.. the first thing you wanted to do was to take a picture:

Dinner was late and we were all hungry. Later we hitched a ride back with Aunty Karen and her driver as the gentlemen continued their "party" at the bar in the club. Soon we all fell asleep and daddy came back to KO.

Next day, we had breakfast which was provided by the hotel. Daddy wanted to head back to the hotel to rest as he was tired and needed to drive back. I took you both to the pool area where there were bicycles for use:

We rode to the playground area for a little fun too:

All too soon, it was time to head back to the room to shower and get ready to check out. After checking out, we headed to Starling Mall to bid farewell to the uncles.
Mei-mei and the poo poo pen!

She also needed to pose with this snowman

We headed to Ikea for lunch, a little shopping then it was time to drive back to Penang. Phew.. that was a nice getaway.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Balloon Pit in Queensbay

You had seen the balloon pit when we went to Queensbay another time and daddy promised you that he would bring you there. So while mummy worked at home, he brought you to play in the pit. You arrived before they opened. So you and daddy wandered around the mall for a bit before heading back there for your fun in the pit. 

Here are some of the pictures daddy took:
Had the whole pit to yourself

The tickets also came with a ride on the carousel.. which was really slow

Had some videos of you burrowing though the balloons and also of you slumped on the "very fast" carousel. 

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Gathering of Friends

It was so difficult to arrange a gathering for your friends... and there were only 5 to invite!! In the end we decided to go ahead on the date we had picked despite one of them not able to join.

The boys came and we started with lunch of pizza  once everyone arrived. We left you boys to entertain yourselves (*read: play online games.. duh!!) while we went out for lunch. Of course, kakak was home. Found out later on that you had all come down to play hide and seek while we were out.

During tea-time, where we served curry puffs and daddy fried halloumi cheese, one of your friends asked if you could all play outside. Promised they could later when it got cooler.

Mei-mei was very upset that she could not join in, and wanted to join in when you boys went down for football in the garden (which did not last more than 20 minutes!!):

Here's a picture of you boys cooling down in the room.

Have to note that you insisted that the bedsheets were changed after they left as you complained that they were all sweaty and sat on your bed!!

I hope that you had fun with your friends and will keep in touch with them although you are no longer in the same school as them. 

Monday, December 04, 2017

Happy Birthday, Daddy

Bought this small cake after gym today, as requested by Ko-ko. Although you did complain that it was too small. But daddy said it was good enough. 

Found candles but could not find the "Happy Birthday" wordings. So Mei-mei added the Baby Mickey as decoration:

 All smiles with the birthday boy:

Daddy quickly covered both your mouths when it was time to blow out the candle. But Ko-ko finally managed to blow it out:

Of course, we had to light the candle again so that Mei-mei can have another round.

 Happy Birthday to the King of our Hearts. 

Our 2017 Christmas Tree

This year, we decided not to go with any theme. So you were both given a free reign on what you wanted on the tree. So what did we have on the tree? Almost every decoration we had collected over the years and from several places found a place on the tree. 

It was a good choice. This year would be the last time we use this set of lights. It has served us well for almost (or maybe even more) 10 years!! This year daddy helped to check and ensure that they are all working before I put them up. Wouldn't want to risk them not working after all the hard work to put them up on the tree. 

Phew.. so happy that our tree is finally up. It's later than usual as we were away for most of late November. Maybe we should leave this tree a little longer past the new year... 

Saturday, December 02, 2017

Daddy's Birthday Dinner

After contemplating for a long time, daddy finally decided on Miraku. And we had no regrets. Dinner there was amazing. 

We were given a larger table and sat comfortably. Mei-mei got restless while waiting for everyone to pick their dinner. So she took my camera and took this picture:

After dinner selection was made, we were served our food soon...

Can you guess who's dinner this is?

Sake.. perfect!

This was a special order which was so yummy we ended up ordering another portion

While waiting for the other portion of the fish, everyone decided to show goofy faces:

I was trying to arrange for a cake, but the captain said there was no cake (neither was there in the lobby as it was selling mainly Christmas cakes...). But he did arrange for a "Birthday Ice-cream" for daddy. And we were all also treated to ice-cream.

Took some pictures with the hotel Christmas decorations in the lobby before heading home.

Dinner was fun and Ko-ko insists that we go over to Miraku soon for dinner/lunch/buffet.... (bottom line is to eat there *laugh*).