Thursday, April 19, 2018


You are just so funny. Yesterday night you told me that you cried in school. Just because you missed me. We had another discussion this morning about me coming home in the evening after gym. You argued that it was already night-time by the time I reach home. But I said it was still evening. 

Went to school.. and this time I was faced with the drama of separation anxiety from you. You were all teary and would not let me go off to work. Finally brought you to Mrs. Sebastian's room where she told me about you missing me again *feeling guilty*.

Sigh.. little girl, you are very different from your Ko-ko. Although you may seem more independent at this age than he was, you seem to be more sensitive and would like to have more of our time. 

You have mentioned on several occasions that there were more pictures of Ko-ko (framed up) in the house than there are of you. *Guilty again*. I do take lots of pictures of you, just that I never got around to developing them. 

Ok, it's time to put up more pictures around the house.. and spend more quality time with you.

Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Sick Again

Ah Ma called me at work to let me know that you had a fever. It was very obvious that you were not feeling well as you were wearing your jacket when she picked you up from school.

We decided to bring you to see Dr. Mary as you had a bad cough which sounded very chesty when you coughed. As we were the first, it was over and done with within 20 minutes of the clinic opening. The problem was as you seemed to be having recurring fever, Dr. Mary asked us to have a urine test in case of urinary tract infection which she said was common for little girls who go to school and are not aware of the need to ensure the toilets are clean before use.

That was the challenge for the night. You had to fill up at least half of the bottle and I had to help you by holding the bottle to catch the urine mid-stream. The nurse advised us to give you more water.

After drinking 1/2 a bottle:
Mummy: Do you need to wee wee?
Mei-mei: Ok..
Results: A grand total of 3 drops of urine *cry*

Went to see the nurse and she laughed and gave us a fresh bottle.

After drinking even more water:
Mummy: Do you need to wee wee?
Mei-mei: No

Waited and waited and asked you to drink more water:
Mummy: Are you ready to wee wee yet?
Mei-mei: Ok..
Results: A grand total of maybe 5 drops. 

Mummy: Whyyyyy??? You told me you needed to wee wee??!!
Mei-mei: Yes, I did. But I cannot wee wee when you put the bottle at my down-down
Mummy: *cry*

Went back to see the nurse, and she told me we could top up if you wee wee within 30 minutes.

Gave you even more water... and after a loooong wait, you finally said that you needed to wee wee. And thank goodness, you managed to fill up a little over 1/2 of the bottle.

Total time spent at the hospital was 1.5 hours! What a long evening. Even more tiring and stressful than going to work!

Hopefully your results will return negative. We've got to see the doctor again tomorrow. Sighh...