Thursday, February 22, 2018


This picture taken 3 years ago appeared in my news feed. And coincidentally there was one taken this Chinese New Year too. Look at how you have all grown up:


Sunday, February 18, 2018

2018 Chinese New Year

Our Chinese New Year celebration started earlier than usual. We left for Ipoh on Wednesday night so that we were around to help prepare for the reunion dinner feast on Thursday and also for daddy to help around the house with the minor repair works. 

On Thursday morning, we woke up and headed out to buy McDonald's for breakfast. Then all the work began. It was a good thing Mei-mei had her cousins to play with and Ko-ko helped daddy (I think he did anyway... ).

After all the cutting was done, daddy's job continued as the assistant cook in the evening. He had to help stir the many veggies: 

And this is our dinner. Yummy popiah:

The next morning, we were up and it was Chinese New Year. This year the lion dance troupe were supposed to come at 11am, an hour later than usual.. so we didn't have to rush around to get dressed and ready before they arrived. They still came earlier but waited for us to get ready. 

This is the fruit basket prepared for them:

A picture of the two of us

Kids enjoying the show

The final outcome from our fruit basket (I think I took the picture upside down)

Then it was time to give/collect ang pow:

Our yummy mee suah lunch

Mei-mei's lunch was the egg and later also some of the noodles

And ang pow for our two precious roti Ban's

For dinner that evening, we were "challenged" to make a doggy lou sang. Chim Poh had received several samples.. so this was what we came up with:

Our dinner

Time to stir the lou sang

The second day of CNY was spent just enjoying each other's company and eating.

Every night we were treated to fireworks and also the kids had some fun playing with the sparklers and fireworks.
While Ah Kong and Ah Ma headed back to Penang after dinner on the second day of Chinese New Year, we stayed another night before heading home the next afternoon. 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Chinese New Year Celebration in School

As usual, we planned to give teachers some CNY cookies. So over the weekend, we decorated the cards to be given with the cookies.
Writing painstakingly to address the teacher and who it was from

At last.. all cards are ready

Last night, I asked you if you were supposed to wear CNY costume. It was a good thing I asked, or else it would be a mad scramble in the morning to get the dress ready!!

We brought the cookies to be given to teachers this morning. Here's a picture of you posing with the  cookies:

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Happy Birthday Grampy

We went back to BM to celebrate grampy's birthday. Our usual birthday-Chinese New Year reunion dinner was only a birthday celebration (as we will be celebrating when your two Ku-ku's and Ah Kim come back) so we took the easy way and opted to dine out. 

I could not get an Indonesian layer cake so we went to buy Uncle Tetsu's cheesecake. They had a promotional mandarin orange flavoured one so we had that as the birthday cake. 
Family picture

Nanna and Grampy with the grandkids

Monday, February 05, 2018

Fallen Big Potato

Ah Ma called me to tell me that you had fallen in school and was bleeding (she said bleeding from the ears.. gave us a fright). I could hear you sobbing in the background. 

And this is what you looked like. I did not know what the extent of the bruising was. So they brought you to Adventist Hospital to have a check. 

It wasn't anything major, luckily.