Thursday, December 27, 2018

Day 5: Time to Head Home

Woke up for one last yummy breakfast in the lounge before heading back to the room to bathe and pack up. We checked out and headed to Publika for lunch. Ended up at Mickey's New York Pizza. The pizza was delicious... we even thought of bringing some home for dinner.. but decided not to in the end.. (and it was a good decision.. I'll tell you why later)
After lunch, we went back to BIG to buy some groceries before loading into the car and starting our journey home.
It was a pleasant drive and you both dozed off a couple of times. Suddenly Mei-mei woke up muttered something to me and before we could react.. she started vomiting non-stop. Ko-ko was dead asleep and daddy and I were both screaming for him to wake up, but he did not wake up until much later. I had to use Mei-mei's blanket to catch the vomit and when Ko-ko woke up, he passed me the plastic bag to put the blanket in (before it started to drip all over daddy's car!!).
We finally found a R&R (I think it was Simpang Pulai) and we slowly cleaned everything up. Ko-ko had to go to the bathroom to wash his hair.. he had um.. pizza (now you know why I think it was a wise decision that we didn't take away some from the lunch shop!!). He had some on his shirt too so he went the rest of the way home without a shirt.
For the rest of the journey, Mei-mei still dozed on and off while holding another plastic bag near her mouth (probably nothing left to vomit as um.. everything had come out the first time already!!) while Ko-ko stayed awake for fear of getting spewed with more vomit and so that he could do his duty of holding up the bag for her!!
What an end to our holiday :)

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Day 4: KL Twin Towers

It was an early day as we needed to eat breakfast before heading to the Twin Towers by 8.45am. And we were the first in the queue for the 9am session. 

 First stop was the Sky Bridge:

 Then we headed to the 86th floor to look around and enjoy the view:

 Making silly faces in the lift on the way down:

Day 4: SuperPark

After going up the KL Twin Towers, we went back to KLCC to buy a present for Martin as his birthday was coming up and we were meeting him later that day. We finally decided on a Lego set and then headed back to the hotel to drop the stuff and rest. 
As Evelyn had seen the SuperPark from the day before, we decided to head back there and pay for a full day session (for daddy and the two of you). I had read that no shoes were allowed so you all showed up in your slippers/sandals. But... we were then told that you'd need shoes to do the wall climbing :(... So while the three of you enjoyed the park, I headed back to the hotel to pick up your shoes. 
I arrived just as the morning session was closing. Brought water for the three of you and spotted Ko-ko and daddy playing one of the games together.. trying to score against each other:
 And since there was a lull between the morning and afternoon session, you guys quickly put on your shoes and headed to the wall climbing section. I took these pictures from the top where I got quite nice pictures of you all and the wall climbing. I felt woozy just watching you; I wondered if I would drop my phone..  Lucky I wasn't going to climb any walls. 
The man helping Mei-mei into her climbing gear 
Daddy also helped 
Daddy helping Ko-ko 
First to try was Mei-mei.. on the simplest wall 
They had to help you a bit on how it was done 
Ko-ko easily scaling the wall.. the hardest of the 3 
Daddy had a go too.. was done very quickly
I also bought an afternoon pass so that I could help daddy watch one of you as he was not able to watch both of you as you both picked different games. Here is Mei-mei with one of her favourites of the park: The tube slide
 And this was her other favourite: The Flying Fox:
 Ko-ko and daddy had fun together too.. you all played 1-1 basket ball, tried out the soccer against the robot goalie and softball.

 And you both also tried to play together too.. only problem was the game could not read shortie Evelyn *grin*
Mei-mei tried the go-kart.. and she was the slowest.. she had one last round to complete when everyone else in her group was done..
You all tried the ice-skating too.. it was a long wait as there was a child who cut himself on the ice skate blade.

 After that, we left earlier to get back to the hotel while Martin, Yvonne Kor-kor and Uncle Peter continued for a while. We dropped our things in the room, then headed to the club floor for some snacks. Evelyn was too tired after all the excitement at the SuperPark, she fell asleep at the table:
After they left, we headed to Gobo Chit Chat for dinner, but since everyone was too tired to sit at the restaurant, we ordered the food and requested for it to be sent to our room. It was a free meal as I had utilized my Golden Circle points:
So this was our very expensive chicken rice and burger with the oxtail soup. Food was delicious. 

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Day 3: Christmas Dinner

We drove off to the dinner location, following Waze but took a wrong turn which cost us an extra 10 minutes to get to the restaurant. Uncle Dennis was already there and he had pre-ordered the normal Omakase for adults and vegetarian Omakase for the both of you. It was an interesting experience to eat whatever the chef wanted to cook for us. Daddy had also ordered extra side dishes for the both of you. These were our 9 course dinner:  

 This was Mei-mei entertaining herself.. after getting bored from sitting for so long:
 Later we went home to this beautiful view.. before falling asleep:

Day 3: Christmas Day

We had no specific plans to Christmas day. So we woke up to have a leisurely breakfast then hopped into the buggy to head to KLCC to walk around and look at the decorations.
Evelyn wanted to sit in front, so she had to wear a "daddy-belt"
Took a picture with the decorations
Didn't realise that there was snow

Nutcracker themed decorations
After looking around, we decided to head to Avenue K to have a look at the Super Park which was a recommended place by Yvonne Kor-kor. We just wanted to have a look at the crowd and if it was worth to spend the time there the next day.
Since we were so free, we decided to see if we could play in the Breakout.. just for the fun of it. We could only get a slot at 3pm, so we headed back to KLCC for a bit of shopping for me, while the rest of you went back to rest. 
I don't have any pictures of us playing as photography was not allowed. But managed to get a picture of two jailbirds:

We headed back to the hotel after that for our evening cocktail. As it was Christmas day, we were even treated to Prosecco by the hotel on top of our usual drinks of gin-tonic and whiskey.
The hotel staff also treated us to caroling, which Mei-mei happily joined in (to sing and dance):
Then it was time to get back to the room to get ready for our dinner with Uncle Dennis.

Monday, December 24, 2018

Day 2/3: Christmas Presents

I just realised that I did not manage to take a picture of the presents which we had smuggled from Penang. Daddy and I bought the presents and packed them into our luggage before heading to KL. On Mondya morning, i took them our of our luggage and placed it near the TV, but daddy said was not visible. So when he went back to the room before us after breakfast, he moved it to the coffee table. Which you both immediately spotted the moment you walked in.
We decided to tell you that we did not know who gave the presents. So best to leave them until 12 midnight before opening them.. in case the hotel staff comes back to claim them... 
After dinner, we were all too tired and fell asleep before 12 midnight.. all except Ko-ko. He waited until 11.50pm and I guess he could not wait any longer and started to rip at the wrappers. Well, somehow the sounds woke up daddy and he scolded Ko-ko as it wasn't midnight yet. 
Well shortly after that I heard more ripping sounds.. coming from the bathroom! LOL!! I guess he was satisfied after that and went to sleep. It was a Coach wallet. 
The next morning, Mei-mei woke up and quickly ripped open her present... to find her handbag and another box. She looked at it confused and asked Ko-ko what it was (we had recycled a phone holder's box). And she was a happy trooper.. she got a Hatchimal. And it now hangs proudly on her new handbag. You decided to name the Hatchimal "Mango" when we went down to have breakfast and you got a mango juice for breakfast. 

Day2: Christmas Eve Dinner

We were so unsure of how to get to our dinner location, Zenzero. Daddy had checked it out on the map several times, but still wasn't sure if we should leg it, drive there or hop into a Grab. In the end, we got ready to leave at 7.15 for our 8.30 booking. And within a few minutes of my calling for a Grab, it was accepted... 
We had a very nice and friendly driver who took all sorts of short cuts (even driving through a hotel carpark!!) as it was very heavy traffic heading to our dinner location. We managed to arrive at the venue at around 7.45pm. 
So we decided to try our luck if we could get our table earlier (as I was informed that there was 2 seating: 6.00pm and 8.30pm) or else we planned to grab some drinks while waiting. In the end, we managed to get our table earlier and the ala carte option was available which was what we opted for. 
Our cold cut and cheese appetizers 
Mei-mei's duck 
My fish 
Ko-ko's steak 
My creme brulee
After dinner, we tried to call for a Grab but failed. In the end, we had to exercise after our dinner. It wasn't too bad of a walk back to the hotel. And maybe a good option too as the traffic looked it like was not moving, on our way back to the hotel.